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Culture Warrior on the War on Terror

OK. I just have to do it. Especially after reading "The Ripper's" blogposts. I have been compelled to type out chapter 7 of the book Culture Warrior in order for people to see the enormous differences that separate the Traditional Culture Warriors from the Secular-Progressives in the U.S.A.

I feel so bad for the current college students who are being propagandized and indoctrinated with what the secular-progressive movement is spewing on their campuses.

Case in point. Have you heard about the angry Iranian ambassador who attacked the West, America and bashes FOX News and dodged Holocaust questions at the Columbia college campus? How ironic that this is the same campus that attacked the Minutemen who were invited to speak by a college Republican group, and, is the same campus that wouldn't let many guests who were invited to hear Walid Shoebat speak regarding his former, first hand experiences and now, Christian reformed perspective on Islamic Jihad! If anyone is qualified to know what a threat terrorists present to the U.S.A., Israel, and the world, it would be him! seems to me that free speech is only granted when the speaker is in agreement with the liberal left worldview and viewpoints (even those who hate... like that Iranian U.N. "Ambassador," America!!!) rather than those who adhere to the Christian, conservative, Republican worldview.

How sad!!

It is for this reason that I will take the time to type out most of Culture Warrior's seventh chapter which deals with the war on terrorism and how the worldview and viewpoints of the secular-progressive crowd (a.k.a. liberal left loonies) would allow our country to ultimately give up and be taken over by the threats we face today...all in the name of their extreme views of "socialism," "diversity," "tolerance," while at the same time, spewing their immense hatred for all and everything that most Americans see as our Judeo-Christian heritage and values.



Who do you think Osama bin Laden supports in the American culture war: the traditionalists or the secular-progressives?

Not so fast....This may be a trick question.

On the one hand, the Saudi-born terrorist despises just about everything the S-P's fervently espouse: a de-emphasis of religion, a libertine social landscape, no judgments on most private behavior, and an acceptance of human weakness.

For those of you not currenlty up to date on their policies, al-Qaeda would decapitate gays who wanted to marry, cut off the hands of drug abusers, stone to death anyone who suggested Allah not be included in the public arena, and blind anyone who looked at pornography. If Osama was calling the shots in the U.S., the ACLU would be, in theory, very, very busy. In reality, they'd be dead.

But think about what I am about to put forth: From his hideout somewhere in the Muslim world, Osama and his cohorts have got to be cheering on the S-P movement, because its most fanatical adherents are opposed to the bedrock strengths of traditional America. The S-P world view is much softer than that of the traditional forces, as I'll demonstrate shortly. For now, it is important to understand that the S-P vanguard, the ACLU, has actively opposed just about every anti-terror strategy the United States government has introduced. In my view, that opposition greatly helps al-Qaeda and other terrorist outfits.

The secular-progressive movement opposes coerced interrogation - not torture, but harsh treatment - of captured terror suspects. They object to detention of them at U.S. military prisons like Guantanamo Bay. In addition, the ACLU opposes military tribunals (rather than civilian trials) to determine the guilt or innocence of suspected terrorists, rendition programs where terror suspects are held in foreign conuntries, floating wiretaps (already in use in U. S. criminal investigations), telephone surveillance of overseas calls by U. S. spy agencies, airport profiling, the Patriot Act, the war in Iraq, and random bag searches on subway or mass-transit systems.

In short, the ACLU opposes making life more difficult for terrorists but proposes absolutely nothing to make Americans safer. Osama has got to love it.

On the positive side (sarcasm intended), the ACLU supports: Constitutional protections for noncitizen terror suspects captured overseas, Geneva Convention protections for terror suspects captured wearing civilian clothing (which, of course, eliminates them from the Geneva Convention treaties), civilian lawyers and criminal due process instead of military justice, and the exposure of top secret U. S. antiterror programs in the press.

There's more. According to the ACLU, government officials should be prosecuted for the alleged exposure of former CIA agent Valerie Plame, but at the same time no government official should be investigated for leaking information about the top-secret National Security Agency's overseas listening activities, approved by President Bush under the seal of an Executive Order.

