Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Christians Fight Against Indoctrination and Win

We are often told that there is nothing that can be done to legally fight and win against the homosexual agenda indoctrination that is going on in our nations' schools. But that belief is not true. The following examples demonstrate that when Christians are brave enough to stand up for their beliefs and not cower to the secular humanistic views being forced upon our school and college aged children, that such blatant indoctrination efforts can be legally thwarted.

1. Day of Truth

TO: Christine
FROM: Alan Sears, President

ADF Attorney Helps Student Take a Stand for "Fairness"

Many leftist activists and their allies (willing or accidental) seem to live by the credo: "Free speech for me, but not for thee." Today's story is another example.

In Wilmington, North Carolina, ADF Senior Legal Counsel David Cortman has filed a preliminary injunction on behalf of Benjamin Arthurs, a student who was suspended for promoting the "Day of Truth" at his tax-funded high school in Dunn, North Carolina this past April 27th.

On the "Day of Truth," Ben was told that his Christian message t-shirt was "prohibited" even though the school dress code does not prohibit religious clothing. Ben was also told that his distribution of "Day of Truth" cards was also forbidden because he would be "pushing his religion on others."(Ironically, as you can see in the picture with David and Ben, the school's "character trait" for the week he was suspended was "fairness").

Prior to filing the lawsuit, ADF attorneys had sent a letter to school and district officials advising that they had violated Ben's constitutional rights. School officials allowed the "Day of Silence" which promotes homosexual behavior, to go on without incident, the day before at the school.

David Cortman says: "Christian students are entitled to the same free speech rights as non-religious classmates. Students participating in the Day of Silence, which supports the homosexual agenda, were permitted observe the event by distributing flyers and remaining silent throughout the school day. Yet a student who peacefully expressed an opposite perspective during non-instructional time received punishment. This is a classic case of viewpoint discrimination."

You can read a copy of the complaint filed in Arthurs v. Sampson County Board of Education at Arthurs Complaint.

A copy of the motion for preliminary injunction is available at Arthurs Injunction.

We will keep you posted on this case in the days and weeks ahead. In the meantime, please continue to pray for Ben, and the many other courageous individuals, who have taken a compassionate stand to share the Truth with those trapped in homosexual behavior.

Read the ADF press release to learn more...


2. Gay-Straight Alliances Deemed Unacceptable for N.C. Schools

A North Carolina school district has successfully implemented a policy banning student clubs based on sexual activity or sexual orientation, the Salisbury Post reported.

Perhaps you wonder why we must fight against homosexual clubs, policies, lawsuits, and indoctrination techniques. The following article shares some good reasons.

3. TO: Christine

FROM: Alan Sears, President

Another BIG Win for Religious Freedom...This Time at Georgia Tech...

Orit Sklar and Ruth Malhorta knew that their First Amendment right to free speech was being denied. (See ADF News Alert, March 28, 2006).

These two courageous students, with the help of David French, director of ADF's Center for Academic Freedom and ADF litigation counsel David Hacker, filed a lawsuit against Georgia Tech's comprehensive student conduct guidelines (distributed to all incoming freshmen) that regulate "permissible" speech and expression. The complaint claimed that the guidelines have been used against religious and conservative individuals and organizations on campus.

In addition, school officials had also implemented a program aimed at indoctrinating students in what the officials deemed to be the "correct" interpretation of religious texts with regard to homosexual behavior. The program, called "Safe Space," promoted the beliefs of religions that favor the practice of homosexual behavior, while denigrating those that oppose it.

After these two young ladies filed their lawsuit, they underwent unbelievable persecution, name calling, and harrassment from radical leftists and their allies; but Ruth and Orit knew in their hearts, they were right, and stuck to their guns despite the ongoing attacks.

And their perseverance has been rewarded.

On Monday, August 14th, a federal judge ordered the restrictive speech code repealed. He prohibited the school from changing its new student speech policy without court approval for the next five years. In addition, the judge denied Georgia Tech's request that the case be dismissed, and ADF will proceed with the other parts of the case.

