Friday, December 29, 2006

"Blog Wars" on Sundance

Last night, I noticed that a show called "Blog Wars" was on the Sundance channel. I considered watching it, at first, but then after reading the short description, figured that it was probably an entirely left-wing liberal propaganda presentation.

However, this morning I was checking out the Little Green Footballs blog and noticed a post about the show, "Blog Wars." I was encouraged to read that the writer of LGF (Charles) is featured in the the "Blog Wars" show. Now I want to watch it!

The next showing is this Saturday evening, 12/30/06, at 7:00 p.m. (probably need to check your local listings).

It will be interesting to see whether or not the show is fair and balanced. According to Charles at LGF, there is way to much Kos (a left-winged liberal blogger), but even though the producer couldn't resist giving more airtime to the left, at least LGF gets a voice in the show!

Here are some great comments over at LGF:

"saywhat" has a brief review:

Well, I count myself as one of the unfortunate souls with an incurable curiosity streak having access to the Sundance channel and a tv tonight (hey, I've got 4 kids home for the holiday!).

I'm not sure why Charles felt this program was balanced. It more resembled an excessively long Kos infomercial or an episode of the History/Biography Channel celebrating Kos (by far Markos enjoyed the lions share of attention).

Balanced? In my estimate, the damn thing offered less than 20% input from the entire conservative side. Though I have to admit, Charles your segments were delivered in the calm rational manner I read here.

Michelle Malkin's responses were intellectually sound and her emotions were justifiable but in this programs context - she came off B**chy. Geeez, I never thought I'd say that. Amazing how context can be distorted.

As difficult as it was to stomach the program, I believe there are several frames that qualify as gems for future use. (Allahpundit I hope you taped it!) Specifically the segments with Kos admitting that he and fellow liberal bloggers do not yield the power his readers perceive it to have. His record speaks for itself . . .Kos' endorsement is the kiss of death for any politician.

Many humorous posts:

Holy Cow...the Kossacks look like they need to be introduced to soap and shampoo.

Markos has to be the most simpering, lisping, weak chinned little !@#%@!^@#$^@ I've ever seen. This show simply solidified that impression.

I have the Slamdance Channel. We're watching Rutgers right now, but I'll be sure to TiVo it either way.

I'll fart in Kos' general direction when I see his traitorous little bony a**. I went to a Chili's for the first time in my existence tonight so I have a solid supply of gas.

Ha ha ha haaaa!

ec marm:
Kos, ah yes, kos. Wasn't he last sighted in Iran posing as the 12th imam?

"Looking Closely" shares a great point:

In 2004, political bloggers came of age. They propelled Howard Dean from fringe candidate to front-runner. They took on Dan Rather and won. And they charted the course for the "swiftboating" of John Kerry. As the 2006 mid-term elections approached, bloggers were preparing for battle again. Filmmakers James Rogan and Phil Craig's sharp documentary examines how online democratic activism is shaping important elections by focusing on the decisive Connecticut senate race and Ned Lamont's challenge to incumbent Joe Lieberman.
"They" took on Rather and won, but "they" took on Lieberman and lost.

I also notice that Howard Dean is not only NOT sitting in the White House right now, he didn't even make the Democrat cut.

Hmm. . .

Maybe different "theys" are at work here, what do you think?
One of the best:

100 cheers for Charles in his persistant effort to combat and expose the stupidity, hypocrisy, and hatred for our American way of life by demented utopians.

And yet another great point from "Abu Al-Poopypants":
So.... the Left's greatest blogging successes: Failing to unseat Lieberman, and putting Mad Howie in charge of their party.

Thanks, Kos!

And a final quote from Charles:
Sure, there's way too much Kos, and way too much Hamsher... but at the end, they lose.

It may not be a bad thing that their hubris is so nakedly exposed. So to speak.


Christinewjc said...

I caught the last 35 minutes of the program, and it was so clearly liberal-left leaning that it made my head ache.

I was glad to see Charles of Little Green Footballs, and Michelle Malkin get some very good conservative points and views into the debate, but they were not given even an eighth (IMO) of the total amount of time that the libs got. Of course, this should be expected. Sundance doesn't sound like it would ever be a fair and balanced network.

I think that the conservative bloggers should produce their own version of the blog wars. It would be nice not to hear all that bad language. And, who is that horrible woman who made Joe Lieberman into a "blackfaced" person? She's a glue-sniffing ozone layer, despicable, hate-bathering feminist if I've ever heard one! Can't recall her name. I must have wanted to delete it from my memory. Was it "Harsher" or something? Would be a logical name because that's what she certainly sounded like! Brutal woman...nonetheless.

Christinewjc said...

Oh...found out the loonie's name is "Hamsher." Apparently she's as "famous" as "Kos" is in the liberal left lunatic blogosphere.

You could probably find her blog with a blogsearch or googlesearch. I certainly don't want to link to her ignorant rantings and insanity!

Christinewjc said...

Oh yeah...and the moment I saw Danny Glover in the program, I knew that it would probably be a socialist/commie blogger's nightmare! He's one of the most hateful the "hate America first" crowd!

I'm so happy that Joe Lieberman won re-election. Despite all of their cruel efforts to kick him out of the Senate, he and his constituents certainly got the last laugh on them!

Ha ha ha haaaa! Take that you dopey liberal left loonie blogger activists! Secular progressives didn't win this one...and it was a biggie!