Monday, August 06, 2012

Update On Arpaio's Obama Birth Certificate Investigation

Western has a video update on Sheriff Arpaio's investigation into Barack Hussein Obama's computer-generated fraudulent birth certificate:

Video: Dr. Corsi Gives Update On Arpaio’s Obama Birth Certificate Investigation
11 minutes ago

An increasing amount of people are discovering that we don't really know who Obama really is.  We don't know who his real father is.  There are many, many missing factual points on the life narrative of the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.  His Marxist roots are coming out and these issues will built as they come to the surface.

Hat tip: Western


steve said...

The shame in all of this is that no one cares. Obama is untouchable on this stuff. It's remarkable really at far this nation has fallen. We've let the foxes in the hen house so to speak and they ain't leaving. No one in any position of power to do the right thing will.
Obama will never see the inside of a jail for his multitude of crimes. The Congress and the nation for that matter regards him as a real president and Republicans want to defeat him as so. It's disgusting the way people are so deceived by this fraud. I posted something this morning, a statement that praises Obama for being the best president, the most caring of less fortunate in many years. I don't get it, but I suppose I'm not supposed to. I hope you're doing okay.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Steve,

I'm good - just been very busy lately.

I don't know if Obama is truly "untouchable" on everything. He is hiding a big secret and maybe it has to do with him being a foreign aid student at Columbia? I recall The Obama File writing about that possibility years ago. Now Wayne Allen Root (a former Libertarian candidate) has written an article about it all and I think he appeared on Hannity tonight. It was comical to hear Sean say, "I've never been a birther" - as if it was something to be ashamed of? Sheesh!! So many so-called conservatives really disappoint sometimes...don't they?