Please continue to pray for this case, and especially for Orit and Ruth, who still find themselves experiencing incredible personal attacks for their brave stand.

We will keep you posted on further developments in the weeks ahead.

Read the ADF press release to learn more...

4. Gay-Activist Intimidation Tactics Increasing


"These are professionals [e.g. NARTH] whose job it is to do research and help clients that want to pursue change, if that's what they want," Chambers said. "These gay activists are saying, basically, that everyone should not have the right to choose their own path. That's un-American."

The intimidation, he said, is being done under the guise of "tolerance."

"The truth is, tolerance has come to mean something very different for gay activists," Chambers said. "What tolerance means to them is that we need to go out of our way to not just accept them, but approve of what they do. But tolerance is not a two-way street for them -- they neither accept nor respect our views on these issues."

LaBarbera said the fact that thousands of people have left homosexuality and are living contented lives doesn't seem to affect those who believe homosexuality cannot be changed.

In the end, he said such intimidation is the very definition of irony.

"Usually the people who are screaming the loudest about tolerance," he said, "are the most intolerant of all."

The way that I see it is that either the homosexual extremists and the ACLU will continue, and succeed, in their onslaught of gay propaganda to transform America from its true morals, values, and ethics; or Christians will step up the effort to fight against this wave of destructive brain-washing. Take a look at what is currently at stake in California. The flurry of bad bills designed to promote the homosexual agenda will be decided upon within the next few weeks. When bills such as these are approved of, and (God forbid!) passed, then the hate-spewing leftists like Rosie O'Donnell think they have the power to falsely claim and say absolutely anything that they want against Christians and their beliefs.

The ramifications of turncoat Arnold's signing of the terrible SB 1441 bill here in California will eventually lead us down a path where most Christians will not want to go. Gratefully, the Alliance Defense Fund will challenge this horrible bill.

Karen England of the Capitol Resource Institute writes:

Since the governor signed SB 1441 into law last week, we have received many phone calls from concerned parents wondering whether this will affect their children’s plans for college. After consulting with our friends in the legal community, we want to update you on how this new law will affect California students.

The exact ramifications of SB 1441 are still unclear.

However, based upon past precedent, the legislature’s analysis and the current political climate, we believe that it is safe to assume that the effects of this new law will be far-reaching. Based on current legal precedent, it is not far- fetched to assume that proponents of this new law will argue that any school, business or other organizations receiving state funding will be affected. The legislative analysis of this bill states that, “Because Government Code Section 11135 [code amended by SB 1441] covers not only the state but also state agencies and any program or activity at the local level that receives funding from the state, the impact of this bill is both wide-ranging and deep.”

Equality California, the homosexual activists group and sponsor of SB 1441, claims that “SB 1441 protects all Californians who utilize public services such as police and fire protection, financial aid, social services and food stamps.” We believe that in a legal challenge, proponents of this law would argue that any organization that receives any type of state funding would be prohibited from “discriminating” against homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, etc. By tying state funding to anti-discrimination laws, homosexual activists will be able to argue that such funding should be withdrawn from any recipient that “discriminates.” Because fire and police protection are specifically mentioned as being prohibited from discrimination, it is unclear whether that means they are also prohibited from providing services to organizations that do discriminate (churches, private schools).

Our friends with Alliance Defense Fund and Pacific Justice Institute have both expressed a desire to challenge this outrageous law and defend the religious liberties of Californians. As defenders of religious liberty, these organizations will argue that the new anti-discrimination laws do not apply to organizations, including private universities, that uphold their sincerely-held religious beliefs.

One way that you can help stem the negative impact of this law is by supporting legislation next year that will seek to add a religious exemption to the government code affected by this law. Several pro-family legislators are preparing to introduce a bill to add such an exemption as soon the new legislative session begins in December.

This law will most likely be tied up in litigation for several years. In the meantime, students should go ahead and apply to college, just as they have planned. We will keep you updated on the latest developments in this battle for religious freedom.