Add it all up and you can see exactly what I meant earlier: When it comes to the war on terror, Osama has got to be thrilled that he has unwitting allies in the ACLU and, indeed, the entire S-P movement. In my assessment, the S-Ps fail to see the danger clearly. They constantly harp on America's mistakes while confronting violent terrorism, but they do not put forth viable solutions to neutralize the threats. They create a fog that damages our counterterrorism efforts. If all Americans bought into the ACLU's terror platform, instead of hiding in a Pakistani cave someplace, Osama might be sitting at a negotiating table in Paris, patiently awaiting an interview with Le Monde.

I know I'll be harshly criticized for writing that last paragraph, but as I asked, think about it. How could any sane person adopt the stance the ACLU takes toward the war on terror? Don't those people get 9/11? Doesn't the S-P movement understand the danger America faces from terrorist fanatics who would use nuclear weapons, should they acquire them, against us?

The answer to that question is a bit complicated, but it is rooted in the one thing that the secular-progressive movement and Al-Qaeda have in common: Both outfits believe that the United States of America is fundamentally a bad place.

Again, I'll be criticized for writing that, so let's back it up and return to our pal George Lakoff, the premier S-P philosopher and guru. Like most S-P true believers, Lakoff believes that the United States is at least partially responsible for the buildup of worldwide terrorism; therefore, by that reasoning, it was some of America's own doing that it was attacked on 9/11. That point of view is obviously a tough sell to the American public, so the ACLU and others do not bring the hypothesis up very often.

But Lakoff makes the S-P position crystal clear on page 66 of his Elephant book:

The idealistic claim of the Bush administration is that they intend to wipe out all terrorism. What is not mentioned is that the United States has systematically promoted a terrorism of its own and has trained terrorists, from the contras to the mujahideen, the Honduran death squads, and the Indonesian
military. Will the U.S. government stop training terrorists? Of course not. It will deny that it does so...if the U.S. wants terror to end, the U.S. must end ts own contribution to terror.

So the war on terror is largely America's fault, according to Lakoff, who conveniently avoids mentioning America's fight against the expansion of worldwide communism. As any intelligent person knows, the brutal cold war against the Soviet Union and Red China was the primary reason the U.S. armed opponents of communism like the contras in Nicaragua and the mujahideen in Afghanistan.

This is so typical of Lakoff and other S-P "thinkers": They ignore all perspective in their analysis. When was the last time you heard any S-P fanatic mention that almost 3 million people were slaughtered by communist forces in Southeast Asia after the U.S. withdrew from Vietnam? I've never heard Jane Fonda, a duchess of the S-P realm, mention that, have you?

The bedrock belief that America is, and has been, an evil country is crucial to understanding the secular-progressive point of view when it comes to the war on terror. Here's their bankrupt reasoning: The S-Ps cannot support any anti-terror measure until the U.S. stops being a terrorist country itself. Get it? Yes, they're serious. If you don't believe me, travel to Berkeley, CA, or Cambridge, MA, and ask.

I first came across this thinking when I interviewed a man named Jeremy Glick on The Factor shortly after the attack on 9/11. [Note from Christine: I saw this interview!] Mr. Glick's father had been murdered in the collapse of the World Trade Center. Despite that tragedy, however, Jeremy had signed his name to an advertisement paid for by a radical S-P group called Not in Our Name. Part of that ad suggested an outrageous equivalency: "We too watched with shock the horrific events of September 11th. We too mourned the thousands of innocent dead in Baghdad, Panama City, and a generation ago, Vietnam."

Wow. Comparing the 9/11 attack, which resulted in the murders of about three thousand innocent civilians, to the defeat of Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War (remember, he invaded Kuwait and brutalized the people there), to the removal of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega (who had turned his country into an international narcotics shipping center), and to the U.S. involvement in Vietnam (a war that was fought to prevent the spread of totalitarianism and communism). I just couldn't believe a young man like Jeremy Glick was nutty enough to sign his name to that kind of a display. There must have been some sort of misunderstanding; maybe it was part of his grieving process.

Wrong, again, culture warrior.

In what has become a famous TV verbal shoot-out, Glick came on The Factor and told me my criticism of the ad was dead wrong. Moreover, he opined, my surprise at his participation was naive:

"I'm actually surprised that you're surprised," Glick told me. "If you think about it, our current president, who I feel and many feel is in this position illegitimately by neglecting the voices of African Americans in the Florida coup...our current president now inherited a legacy from this father and inherited a political legacy that's responsible for training militarily, economically, and situating geopolitically the parties involved in the alleged assassination and murder of my father and countless of others."

