Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Is Certainly Disturbing

I did not watch TV yesterday, except for a couple of innings of the Yankees baseball game, so I did not hear about, or read about the latest in a series of shootings that have been happening around America. This is certainly disturbing:

DC Shooter Carried Chick-fil-A Bag With Him to FRC HQ – Was Volunteer at LGBT Center
Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit - 8 hours ago

Haters will hate. A LGBT volunteer carrying bag of Chick-fil-A ‘goodies’ shot up the conservative Family Research Center today. The armed man who walked into the Washington headquarters of the Family Research Council and reportedly shot a security guard Wednesday … Continue reading
If this man had been even just perceived as a Conservative Christian, the liberal leftist lunatic news reporters would have been all over this story!!  But when it's someone from the protected "class" of LGBT status, such information is downplayed.

 Why is that???

 Read the comments at the Gateway Pundit link, too.

The hate against anyone who disagrees with them that is often spewed by LGBT radicals seems to be downplayed by the media of mass deception.  Just like the radical Muslims, they must be "protected" at all costs. 

I ask again....why is that?
Those who claim that Christian Conservative organizations are "hate groups" are often the arbiters of hatred, dangerous acts, and deadly consequences themselves.  Here's a comment and link to read:

lizzy84 commented:

Human Rights Campaign posted Ryan would speak at ‘hate group’s annual conference’
day before shooting at FRC:
If we are to believe that the "rules" which are often imposed upon Christian, Conservative, Bible-based groups should be equally applied in cases like this LGBT shooter, then what is written in this comment should apply:

Lightwave commented:

I will say this again because it bears repeating:
Time to apply libtard logic for “hate crimes” by “hate groups”.
Every gay rights organization should now IMMEDIATELY:
A) lose their tax-exempt and non-profit status,
B) be singled out for extra scrutiny, harassment and surveillance from law enforcement,
C) have their major donors disclosed and publicly shamed,
D) be the legal subject of new fascist “hate crimes” legislation,
E) be labeled a violent hate group by the government,
F) have their leaders’ phones and computers tapped,
G) should not be allowed to purchase firearms,
H) should by boycotted by Americans.
This is what libtards say should happen to white, Christian Americans as the result of the massacre in Wisconsin, right?
Funny how they are SILENT on this issue.
Obamee didn’t say a word about this until five hours after it happened. MSM is silent on this issue. Not a one of them will say that sexual deviant advocacy groups are a clear and present danger to our society.
Liberalism is a mental illness that leads to deadly violence. The tens of millions who suffer from the disease are your ENEMY.

Until most people wake up and realize that there IS SUCH A THING AS THE MILITANT HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA, which is intent on destroying what is good about straight Americans and America in general, we will all be vulnerable to the devastation that is being imposed upon our children and grandchildren.

The indoctrination that is happening in this country in order to push the homosexual agenda into the hearts, minds, physical bodies, and spiritual entity of the future generation is absolutely mind-boggling!

 Of course, not all homosexual individuals are part of the radicalized gay agenda. Many want to live their own lives and be left alone.

However, those who are intent on destroying God's Word for our lives - especially HIS idea of what marriage is - THE UNION OF ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN; will NEVER relent in their efforts to destroy everyone and anyone who disagree with their radicalized homosexual views, ideology, and propaganda!

Such individuals are being trained like the Hitler youth were - to believe in a cause that is evil and filled with hatred that they would kill in order to get there way.

When the angelic visitors in the Sodom and Gomorrah episode in the Bible came to warn Lot and his family to flee from there before it was destroyed, they were almost assaulted so that the homosexual men of the city could "know them" (which meant have sex with them). God blinded the sexual deviants so that they could not find the door which they intended to burst into in order to homosexually rape the angelic visitors. Despite the fact that Lot said to the men, "do not do so wickedly," the men were so crazed with their sexual intentions that NOTHING was going to stop them - until God intervened.

I think that this is a lesson for all to learn from. It is only when confession of sinful thoughts, words, and deeds are done that forgiveness can be given by God to rescue men from their evil ways.

Homosexuality is nothing new. It occurred in biblical times and throughout history. But today's generation is pushing to completely normalize it and demonize anyone who disagrees with them!!  Thus, the blindness of such individuals about their sinful state of being (especially as it is compared to God's holiness and righteousness) is so great that they and their supporters would do anything in order to avoid facing the reality of their sinfulness and repenting of their reprobate minds, actions, thoughts, words, and deeds.

The politics of the radical left; in fact, the Democratic platform in D.C. now totally embraces the idea of "gay" marriage. No wonder people are leaving that party in droves! Have you heard about the dozens of black pastors who disagree with Barack Hussein Obama on this issue??  Are you going to label THEM as a "hate group"? 

Today, it is certainly not the Democratic party of the era of John F. Kennedy, where one could be genuinely proud of being a Democrat.

My 88 year old mother ( a Democrat her entire life) told me that when Barack Hussein Obama stated that he supported "gay" marriage, that was the last straw in her book. She could NEVER vote for an individual who believed that! She thought it was AWFUL!  She is part of "the greatest generation," and I totally agree with her on this issue!!

In conclusion, I'm sure that there will be bloggers who will comment on this post, calling me the usual derogatory names and label me a BIGOT. Go ahead! Because as I have written previously on this blog, I embraced that label because to me, it means:




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Hate Crimes and Lefty Double Standards
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maddmath said...

Perhaps the black pastors are up in arms over BO's support of deviancy, but what depravity has he not support, but if one thinks they'll preach their flock to vote against him, I'll eat my hat. Racism is far more intrenched in these people than their values.

Ross said...

We in Australia watch emerging cultural trends in the US. We have never really looked to our Prime Ministers for moral leadership, and have had several atheist or agnostic Prime Ministers, and this has had little to no impact on their electability. Her political party now supports same sex marriage rights, but she has never declared her own position on this.

Christinewjc said...

I hope you are wrong about that, maddmath.

I also think that more blacks than we think have already "secretly" turned on Obama. They may be just too scared to admit it to pollsters.

Christinewjc said...


Thirty-Two states have passed legislation desiring to keep marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The majority of people here in the U.S. disapprove of same-sex "marriage."

I don't think that any person, group, or court should have the "right" to just change the God given definition of marriage. Call it something else!