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Benghazi Cover-Up Finally Being Exposed [Update]

With all of the lies given out by the ObaMAO BADministration concerning the terrible Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack on 9/11/12, it will be highly interesting to see if the whistle blower testimonies being given tomorrow (5/7/13) will result in Obummer's impeachment.   He should be thrown out of office immediately!  And they should take Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton to jail along with ObaMARXIST!  Since the Speaker of the House is next in line, John Boehner can be sworn in as President until the next election.

As many individuals have stated on Fox News, "the Watergate break in scandal may have caused Richard Nixon to resign, but no one died as a result of it."  In the case of Benghazi-gate, four brave Americans died as a direct result of the inaction and stand-down orders (probably from Obama or his evil advisor - Valerie Jarrett) that were given.  If not for the brave former Navy SEALS, who ignored the orders and went to the aide of those caught in the attack, there may not have been any survivors.  Was that Obama's goal in the first place?  Can't leave anyone alive who could prove the story lines as outright lies!  And, the attempts to silence the survivors was done to prevent the truth from coming out so Obummer could be re-elected.  This is just one more Obama crime piled on top of so many others.  It's truly sickening!


Update at 12:44 p.m. PT:  A must read article:

Canada Free Press: Benghazi: Will Hillary be charged with obstruction of justice?


The U.S. Backed Arab Spring

Meanwhile, because we have to take a broader look at Benghazi to see what really happened in Benghazi, let’s look at the region. We know the Saudis and other regional powers have been arming Syria’s rebel forces to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al- Assad for months. The Obama administration also wants to topple Assad. Additionally, we also know that when the U.S. intervened in Egypt, overthrowing President Hosni Mubarak, and Qaddafi in Libya, the Sunni Muslim brotherhood came into power. The Obama administration has been implementing a defacto-regime change policy in the Middle East.

Now reports of Saudi-style “morality police” have surfaced in the region. Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered. Already the Muslim Brotherhood is planning their return to Syria. Who benefits from another Muslim Brotherhood regime? Why doesn’t the Obama administration speak out against the slaughter of Christians and others? Therein the pieces of the puzzle start to make sense.
Which is why the Congressional investigators must also ask what does the Obama administration think will happen when they try to overthrow President Assad in Syria like they did in Egypt and Libya? How does a Muslim Brotherhood-ruled Syria help American interests?

And that brings us back to Benghazi and how it relates to what Ambassador Stevens was doing in Libya. Congress must quickly find out how the Libya policy affects Syria as the ongoing drumbeats for war from Saudi Arabia and the U.S. to topple President Assad beat louder. It was just reported that the Syrian rebels have used sarin gas, not Assad. Congress must find out if the weapons from the Libya MANPADS recovery program ended up in the hands of the Syrian rebels. Have American taxpayers been funding the Syrian rebels for months like they already funded the Egyptian and Libyan rebels or so-called “freedom fighters”? It certainly appears to be the case. Even the New York Times is finally now catching up and reporting how the CIA has been helping Arab governments and Turkey obtain and ship weapons to the Syrian rebels.

Did the Obama administration break international arms law? Does Iran Contra ring a bell? Don’t forget about the humanitarian aid that Hillary sent to Turkey. Has it all gone to aid for the refugees or somewhere else?


Be sure to read it all!!

Recall how Obama stated that he would always, "side with the Muslims" if things in the Middle East went awry?  Well, it appears that the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood is the particular Islamic Jihadists that Obama wants to side with.  The fact that Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered doesn't seem to bother the Obama Regime.  What is wrong with this picture people???

Congress better do it's job after these hearings.  The truth is coming out (recall it took a year for Nixon to resign after the Watergate cover-up?) and the American public is now paying attention like never before!

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Arlen said...

When most news channels led with the Cleveland kidnapping or the Arias verdict, I realized that sensationalism will always defeat the real news. It takes the death of many to get any attention and I'll tell you that if Michael Jackson had passed away on the same day, reporters would not even know how to SPELL Benghazi.

Obama and Clinton will benefit from the stupidity of the electorate.

But there will come a day of judgment. There is no one as just and fair as Jesus and one day He will look everyone in the eye and everyone will be responsible and accountable.