Thursday, September 28, 2006

Forced To Throw Out Religious Beliefs?

What's a Religious Doctor to Do?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for religious medical professionals to practice medicine without compromising their moral convictions.

CRI (Capitol Resource Institute) reported earlier this week that Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 2583 requiring religious pharmacists or their employers to place a sign near the entrance of the pharmacy flagging to the public that they will not fill certain prescriptions based on moral objections. This branding of religious pharmacists is shocking discrimination.

Most recently, physicians with North Coast Women's Care Medical Group in San Diego are under fire for refusing to give a lesbian patient infertility treatment.

North Coast's medical director, Dr. Douglas Fenton, stated that they could not administer the fertility treatment because of the staff's religious beliefs. Their patient then sued, stating that she was being discriminated against because of her sexuality.

North Coast lost at the trial court level in 2004, but won on appeal. The case is now being considered by the California Supreme Court.

"Doctors with anti-gay religious beliefs are not excused from obeying the laws that govern all of us. That our client's doctors felt that they could defy well-established California law and medical ethics is very worrisome for all of us in a civil society," said Jennifer Pizer, senior counsel at Lambda Legal Defense, representing the plaintiff.

CRI, however, stands wholeheartedly behind the medical professionals who simply want to go to work every day and help people without having to compromise their sincerely held religious beliefs.

"Homosexual-behavior advocates once again are pitted against God-fearing individuals with strong moral convictions," said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute. "That a doctor should be forced to throw out his religious beliefs, in order to artificially inseminate a lesbian woman, shows absolutely no tolerance for people of faith."

"This lawsuit is not ultimately about forcing a doctor to inseminate a lesbian, it's about destroying religious freedom and making sexual-expression freedom the highest liberty in the land," said England.

First, just how ridiculous is AB 2583? People, at this rate we are going to Bill ourselves to death in California!

Second. How easy would it have been for that lesbian woman to simply go to another doctor who would be willing to inseminate her? Why did she need to first attempt to force this doctor to perform a procedure that is against his personal, religious beliefs, and then sue him because he doesn't agree with her particular morality?

Can anyone see the hypocrisy of this?

Can we see why homosexual indoctrination bills and laws are dangerous to our religious freedom to choose and freedom of association?

The left is all for "choice" when it means abortion. But when a doctor chooses not to inseminate a lesbian through his own religious convictions, that's a bad thing!

Karen was absolutely right when she stated that this whole lawsuit thing isn't just about a lesbian and her pursuit of insemination. No. It's about pitting (and thus, destroying) religious freedom against the indoctrination mantra of forced homosexual agenda coersion that is rampant in our nation today.

Hey look....speaking as the heterosexual woman that I am, if I wanted to be artificially inseminated and the first doctor I went to told me that he does not perform such a service, I'd simply go to another doctor!! I'm sure that there would be hundreds of doctors who would be willing to help me. Whatever the doctor's reason for not wanting to perform the service should not matter; even if, perhaps, it wasn't for religious reasons.

Why do homosexuals always have to scream, "discrimination because I'm gay?" Why can't they see that this lesbian woman's action to sue the doctor is discrimination against his religious beliefs and just leave him alone?

The answer is because she has an agenda to push and shove down the throats of anyone who does not agree with her lifestyle. And California is the land of homosexual indoctrination laws that are leading to the manipulation and mind-numbing control of everyone, including the innocent minds of children, through their constant evil marketing techniques.

This agenda's purpose is nothing more than a tool being used to destroy the religious convictions of the faithful and further lead us all down that slippery slope to moral the detriment of us all. I am truly sick of it all!!

God help us...


Stephen said...

Hi Christine -

I haven't been here in a while and just stopped by to say Lord bless you sister!

Hope all is going well out there in your neck of America (you've got your issues just like we have ours here in the Northeast.)

We'll try and give you a call within the next few days, or if you get a moment, please drop us a line.

Love to you and your family from Irene, myself and the kiddos.

God bless,


Mark said...

WOW! Awesome post! and yet quite sad! It's late here but I may post this tom. with a due hat tip. The enemy is working OT and we are eating it up in super sized fashion!

I appreciate your comments on Deb's post. After I read what you write I think to myself 'exactly! Deb will be blown away and re think her Biblical conclusions!" Then she responds with the same deaf ear. Very sad but God is in control. There is a Dr. Rev Kate that comments there that would make you cry! More on that later.

God Bless!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Stephen,

Good to hear from you! It has been a long time.

We are doing well. My son and daughter are back to college and I always miss them when they are gone. However, I'm grateful that they occasionally come home on the weekends.

I just started a new Bible study on Psalm 23 and it is awesome! You can follow along each week if you'd like at my The Way of God in Truth blogspot.

The issues (and terrible legislature bills) here just keep coming at us non-stop. I praise God that Gov. Arnold vetoed two homosexual indoctrination bills yesterday. I might do a post about that this weekend. You can read about it at the Save California website.

Unfortunately, Arnold signed SB1441 which requires Christian
colleges to promote sexual immorality if they accept students with state scholarships, such as Cal Grants.
Can you believe that it's come this far?? How awful! I'm positive that it will be challenged in the courts and I think there is a good chance to overturn this terrible law.

I read about the success of your ministry outreach in Israel through Susan's newsletters. Sounds like many, many people were blessed...including the evangelists!

Hope all is well with you and yours!
Love & God bless,

Christinewjc said...

Thanks Mark. I appreciate your encouragement.

Yes. The enemy of our souls is working overtime these days. Too many people don't even realize the deception that they are living under. Truly sad.

Remember that post that I did at your blog regarding Deb's views agreeing with what a secular, atheistic person's views on homosexual behavior would be? I wonder if she ever read that. Probably not. But we are not to be conformed to this world; and that is exactly what she is doing with her mixing of Christian faith and homosexual sin. She can't see it because I think her mind has been conditioned by the liberal left church (a.k.a. Tony Campolo etc.) ideology that makes excuses to let homosexuals think that their sexual behavior is O.K. with God. It's not!! The Scriptures are so very clear on this! All they can do is twist the meaning and come up with convoluted excuses to dismiss their sin. But the book of Jude warns about that very thing happening...especially in the last days!!

Deb refuses to see the truth on this matter. It appears to me that she is so convinced she's right (and, therefore, you and I are wrong) about this issue that nothing we say or quote from God's Word would convince her otherwise. She's got those gay is O.K. with God blinders on and nothing but the Holy Spirit will be able to remove them from her eyes.