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The Truth About ObamaFraud Is Getting Out! [videos and link added]

Don't let all of the scandals keep you from learning about the breaking news that PP Simmons Has Announced on his radio show: Law men and elected officials "SHOCKED" by new evidence. Obama Birth credentials fraudulently and criminally fabricated! Biggest FRAUD in US History!

Be sure to go to the link above and listen to the radio broadcast. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

Carl Gallups reported he had a telephone conversation with Mike Zullo immediately after Mike made his public presentation at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention in St. Charles, Missouri, on the morning of Saturday, June 1.

According to Carl Gallups, Mike Zullo stated that the overwhelming response of the lawmen and elected officials is that of absolute SHOCK. Zullo said that "audible gasps" could often be heard during his presentation. He said that one official came up to him afterwards and said, "I have been purposely ignoring this matter - until NOW! I will ignore it no longer." Zullo reports that several constitutional officers, public officials, attorneys, elected officials, and others are now pledging full and personal support in moving this matter to a congressional investigation. Zullo says that the media blackout has kept many of these officials in the dark. He says most of them are now outraged - now that they have seen the evidence that they should have seen from the beginning. Now, Zullo is reporting, the media is being 'side-stepped.' "We are making inroads and contacts that we have never made before. This conference is really going to 'pay off' in moving things forward. Very important people are now beginning to see the amassed criminal evidence of perhaps the biggest fraud in American history. They are moved - they are shocked - and they are ready for action. Plans of action are now being laid at this very conference. This meeting could prove to be monumental."

Zullo continued, "The evidence in this criminal case is overwhelming and undeniable. The only identifying document that Barack Obama has ever presented to the American public is a 100% verifiable forgery and fraudulent document. It is a criminal offense to use fraudulent documents to gain political office - much less the office of POTUS and Commander-in-Chief. We knew that once we could get this information before the public, and especially lawmen, congressmen, attorneys, and legal officials - we could get the ball rolling on a congressional investigation. We have some shocked officials at this conference. Think of it - all these lawmen, lawmakers, and legal officials just saw the evidence - not one has challenged the legal credibility of what we have. The ball is now rolling."

Congressman Steve Stockman (TX) was the Keynote speaker at the convention last night. He too has now heard Zullo's presentation and more than likely will be in the private 'credentialed' presentation today as well. You might remember that Stockman has already gone on record threatening impeachment proceedings against Obama for unconstitutional matters regarding the Second Amendment. It is our understanding at PPSIMMONS that Congressman Stockman is very concerned over the matter of the Obama Fraud case.

Remember - this movement investigator Zullo is speaking of - is the result of the PUBLIC presentation only. The full PRIVATE presentation for lawmen and elected-officials-only (credentials checked at the door) will be made later on today. In that two hour meeting, Zullo, with full authority of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, pledges to reveal all the criminal investigation material they possess in this matter. We can only imagine the reaction and outrage that will ensue once these constitution loving, patriotic officials see the pile of criminal evidence. Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups have been promising for months that we would soon see some forward movement in this case. It is now happening.

Carl emphasized, "This Sheriffs and Peace Officers meeting was merely some icing on the cake. This was dropped in our laps just 5 weeks ago. We still have other VIPs and other plans being made now that are even bigger than what is happening at the Sheriffs Convention. This matter is finally going to be heard as it should have from the beginning."

Carl continued, "Very soon, certain members of the media, the courts, and congress are going to look very silly. They have been ignoring this, sitting on it, marginalizing it, and flat-out trashing the matter for years. They will soon be seen for what they are. This matter should have been investigated by Congress years ago. It is their constitutional mandate and they ignored it - purposely. This whole thing could have been resolved one way or the other years back. The media blacked it out. But we don't need the pundit media anymore. We are going around the MSM. We have other venues now. More and more, very important people of constitutional standing are being enlightened and coming on board. Soon, the world will know that we have been correct in this matter all along."
Read the rest HERE.

These investigators are going about  this the correct way.    It is interesting to note that the investigators will not prematurely press charges (what the Obots want them to do in order to ruin the case), but continue on until they get it to the point of a Congressional hearing on the matter.  Then this thing will burst wide open!

Another excerpt:

When asked about those who are DEMANDING that Arpaio and Zullo "press criminal charges now" - Gallups had this to say, "Look, those people do not know what they are talking about. Most of that talk is coming out of the Obot camp - so what does that tell you? They know that would be the wrong and premature thing to do. They know that if something like that was done now - the case would be lost - there would be jurisdictional and prosecutorial matters at stake. Mike Zullo has explained this in detail, time and time again.

