Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Evil Can't Stand The TRUTH

My friend Steve has a great post up at Cry and Howl.  In it, you will read about the current scandals going on in the ObaMARXIST BADministration and you will also have the chance to click on links that explain dozens of other scandals that the Media of Mass Deception has tried to keep hidden from the American public.

Cry and Howl: Another Day, Another Scandal

As Steve points out in his blog post, the scandals just keep piling up - one on top of the other!

The latest trifecta:

Fox News.com: Benghazi, IRS, and AP Scandals Reveal Obama Culture of Corruption

The following is a copy of my comment at Steve's blog on his post "Another Day, Another Scandal." (in moderation):

It's amazing to me that no matter how much proof comes out about all of the Obama scandals, the ObamaBorgBot progressives will find some excuse (or blame others) and keep their collective heads in the sand.  Well, we know which end is up when they do that and that must be what Obamafraud not-so-secretly thinks of them...a bunch of a**es for continuing to believe in him.

Steve, I recently recalled that when you spell the word "live" backwards, it read "evil."  Some people just like to do evil and choose not to live the life that God has provided through His abundant grace, mercy, and love through Christ our Lord.  In fact, the evil ones often scoff at Christ and hate Him, as they also hate all Christian believers and Christianity in general.  Why?  Because evil can't stand the Truth.

Obama shows how much he hates America, Jesus Christ, and God's Word; thus, he doesn't want Americans to live "The Way" - which is God's Way for our lives.  Everything he and his BADministration does is against everything that God wants to give to us - living life the right way and living it abundantly.

It has taken a LOOONNGGG time for others to finally see what we have seen over the past 5 years regarding the type of person that Obama really is.  Many are now awakening from the stupor of being ignorant about the truth vs. the lies of Obama.  However, there will always be the "Jennies" at my blog and the liberal nut at your blog who will continue to ignore all of the scandals and how they are hurting our nation, as they continue to be useful idiots attached to Obamafraud.

Here's a perfect example.  Jenny wrote this at my blog:

"Jenny said...
Why would anyone believe anything from Legal Insurrection, a far right wing lunatic-fringe website? Or for that matter any of the links you post?

My reply:


The simple answer is:

Because people are learning the truth (finally). They are seeing right before their very own eyes (and ears) that Obama and Hillary lied, and four Americans died.

Greg Hicks is a 22 year veteran in his field. It has been revealed that he voted for Hillary in the primary in 2008, and then Obama in the elections of 2008 and 2012. But he could not let the lies about Benghazi stand, so he testified before Congress and told his truthful account of what happened. Because he did that, he was demoted (and most likely shunned by those who formerly praised him in his job efforts). The reason he told the truth? Vindication for his friend and co-worker, Christopher Stevens and the 3 others who died trying to save them and others from death on that dreadful day.
You can say what you want about "right-wing" blogs etc. But as the truth comes out - we are all being vindicated - whether you want to acknowledge that or not.

No matter what happens, many conservatives and Christians who have warned America about Obama ARE NOW being vindicated!  It may not be enough to boot Obama out of office, but I think it will keep Hitlery out of the 2016 election.  The Dems will be the party to distrust and thus we may gain some semblance of sanity back in the White House when a conservative leader is elected.

You (Steve) and I both know that this world will never be perfect until the Millennium when Christ will reign for 1,000 years.  Until then, we keep doing our jobs as Christians here in this fallen world to watch, work, and wait for His return!
You do good work here at your blog Steve because you alert people to the truth that is being suppressed by those involved in constant deception.  I certainly appreciate you for that!

God Bless,

Hat tips to all links.


steve said...

Hey Christine ... "there will always be the "Jennies" at my blog and the liberal nut at your blog who will continue to ignore all of the scandals and how they are hurting our nation, as they continue to be useful idiots attached to Obamafraud."

I hate to put you through it and I don't know if Blogger takes links, but visit John's blog, American Liberal Times. Please wrap your head with duct tape first and go there and read a couple of his posts. You'll see just how true your statement really is.


Christinewjc said...

OK Steve. I guess I will try and stomach how the other half lives...or should I say lives in evil?

I noticed John "over the Obamafraud cliff" Lemming (er...Liming) leave a grin under your blog post. I haven't even visited his den from Hades yet, but I can tell by his comments and the "grin" here that he isn't one of the ignorant ones...he's more like those who are morally bankrupt and intentionally complicit in the evil. Is that a good guess about the man?

Don't worry, Steve (and I know you are not worried). The "Limings" of this world will end up horribly shocked once their time is up and they enter into eternity. They will see how wrong they have been and continue to live in the evil ways that they followed here on this earth - but in a way that will be filled with extreme remorse, regret, and pain regarding what they could have had.