Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obama's Hypocrisy

Of course, the gun control issue that is being heavily exploited by the BHO BADminstration is but one of a long line of hypocritical and propagandist attempts to disarm Americans and turn our nation into a socialist nightmare.   BHO's attempts at gun grabbing and tyranny will not work!  But he will use anything (disgustingly - he will even use children like Hitler and Saddam Hussein often did) to present himself as something other than a tyrant.  However, at least 45% (if not more) of the public is on to his deceit and not falling for his staged propaganda.

I think the following ad highlights both BHO's elitism and hypocrisy!  It is spot on and needs to go viral!

~ Christine


Go to the NRA website to view it.

~ Christine *******

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steve said...

Hey Christine!
Did you see the "outrage" voiced by Jay Carney and Robert Gibbs over the ad? I posted something regarding the hypocrisy of those clowns. It's okay for Obama to surround himself with kids to make his political statement. But if the NRA features Obama's kids to make a point, hen it's "repugnant and cowardly.”

Christinewjc said...

No, I didn't see that but what absolute immature CRYBABIES they are!!

I did hear the (supposed) "letters that the children wrote" to BHO, but they sounded like something an adult would TELL a child to write. Not authentic sounding AT ALL!

I'm so sick of BHO's obvious dog and pony show. It makes him look so stupid. I'm so embarrassed for our country. Can't believe that the "gimme dat" takers re-elected this dunce!!

Janice said...

Just another lie from the NRA...there are no armed guards at Sidwell school. And you call this ad "spot on"? Why don't you do your own research instead of just parroting what the right-wing lunatic fringe has to say. Or is that too much work? I'm sure you'll correct this lie...NOT!!

From the Washington Post’s fact checker:

But what about the claim that Sidwell Friends has 11 armed guards, which some Web sites have depicted with images of armed police with binoculars?

This is based on the fact that the online directory for Sidwell Friends lists 11 people as working in the Security Department. Five are listed as “special police officer,” while two are listed as “on call special police officer,” which presumably means they do not work full-time. The directory also lists two weekend shift supervisors, one security officer and the chief of security….

But we spoke to parents who said they had never seen a guard on campus with a weapon. And Ellis Turner, associate head of Sidwell Friends, told us emphatically: “Sidwell Friends security officers do not carry guns.” (Note: this includes those listed as special police officers.)

Christinewjc said...

The video doesn't claim Sidwell Friends has 11 armed guards.

If their "security" officers are unarmed - then they are fools!

I think you need to see my latest post:

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