"If the case were to be struck down because of a blunder like that - it might never come to a congressional hearing. The detractors know that - that is why they are trying to turn public sentiment towards filing criminal charges now. Anyone who claims they know what they are talking about and they are screaming for "criminal charges to be filed now" - be wary of them. They are up to no good. They are purposely trying to derail this case. Zullo and Arpaio are not that stupid. They know what they are doing. Arpaio and Zullo have almost 80 years of professional law enforcement experience between them. Arpaio has 30 years of federal law enforcement background. He knows how this game is played. This will soon be handled the way the constitution demands that it be handled. And when it is handled properly - it will stick!"

IMHO, many people who would like to speak out on this issue are afraid.  They have either been threatened personally, professionally,  or terrified into  silence by the thugs in the ObaMARXIST BADministration.  Others, (like Bill O'Reilly) have been brainwashed into believing that exposing the fraud of Obama is not worthwhile to pursue (for whatever reason).

However, the more officials on the local, statem and then national  level that are made aware of the fraudulent documents, the better the  case will be when it gets a hearing in Congress.

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Obama fraud shocks law men at Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention, Mike Zullo presentations June 1, 2013, Biggest fraud in US history, Moving to congressional investigation - Obama fraud shocks law men at Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention, Mike Zullo presentations June 1, 2013, Biggest fraud in US history, Mo...

Via Commieblaster:

Court-Certified Document Fraud Examiner: Obama's Birth Certificate is Entirely Fabricated

After 3-Hour Presentation to Rep. Stockman and Law Men, Stockmann Meeting with Obama ID Fraud Investigator Again ...Stockman Says, He's "Deeply Concerned" ...Investigator Says, "Nothing Can Stop Us Now"

Law Men, Elected Officials "SHOCKED" by New Obama Birth Credentials Fraud Evidence
Watch Video... Reveals Media Being Threatened Not to Cover the Fraud

Some Youtube videos to view:

Obama Doesn't Know His Own Birth Date!


Hat tips to all links.

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GMpilot said...

“Any day now...just you watch...any day now...”

I've been hearing that song on these pages (and others) since the spring of 2008. What have we got so far?

We've seen four birth certificates: two of them supplied by the 'victim', including his 'long form' BC, in an unprecedented move. The other two were supplied by the opposition themselves, both of which were quickly uncovered as fakes.
There have been 212 (so far) court challenges, all of which have been dismissed. None of them have gained any traction whatever, being based on misinterpretations of the US Constitution and US civil law, foreign documents that have no standing in US courts, failure to follow the procedures of those courts, and a great deal of screeching on the part of the claimants.
A number of people have become celebrities, if only briefly, due to this quest: among them a dentist-turned-lawyer from Moldova, a now-disgraced Lt. Colonel from the US Army, a truculent business tycoon with windswept hair, and an obscure small-town sheriff from Arizona.
Now we are told that “constitutional officers, public officials, attorneys, elected officials, and others” are pledging their support in this attempt to expose “perhaps the biggest fraud in American history.”

Neither they nor any others have uncovered—certainly not revealed--any evidence contrary to what is known. But they have all been mentioned on this blog, to be trumpeted and then forgotten in search of the next 'revelation'.

No matter how often or how hard you beat that horse, it will never get up and run again. Bury it.

steve said...

Hey Christine!
Just stopping by to say hello and that I hope you and your family are doing okay.
Great post!
I'm loving what Zullo is doing though I'm really waiting for the grand finale. It would make my "decade" to see Obama and all those responsible for the fraud in prison.
I was going to post something on this but decided to wait for a while to see where it goes.
Hey, if you get the chance visit I'm a man. I'm 41 blog and cast a vote for Cry and Howl as the Coolest S.O.B. in the conservative blogosphere. I provided a link on the post 6/3/2013. I'm not going to win but it was cool even being nominated along with Jim Hoft and Maggie's Notebook and other awesome blogs.

Christinewjc said...

Went right over and voted for your blog Steve! You have a lot of great posts that I need to read! I've been absent from reading many blogs lately. Have only done one or two blog posts myself each week. Been a busy time for me.

Congrats on being nominated! Don't know if I agree about the "SOB" part, but it is kinda funny. Hopefully others will vote!

Readers? Here's the link!

