Thursday, June 06, 2013

God Holds Us Up

The more scandals and crises that come out which continue to swirl around this BADministration, the more I realize that God is actively holding us up through His mercy and grace.  The rampant sin that is occurring here in the United States of America, and around the world has ratcheted up ever since BHO became the fraudulent pResident. 

We are definitely in the throes of  the "birth pangs" that Jesus Christ told us would occur the closer we get to the end times.

While walking with my TEA Party friend Donna yesterday, we discussed many things, including whether or not BHO was really as "intelligent" as the media of mass deception wants the public to think.  In the comment section of my last post, I pointed out that one of O's classmates at Columbia attended a class reunion recently, and NO ONE at the reunion recalls EVER seeing BHO on campus.  This particular classmate (Wayne Allen Root) had the same major and attended during the same years as BHO (supposedly) attended.  [See:  Obama Release Your Records: Obama Classmate - No One At Columbia Class Reunion Ever Saw Obama AKA Soetoro.]  Yet he NEVER SAW HIM on campus.  Neither did any of the other classmates at the reunion.  BHO has quite the unusual face that most would admit would be highly recognizable.  But no one remembers seeing him on campus.  Isn't that odd?

I mentioned to Donna that I have always suspected that BHO was just a puppet groomed by communists (i.e. Bill Ayers, George Soros etc.)  and that his "handlers" were actually in charge.  The people [or individual person(s)] puppeteering BHO could range from Soros, to the Bilderberg group, to The Illuminati group, to many other commie/Islamo-fascist groups (like the Muslim Brotherhood), all the way down to individuals like Valerie(evil) Jarrett or even -  as Western Journalism recently reported - John Brennan.

No matter what, the direction that our country is being led down into is a smelly sewer pipe of deception, lies, destruction, targeting of patriots, profiling of ordinary Americans who don't agree with BHO and his ilk.   The list of sleazy cover-ups is getting longer each week and the illegal, unconstitutional, purposeful targeting going on are making a majority of Americans terribly uneasy and downright frightened.

As I listened to the testimonies of the conservative individuals who were targeted (more like profiled) by the IRS during the hearings the other day, I could certainly relate to their fears regarding this horrible government. Since BHO often criticized the TEA Party Patriots (calling them many derogatory names like "tea-baggers"), there is no doubt in my mind that the directive to go after them via the IRS and other government agencies came directly from BHO; which puts quite the chill down my spine.

In fact,  way back in 2009, I participated in my first TEA Party rally (with my friend Donna) because we wanted to warn all of America about BHO and his ilk,  and how awful ObamaSCARE HELLcare would be if it ever passed in Congress.   The crimes have certainly piled up way higher and faster than any of us could have ever imagined!

[Take a moment to view the photos at the above link and see the signs made by participants.]

Well, we are now seeing all such fears come to fruition and even some Democrats now think it is terribly flawed legislation. The question remains just how can WE THE PEOPLE get rid of it?

Back to BHO and how "intelligent" he really is. I said to Donna yesterday, "When BHO called the Navy Corpsmen ...Navy "Corpse men" three times via his teleprompter, I knew that his intellectual capacity was severely limited."  Reading from a teleprompter is one thing, but mispronouncing Navy Corpsmen in such an awful way seemed absolutely ludicrous.  Donna said something back to me that I never even thought of.  She said, "perhaps he mispronounced it purposely - in order to mock them." 

Wow!  Could you imagine if that was the truth?  I can.  BHO has shown his disdain and careless attitude for the military and their families on more than one occasion and those who are paying any kind of attention know this to be true.  The entire Benghazi Cover-up and the downed helicopter filled with SEAL Team Six members are just two examples.

Despite all of the turmoil going on in this world, Christians know Who holds the future.  The redemption available for us via Christ's death, resurrection to life, and ascension into heaven to sit at the right hand of God the Father demonstrates two important things.  God chose to withhold the punishment that we most certainly deserved and replaced it with mercy; and God chose to give us the grace we don't deserve because of what Christ did for us on the Cross at Calvary.

There will come a time here on earth when Christ will come for His own at the Rapture and whisk us either out of our graves, or, if we are still alive, from the earth to meet Him in the air.  We will then enjoy the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in heaven while the earth is going through seven years of Tribulation.  Right before the enemies of Israel gang up on that State and attack Her, Jesus will return on a white horse with His own who are dressed in fine linen.  Without any arms, Christ will speak words that will defeat the enemies of Israel - only by the words coming from His Holy Mouth.

All the evil that man has tried to do on earth will fall to dust and blow away.  Christ will usher in the Millennial Kingdom on earth and rule; and believers will experience what God wanted for man all along way back in the Garden of Eden.  What a glorious time it will be!

Dear readers, my hope and prayer is that you will choose to answer Christ's question correctly when He asks, "Who do you say that I am?"  

For help with the most important decision of you life, please see THIS PAGE.

God Bless,

 ~ Christine

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Christinewjc said...

Speaking of Obama's "intelligence," please go to the following link and scroll down to see a 45 second video that shows how absolutely clueless Obama is without a teleprompter or notes!!!

GOP USA The Loft: Obama: No Teleprompter, No Clue