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News Roundup

No surprise that the media-of-mass-corruption's malpractice after Hillary's Benghazi testimony continues. (see links below)

Monday Catch-Up: More Media Malpractice on Benghazi
nicedeb at Nice Deb - 24 minutes ago
Big Journalism is all over that sham of an interview Obama and Hillary gave to Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes, Sunday. If you spared yourselves the frustration of watching it, John Nolte and Larry O’Conner can fill you in. It was as precisely as pathetic as you thought it would be. John Nolte: Martha Raddatz, [...]
Hillary Gives Away the Game
American Thinker - 11 hours ago
During her Benghazi testimony last week, all at once, before the whole world, one of the highest ranking progressive authoritarians on the planet spilled the beans -- all of them -- about the left's modus operandi.
Video: Judge Jeanine Pirro Hails Hillary’s “Washington Side Step”
nicedeb at Nice Deb - 20 hours ago
After confiding that she took dance classes as a girl, Jeanine Pirro feels qualified to spot a good dancer when she sees one. “There is one woman who can reeeeally dance,” Pirro purred, as she introduced the “What difference does it make!” clip from Hillary’s Senate testimony, last week. “She can do a two step [...]
In addition, those who voted for BHO a second time (especially if they call themselves Christians) should be absolutely ashamed for going against God's truth in the Bible in order to elect a tyrant into office for a second time!
Did God Exalt Obama to the Presidency?
American Thinker - 1 day ago
If you're a believer who takes the Bible seriously, you have asked yourself this question many times.
In a world filled with sin, immorality, lies, evil, death, and confusion, it is good to know that:
GOD'S WORD IS FOUND IN THE BIBLE AND THE BIBLE ALONE. The truth in the Bible is not subject to affirmation by a majority vote.


Memory Hole Blog has a new post up where an inquisitive couple visits Newtown, Connecticut seeking answers. You might want to go there, view the photos and the commentary.


My partner and I became fed up with the mainstream media’s depiction of what took place in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012. So on January 20 we traveled there from our home in Ottawa Canada in an effort to visit the sites and respectfully approach the locals.

Before we even got off the highway there was a display of dozens of American flags on the shoulder. There is a large tented memorial located just off the freeway. The tent had a sign on the outside, “Sandy Hook Memorial Never Forgotten.” Inside the tent was a chaplain who asked that I not take any photos. There were hundreds of stuffed animals and candles as well as children’s art from around the country–if not the world. Inside was also a donation jar that was at mid-afternoon close to full of money. We signed one of the boards with condolences from Canada. I saw adults and children inside the tent on the two visits we made. No one was there who was impacted directly. I asked the chaplain if she had seen any children whom had been impacted. She did not answer.
One of the more creepy excerpts:

We sat at the 100 Church Hill Restaurant for a couple of hours. There were about 10 people inside. There were about 100 drawings from children from around the country (if not the world) offering condolences and well wishes. No one was talking about these. My partner and I spoke with a couple in their early twenties for an hour or so. They were life long locals. Eventually they asked why we were in Newtown and we told them we had heard of their tragedy. They did not comment further and we did not push the issue. Later, I mentioned that I had read online where some people had suggested that Newtown might have a lively Satanic community. One of the two locals remarked, “I could believe that.”

Read the rest and view the photos:

Memory Hole Blog: An Inquisitive Couple’s Visit to Newtown, Connecticut

January 28, 2013 · 9:00 am
Photos and Commentary by Scott DeLarm
Edited by James F. Tracy


My response:

Some observations.
When this visiting couple questioned the chaplain if she had seen any children whom had been impacted…why wouldn’t she answer? That is just evidence of even more suspicious secrecy surrounding this event.

About that handwritten sign that says, “there is no foot so tiny that it can’t leave an imprint on this world.” Too bad they don’t feel the same way about the millions of tiny feet who have been aborted in the womb.

I ask. Is such a sign as the “foot so tiny” one the first (or second, or third, or fourth) thought that one would genuinely have and desire to display after such a tragedy such as this? Seems quite strange to me.

The “we’re with you Newtown” sign from “your friends in Tucson, Arizona” seems very strange! “We’re with you” sounds more like a cheer sign one would read at a sporting event – not after a tragedy where 26 were murdered!

The second “no entry beyond this point” sign misspelled “prosecuted.” Who made that blunder?

When a local is asked about “Satanic activity” and replies “I could believe that,” then we know that it isn’t just a conspiracy theory to think that enormous evil surrounds this town and ultimately, this entire scenario.

Masonry has it’s own kind of “magic and spells” which are of the occult; which is of the devil, as well. [Update note:  I read elsewhere that "Freemasons" are often involved in child sex trafficking.  Need to find that link again and post it here.  Makes me so sick to my stomach...]

What is with the “Shh…co.” imagery with the heart inside the hand? Is that a coded message for the residents to keep their mouths shut or what?

The newspaper lady admitted that she knew of “conspiracy theories floating out there.” Isn’t it strange that she would send people to It’s a far left liberal website that can easily say what it wants instead of seeking the truth in any matter.

The female sergeant is just regurgitating the same old lines.

Why weren’t there any photos of the inside of the school released? There were after Columbine.
Why the rush to demolish the school? Hide the evidence (or lack thereof) if, in fact, a hoax was perpetrated??

All of this is very eerie…and creepy…to say the least!

P.S. Were there any churches involved in the memorial site placements after this tragedy? Besides what appears to be one back yard memorial with small crosses, everything else seems too “secular” in the aftermath of this terrible even.t
Also, a chaplain could be a person of any belief system and is not the same thing as a pastor, priest, or rabbi.


Update:  My friend Steve has a video up over at Cry and Howl that exposes the fact that ABC, CBS, NBC Admit No Assault Rifle Used at Sandy Hook


Hat tips to all links.

For more information that the media of mass deception isn't covering, please see these sites:

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