Coolest SOB In The Conservative Blogosphere Award 2013

Christinewjc said...


It may take 50 years (like it did regarding J.F.K.'s indescretions), but one day the truth will come out about Obama.

If you read the articles and links, you would see that the investigation is more involved than just the questions surrounding the fraudulent B.C. This group is exposing criminality done by Obama and his ilk. The courts won't touch the case (and get out of it using sleezy terms against the plaintiffs like "they don't have standing" to present the case) and therefore, the evidence does not get heard in a court of law. But the Cold Case Posse and Sheriff Joe are going about it in another way, and hundreds, maybe even thousands are now sitting up and taking notice of the proof that they have in the fraudulent documents used by Obama, the DNC, and other culprits. One of the worst criminals is AG Eric Holder. If he gets booted, perhaps the house of lies, deceit, criminality, obstruction of justice, scandals, and all the rest of the ObaMARXIST BADministration crimes will finally be so apparent that they can't be ignored anymore by the media of mass deception and they will come crumbling down.

The truth is a powerful thing.

GMpilot said...

Yes, so JFK had his hands on the nuclear missile codes and Mailyn Monroe at the same time, and still outmaneuvered Khrushchev over missiles in Cuba. That's no comparison.

What you and Zullo and the rest of that crowd is claiming is that Obama isn't even American, and that every so-called 'crime' you accuse him of springs from that 'fact'.
With all the money and effort that has been thrown at this for the past five years...whith all the ink and electrons and celluloid sacrificed to reveal the 'truth'...with so many pundits and patriots (and patsies) who have devoted their time and efforts to uncover the cover-up...don't you think there'd be just one item to hang something on?

Why would two different people, operating independently, produce a false BC if the official one didn't actually exist?

Where does it state in the US Code (or the Constitution) that one must be a Christian in order to run for Chief Executive? Probably in the same paragraph where it states that a candiddate must have two citizen parents: i.e. nowhere.

Why--even IF Obama was raised by a communist--does he HAVE to follow that doctrine? Oh, I know; there are lots of people in the South who are still fighting a war they lost 150 years ago. They believed all that stuff growing up, so they must believe it now; no one ever goes against the teachings of their parents...right? So Obama thinks the same way, too. Right.

Why is there not a single piece of paper—not a coherent link to any concrete evidence—to support any of all these birther claims?

I keep being told that Obama's past is deeply buried, and that's why it's so hard to get to the truth. But Sheriff Joe and Paul Irey and Orly Taitz and Mike Zullo and scores of others have covered it up even more than they claim it has been. They say they have the evidence, but it's so deeply buried that they can't find it either! Which is why no one has shown it to the public.
If y'all can freely make such claims without evidence, then the rest of us can freely ignore those claims without evidence.

”If [Eric Holder] gets booted, perhaps the house of lies, deceit, criminality, obstruction of justice, scandals, and all the rest of the ObaMARXIST BADministration crimes will finally be so apparent that they can't be ignored anymore by the media of mass deception and they will come crumbling down.”

Maybe, but don't bet on it. Charles Colson went to prison, and became a fairly wealthy author and clergyman before he died; “Scooter” Libby walks the streets today as a free man. Neither of the administrations they served collapsed.
“The truth is a powerful thing.” Yeah, and the truth is, you haven't got it. Bury the horse.

steve said...

Good morning Christine! Thank you for your vote! S.O.B. in that case stands for Sweet Old Blogger.
Let's see ...
Mr. Pilot refers to some honorable people in a demeaning manner ... "a now-disgraced Lt. Colonel from the US Army, a truculent business tycoon with windswept hair, and an obscure small-town sheriff from Arizona."
It's typical of a liberal. They tend to talk down about people in the hope of elevating themselves. I find it curious that if anyone says something demeaning about them, they get offended and indignant, you know kind of "homoish". Weird people for sure.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Steve,

I'm so glad that you told me what the initials actually stand for! That's MUCH better (and, of course, totally more accurate) than what those initials typically stand for!'re not "old." We Baby Boomers are just in the prime of our lives. Heck - if I'm as fortunate as my Mom, maybe I will live to age
89+ too!

It will probably (unfortunately) take 31 years for the truth about Obama to finally come out.

Commieblaster has a link up to this article:

Obama Release Your Records: Obama Classmate - No One At Columbia Class Reunion Ever Saw Obama AKA Soetoro

It is interesting to read that The Blaze (Beck's site) originally published the story. The commenters at the above link are highly critical of Beck for ignoring the legitimate "Birther" claims, yet his editors at the Blaze site allowed Wayne Allen Root's article to be published.