Read SB 1441
Assembly Votes on SB 1441
Senate Votes on SB 1441
Alliance Defense Fund
Pacific Justice Institute


Just as America, Israel and free countries everywhere are in a fight against the ideology of radical Islamic extremists who want to kill us from outside and inside our borders, so too, the ideology of radical homosexual extremists want to kill our children's moral values, freedom of religious speech, freedom of association, and the Judeo-Christian values handed down to us by God through His Word, the Bible.

This is the current struggle in the battle of ideas that we are in and our children and grandchildren's right to all the freedoms mentioned above are at stake.

I pray that Christians will get their heads out of the sand on these issues, rise up, speak out, and challenge this onslaught of perversion that is currently being allowed to permeate our culture under the guise of "safe schools," and "tolerance."

This so-called "tolerance" mantra being shoved down the throats of our children is not tolerance at all. "Tolerance" as defined by these groups is the adamant, "one-way street kind" that leads to, and has as its goal , total and unequivocal homosexual behavior acceptance and promotion, and indoctrination.

Is that the kind of America that you want your children to live in?

God forbid!

So do something about it...NOW!

Sept. 18 update from CCF President Randy Thomasson

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is using a poll to decide whether to sign the remaining school indoctrination bills on his desk.
When you call the Governor’s State Capitol office in Sacramento, the recording asks whether you support or oppose AB 606 and AB 1056. "Legislating by polls" is no substitute for morality. Yet this is your real-life opportunity to WIN FOR MORAL VALUES THIS ELECTION YEAR.

Do your part right now.

Please help Arnold’s poll result in a FLOOD OF OPPOSITION to these terrible school indoctrination bills. Let your heart-felt opposition to AB 606 and AB 1056 -- which would teach children as young as kindergarten to regard transsexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality as good and natural and maybe even for them -- motivate you to action.

Please make two calls right now, first to oppose AB 606, then to oppose AB 1056. If you follow CCF’s simple directions, each call could take less than 15 seconds to register your vote.

1. To oppose AB 606, which would yank state funds from any school district that doesn’t adequately promote the state's “model policy” promoting transsexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality in grades as young as kindergarten:

Call 916-445-2841

Press 1 for English (or 2 for Spanish)

Press 2 for Legislation

Press 2 for AB 606

Press 2 to OPPOSE AB 606

2. To oppose AB 1056, which would spend $250,000 in taxpayer dollars to create 10 “tolerance” schools, which will mandate that all students support transsexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality:

Call 916-445-2841

Press 1 for English (or 2 for Spanish)

Press 2 for Legislation

Press 5 for AB 1056

Press 2 to OPPOSE AB 1056

If you get confused, just call back and listen to the entire recording and follow the prompts.

If you want to talk with a living representative of the Governor’s staff, call a third time. But instead of pressing 2 for Legislation, press 7 to wait for a representative to pick up the phone.

Get the new Action Flyer: Campaign for Children and Families (CCF) has posted our updated Action Flyer for you to print and distribute in your church, neighborhood, or workplace.

Please download the Action Flyer today, and distribute it this week and this coming weekend. Time is running out -- Governor Schwarzenegger has a Sept. 30 deadline to sign or veto bills.

# # #
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Christinewjc said...

Great article!

The Standoff Between Two Worldviews.

Especially the following excerpt which is related to my original post:

2) Once again Christianity is "debunked" and compared with terrorists organizations. Recently Rosie O'Donnell made an arrogant and totally off the wall statement in comparing Islamic extremists to conservative Christianity. Perhaps the mode of ACLU thinking is beginning to rub off on some people. I never thought she would be bold enough to make a claim that is so false, bigoted, and irresponsible. All the time I hear that Christians are bigoted because we hold traditional Biblical values set forth by God Himself. Now who's the bigot? It seems to me that the world of left wing talk shows and ACLU leaders are pretty bigoted themselves.

