Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back To Blogging!

My blogging friend Steve always has the greatest posts!  Take this latest one, for instance:

Random Stuff for August 21, 2012   (Read the post then return here).
Well Talk Wisdom readers -
I’m FINALLY back after a long absence. Went on vacation for two weeks (wonderful and relaxing!). Cleaned house for two weeks (not fun, but necessary). Had big group of company for one week (we all had a great time, too!), and now just my mom is staying with our family for two more weeks.
My thanks go to Steve for his update into what is going on. I only watched the news occasionally over the past month or so, therefore, I need to catch up on everything from the rants of Cher to the craziness of Muslim killings of women.
I always wonder….where are the Code Pink FemiNazis on the “honor” killings of women by Islamic terrorist husbands, fathers, etc.?? Do we EVER hear a peep out of them about it?
Of course not!
Because they hate Christianity so much that they would put up with Muslim murder rather than speak out against it. What a crazy, mixed up world we live in…
In reference to the latest political poll cited at Steve's blog, I would not believe the polls. The media of mass deception (even Fox, by a certain extent) is TOLD what to say by the ObaMARXIST White House. I also think that people are scared to share their genuine feelings about Obama (and thus, their votes come November) to the pollsters. They don’t want to be labeled raaaacist!
I think that Obama will lose in a landslide!

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GMpilot said...

”Well...look who's back.”

You've missed a lot.
Mitt Romney traveled overseas to show how presidential he could look. He implied that maybe London may not quite be adequate to host the Olympics, and was firmly shown otherwise by his hosts. Even if he should win, that “Mitt the Twit” label the press stuck him with will not easily be shaken.
The USA won 104 medals at the London Olympics: 46 Gold, 29 Silver, 29 Bronze. China finished second, with 88 total. Ann Romney's dressage horse, alas, didn't do as well.

Then there was Israel. There, Mitt made all the right noises about the US defense commitment to Israel and was warmly received there until he tried to make comparisons between them and their neighbors. You can look up the words yourself (try “Romney + culture”), but both the Israelis and the Palestinians were upset with what he said.

After three years of birther frenzy, the 'birth certificate' matter never really took hold, especially after Obama released it a second time in April '11. OTOH, people are now wondering about Romney's tax returns. Oddly enough, the same questions are being asked: if he's got nothing to hide, why not release, say, ten years' worth of records? Unlike the $2 million Obama has supposedly spent “hiding” his past, Romney has far more than that stashed away in Swiss accounts: not exactly what one might expect of an All-American businessman.

In Poland, the press was curious about why the candidate was less than candid about answering questions about London and Tel Aviv. Romney's front man famously snarled “kiss my a**” at them, alienating not only the US press, but the internationals as well. He later apologized, but the damage was done.
What was not reported as widely was what Obama was doing: while Romney accused the President of 'abandoning' Poland, the USAF has quietly begun establishing an Aviation Detachment in that country. F-16 fighter, C-130 transports, and pilots to teach the Poles to use them. Yeah, that's what I call abandonment.
When Mitt returned, he found that the number of new jobs had increased 60% above what had been forecast. Sure, it's still anemic, but it IS an upward turn. Another talking point weakened.

Then there was Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri, who apparently believes that there's such a thing as different degrees of rape, and shows an amazing level of ignorance about what womens' bodies do when impregnated with a rapist's semen. (HINT: it's the same thing they do when impregnated with a husband's semen.) That was just this past Sunday. The GOP promptly piled on him to quit the Congressional race (except for Romney, who didn't do it until Rush Limbaugh endorsed it), but Akin says he'll stand firm. He's aired a mea culpa for his 'mistake', though.

And surprise, surprise—he and Paul Ryan have often worked together on measures to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape or incest; even in cases where the mother's life is endangered.
Oh, yeah: people have taken a closer look at Ryan's economic plan as well, and discovered it's not nearly as sound as first claimed, and that it will essentially destroy what's left of the middle class.

Glad you're back. Now get back to the barricades! I would say that the future is counting on you, but the destiny of the nation shouldn't concern you very much. You have a greater one in mind...right?

Christinewjc said...

Anything that you say about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan absolutely pales in comparison to what people learn about Obama and his ilk on this page!

GMpilot said...

I don't have to say anything about those two. Their actions speak so loudly that few could hear me anyway. But some might, so I've got to tell them. Isn't that what you claim to be doing?

Steve said...