If Obama WAS enrolled into Columbia as a foreign exchange student, then it would be even more proof that O's nativity story is a sham.

P.S. The "crazy look" pic of O is priceless at the site! Ha ha!!!

Christinewjc said...


If you aren't worried about Obama's fraudulent documents being exposed, then why would you keep telling me to "bury it"? Shouldn't you just let me go on and on about that it makes me look foolish?

Well, I'm in good company when it comes to such "fools."

You Tube: President Obama Birth Certificate PROVEN FAKE By Arizona State




Published on Jan 1, 2013 - Video #25 - Law Enforcement Investigation Shows Indisputable Proof Obama's Birth Certificate and Selective Service Registration are Forged (Felony). ARREST OBAMA NOW! Video Goes on to Show is Operating Under a False Identity (a Felony Fraud). Obama's Social Security Number Fails Government's E-Verify Test and Belongs to Deceased Man, Harrison J. Bounel. Obama's Passport Name Does Not Match His Birth Certificate. Illegal! For 17 Years, Obama Said He was Born in Kenya. See Obama Three Kenyan Illegal Alien Family Members Living in the US. Starring: Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mike Zullo, Barack Hussein Obama, Harrison J. Bounel, Obama's Illegal Alien Half-Brother Abongo Malik Obama, Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt Zeituni Onyango, Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle Onyango Obama, Christopher Greene. MAKE THIS VIDEO VIRAL! Send It to Every Member of Your Family, The Electoral College, Congress, Police, News, Judges! Post It on Your Websites. Spread the Word! ARREST OBAMA NOW! See all our videos at

GMpilot said...

I see the paladin is back, and he's being quite funny today.
Yes, I did describe those people in that way. I don't know why steve has his boxers in a twist about it; it's not like I said something that was false.

I find it curious that if anyone says something demeaning about them [liberals], they get offended and indignant, you know kind of "homoish".

This comment comes right after claiming that liberals ”tend to talk down about people in the hope of elevating themselves.” HA! His “gaydar” must be broken.
Of course if he believes the truculent business tycoon is an honorable man, I should be glad that we'll never get any closer to each other than these posts.

CJW: ”If you aren't worried about Obama's fraudulent documents being exposed, then why would you keep telling me to "bury it"? Shouldn't you just let me go on and on about that it makes me look foolish?”

I'm telling you only so that you'll look less foolish. But if you want to press on, I won't stop you.

Christinewjc said...

Going for a walk with my TEA Party friend, Donna. Thought I would share another link and the portion that applies to this post:

WND: Ding, dong, the left are savages


They say I have no scientific training, yet mathematics formed part of my Cambridge course in classical architecture. I have lectured on climate sensitivity and mitigation economics at faculty level. I was last year’s Nerenberg lecturer in mathematics at the University of Western Ontario.

They say … well, you get the idea. Anyone who becomes a serious threat to their tawdry plans for world domination has his reputation destroyed.

Saul Alinsky, a “community organizer” (i.e. communist agitator), wrote “Rules for Radicals” (i.e. “A Code for Communists”), telling them how to bring down the West.

One of the key rules was never to meet the left’s opponents in argument, but to trash their reputations instead. That way, anyone who might otherwise dare to challenge the left will keep his head down.

I recently asked an influential Republican congressman why neither he nor his party would do anything at all about Barry Soetero’s obviously bogus “birth certificate” on the White House website.

He replied: “Look what the left have done to your reputation because you spoke the truth about the non-problem of global warming. We know the president and his ‘birth certificate’ are fake. But – to put it bluntly – my reputation matters to me. And that goes for all of us.”

“So Soebarkah is safe in the White House?”

“Yes, but just wait until he leaves office. The left will not be able to defend him then.”

We shall see. I told the congressman I did not propose to hold my breath. Rampant funk on the part of those who ought to know better has heartened the champagne-swilling apes of Trafalgar Square to do their gibbering best to blacken the name of Thatcher even in death.

For now, let them have their hate-filled party. Their savagery is a fine advertisement for the necessity of sweeping their brutish, failed totalitarianism off the face of the Earth. They cannot trash Margaret Thatcher’s reputation, but they have certainly trashed their own and that of their collapsing cause.


I'd LOVE to know the name of that Congressman coward!!!