3)Many in the secular world feel that Christianity is a threat to their selfish and self-righteous way of life. They feel threatened because they do not want to face personal responsibility to a higher authority than themselves. The war on Christianity is not limited to the United States. It is a world wide effort to silence Christianity. Recently in Britain Stephen Green, of The Christian Voice, was arrested for handing out leaflets with scripture on them about the Biblical view of homosexuality during a rally for homosexuals. Many of you wonder how long it will be before this type of persecution hits the United States. Well, you are late in your thinking because it happened in 2004 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A similar case with a similar outcome. A group of four Christians from Repent America were protesting a homosexual rally and were arrested for nothing more than quoting Bible verses and using freedom of speech.

Christinewjc said...

Speaking of persecution. Apparently it is ok for radical muslims to spew their hate without opposition, but then demand an apology from the pope for his comments.

From what I have seen, the "religion of peace" label certainly doesn't apply to Islam! They can say any hateful thing they want but the pope doesn't have the right to talk about their evil intentions against the West?

Here's a WorldNetDaily poll to consider:

Go Vote!

What advice would you give the pope right now to deal with Islam?

Speak Christianity, it is the truth 41.27% (1901)

Step up efforts to peacefully but forcefully confront militant Islam for the false faith it is 37.08% (1708)

Continue to speak your mind, as you always have 11.38% (524)

Make sure the bullet-proof glass on your popemobile is secure and in working order 4.02% (185)

Other 1.80% (83)

Convert to Islam 1.32% (61)

Hold a summit with Muslim leaders to build understanding between the faiths 1.32% (61)

Ignore the current protests, they'll go away like the cartoon controversy 1.22% (56)

Keep quiet, and certainly don't criticize Islam publicly 0.30% (14)

Completely disavow your controversial statement, and undergo sensitivity training 0.28% (13)


(my answer in bold)

Christinewjc said...

Maryland parents win one, too.

limpy99 said...

Hmmm, sounds to me like the work of an activist court.

Christinewjc said...

Oh I see. It's an "activist" court when they don't rule within your ideological favor?

Ubersehen said...

I think that that might have been the very point Limpy was trying to make.

If it wasn't, I'd officially like to make it.

limpy99 said...

You're right on ubersehen.

Christinewjc said...

And when they do rule in your ideological favor (which happens a large percentage of the time, unfortunately), that is considered O.K. by you? Do you consider your ideological views as being "neutral"?

Is there really any such thing as a "neutral" ruling?

Ubersehen said...

And when they do rule in your ideological favor (which happens a large percentage of the time, unfortunately), that is considered O.K. by you?

If I thought the ruling was rendered based on faulty logic, or a gross misunderstanding of the circumstances, I would disagree with it even if the result coincided with my personal ideology. I would rather be right for the right reasons than for the wrong ones.

Do you consider your ideological views as being "neutral"?

Neutral to what? If you're referring to the disagreement between the religious and non-religious peoples of this world, then my views are not neutral, since the division of people into those two camps shows otherwise.

Is there really any such thing as a "neutral" ruling?

As for the existence of "neutral" rulings, that can be a difficult question. The essence of neutrality suggests that one is not biased towards one side any more than the other. Since the courts are set up such that every individual in the country is on equal footing with everyone else, no single religious view can be given preference, no matter what one perceives the founders of the country to have had in mind when they built the place. Objective, provable facts are given priority over subjective religious claims. If you believe that the courts are generally trying to push a secular lifestyle on the population by not supporting your religion, then the court rulings are not neutral for you, since they favour solutions that go against that belief. If you believe, like I do, that everyone must be treated equitably, then the rulings generally are neutral, since they do not presuppose an agreement with any one person's belief system.

However, ff a ruling is found to be made on the basis of a religious bias, instead of on objective fact, that would naturally bring the neutrality of it into question. By the same token, a judge making a ruling against a religion because of an atheistic bias would be equally out of line.

The difficulty, of course, is when a ruling is made that, while not made for religious or atheistic reasons, still inconveniences or displeases one of those camps. In those cases, it is easy for those displeased with the results to demonize the process by which those results were obtained, even if the process was, technically, neutral.