Good morning Christine and it's great to "see" you again! Thank you for the kind words and your most welcomed comments! I haven't had much time to write about all the stuff that should be covered and hastlily put together the last post. Thankfully GMpilot picked up the burden and caught us up on the latest ... almost like reading the Huffington Post. He's like a walking "Democrap" talking point! He made an excellent point suggesting "Mitt the Twit" sticks, because any gaff or misspoken word by a Republican is immediately leaped on by the liberals and the media and milked for all it's worth ... strange how "Republicans want to put ya'll in chains" got the usual pass.
I noticed Michelle Obama guest editing sex tips! Classy!
I see the usual "look at him, not at me" rhetoric in the left's obsession with Romney's finances. Yeah, Obama showed a birf-certificate and when that one didn't cut it he just said "make me another one" ... and for obvious reasons was found to be a cheap forgery; don't worry about that, worry about Mitt's money. Personally I don't care what Mitt does with his money but I do care what Obama has been doing with mine.
Ah yes, poor Congressman Akin. It's nothing more than a politician trying to sugar coat his views ... he should have just came out and said he's against abortion in all cases and been done with it. Stupid mistake, but that's it ... a mistake, and now the RINOS and self righteous, self serving hypocrits have piled on. That's one thing about Republicans ... they'll eat their own and Democrats will justify and defend nearly every perverted remark their side makes and every act the perverts commit.
Obama now supports same-sex marriage ... after he was against it ... after he was for it. His view on the subject "evolved" like his views always do around election time.
You know, when one is bi-sexual, one is "double minded" ... so for those folks (like Obama) anything goes.
I read yesterday that an e-book series by Glenn Thrush had this statement about Barack: "He doesn't understand the rich. He's and intellectual elitist, not an economic one." I laughed until I cried! What a bumbling fool Obama is without a teleprompter as documented time and again on countless Youtube videos.
Well, I guess I need to do something here at work. Can you believe these guys actually expect me to "work" to get paid!!?? bastards!
Have a great day Christine!

Christinewjc said...


Sometimes those "hastily put together posts" can be the best!

I like your new post today. That photo of "intellectual elitist" teleprompter-head Obama is certainly making the rounds!

Great points in your comment above; especially the "Republicans eat their own" comment. There was a post at a blog last night (can't find it now) about what Mike Huckabee wrote about the Akins controversy. Sometimes it takes a former pastor to get to the point of forgiveness, mercy and grace when someone misspeaks.

Of course, when spouting hateful rhetoric and lies become a habit (like Obama and Biden's constant slumming pronouncements) then we know the dark hearts that lurk within their chests!

It appears that Akins will be pushed out. Such a shame that the Senate majority might rest upon which party wins that seat.

Did you notice how GM completely ignored all of the crimes of Obama and his ilk listed at the link I shared? Typical...

Time to walk the dogs. Have a lot to do today but want to write a new post.

Thanks so much for being a loyal commentator here at Talk Wisdom. Appreciate your input!

Enjoy your day as well!

Samantha said...

So let me get this post a link to a site called with a subhead that reads: PROGRESSIVES = SOCIALISTS = COMMUNISTS = LEFT-WING RADICALS = ANTI-CAPITALISTS = UNAMERICAN, and you say it's typical that GM ignored the so-called crimes of President Obama listed on this obviously far right wing lunatic fringe website? Seriously?

You need to up your meds lady!

Christinewjc said...


Go read Obama's own books to see what types of radicals he himself ADMITTED to hanging out with on a regular basis.

As the saying goes - there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

If you continue to choose to keep your head in the sand (or, your Bot connection to the ObamaBorg) then so be it.

Christinewjc said...

P.S. If you want to learn the truth about Obama, perhaps this fact page will help you.

Samantha said...

Yes as the saying goes - there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. And you are incredibly blind. You will believe anything about President Obama as long as it's negative. How very Christian of you!

And so you tell me if I want to learn the truth about Obama that I should go to a fact page at the same website? Seriously?

I don't think I'm going to learn any sort of truth about anything by going to links that you provide. I'm sorry but you have absolutely no credibility. If you want to read this type of radical right wing propaganda have at it. I refuse to participate in the games of the lunatic fringe.

Anyone that reads this junk regularly and actually believes it is really in need of help.

steve said...

The problem with people like Samantha is that if it walks like a duck, quacks like one, swims around like one ... it's not a duck ... it's a horse.
Obama is called a Communist, a sodomite, a racist, an America hater ... why? because his actions, past and present involve all those things and just about every other unsavory thing you can imagine.
Obama "quacks" very loudly Samantha. He is what he is.

I stop by here every day Christine. Can't always comment. Lately I've been so busy at work I can't find the time to thoughtfully post anything.

Christinewjc said...

There is plenty more evidence from many sources about Obama's communist upbringing, buddies, and mentors. Check out Trevor New Film “The Unvetted” Exposes Obama’s Communist Cover-up

Steve - you are so right that Obama quacks very loudly about his communist/radicalism. Doesn't even try to hide it anymore!

People like Samantha will continue to live with their heads in the sand, covering up their ears from the truth yelling "la la laaaaa."

She is the one who needs help. Thinking that Obama is the fake image that he tries to project to the American people is just laughable at this point in time. He's being vetted; unlike in 2008. And people do NOT like what they see! (Those, of course, who do not have the proverbial ObamaBorgBot blinders on.)