The alleged assassination of his father? Glick was asserting that not only was the Bush administration partially responsible for the murderous actions of al-Qaeda, they also might even have had something directly to do with them, by supporting groups like the mujahideen in the past.

Now, when you get a misguided individual like Jeremy Glick on television, you simply cannot allow him to spout unproved accusations and downright slander. If you do that, your audience will turn on you. Add in the suffering Glick's words could bring to others who lost loved ones on 9/11, and you have to pull the plug. Which I did. Glick got the boot after this exchange:

Glick: "You evoke 9/11 to rationalize everything from domestic plunder to imperialistic aggression worldwide. You evoke sympathy with the 9/11 families."

O'Reilly: "That's a bunch of crap. I've done more for the 9/11 families, by their own admission, than you will ever hope to do."

Glick: "Okay."

O'Reilly: "So keep your mouth shut when you sit here exploiting those people."

Glick: "Well, you're not representing me."

O'Reilly: "I'd never represent you."

Glick: "Why?"

O'Reilly: "Because you have a warped view of this world and a warped view of this country."

Glick: "Well, explain that."

O'Reilly: "All right. You didn't support the action against Afghanistan to remove the Taliban. You were against it, okay?"

Glick: "Why would I want to brutalize and further punish the people in Afghanistan?"

Why, indeed, when the whole thing was America's fault from the get-go? That's Glick-think taken directly from the George Lakoff playbook. It was pathetic.

Subsequently, thanks to me, Jeremy Glick became an icon of the S-P movement, which celebrated his "bravery" in standing up to the barbarian O'Reilly.

A few years later, the S-Ps tried the same trick with Cindy Sheehan, whose son Casey, a dedicated professional American soldier, was killed in the Iraq war. Ms. Sheehan, you may remember, demanded a meeting with President Bush even though she had already had one. But Ms. Sheehan wanted another chat after being tutored by antiwar zealots. Of course, Mr. Bush saw the trap a mile away. He rightly assumed Cindy Sheehan wanted to embarrass him and ignored the woman. Thereupon some in the media castigated the President for his "insensitivity" and made Cindy into a heroine.

The pro-Sheehan media blitz worked for a few weeks until I, convinced that the whole deal was a calculated S-P attack, played an audio clip of Ms. Sheehan telling Mark Knoller of CBS Radio that the terrorists in Iraq were "freedom fighters." She also said Israel was a terrorist nation. After that exposition, Ms. Sheehan's star dimmed as many rational folks who had sympathized with her, because of Casey, turned away.

The important point here is that the secular-progressive movement really believes Jeremy Glick and Cindy Sheehan are heroes. Worse, the S-Ps absolutely think the world's foremost problem is the evil superpower America, not Islamic fascist terror cells. If you take one thing away from this book, ladies and gentlemen, let it be that. The S-P brigades are not capable of understanding true evil. Their world perspective is so warped, it might even be downright dangerous.

A question then logically follows: How would the secular-progressives, themselves, deal with Islamic terrorism? Paging George Lakoff! He deals with that very issue on page 60 of his training manual:

Most Islamic would-be martyrs not only share [fanatical religious] beliefs but have also grown up in a culture of despair; they have nothing to lose. Eliminate such poverty and you eliminate the breeding ground for terrorists...when the Bush administration speaks of eliminating terror, it does not appear to be talking about eliminating cultures of despair and the social conditions that lead one to want to give up his life to martyrdom.

Outstanding. Lakoff apparently believes the U.S. has the power to eliminate poverty and change social conditions in places like Pakistan - estimated population, 163 million. America can't even eliminate poverty and change "social conditions" in Detroit, much less Islamabad. No government can impose prosperity or benign thinking on masses of people. It is simply impossible.

But George Lakoff and the S-Ps don't care for rational analysis. It sounds so good to say that terrorism can be defeated by a change in America's foreign policy. More Lakoff (page 63):

What is needed is a new kind of moral foreign policy, one that realizes that America can only be a better America if the world is a better world. America must become a moral leader using fundamental human values: caring and responsibility carried out with strength to respond to the world's problems.

Once again, Lakoff seems to have missed the truth of America's great sacrifice in defeating the Soviet Union's totalitarianism and thereby bringing freedom to tens of millions of people in Eastern Europe and other Soviet-dominated areas. Nor does the S-P guru mention the enormous blood and treasure America spent defeating the Nazis and Imperial Japan. Don't those historic achievements fall in the category of "caring and responsibility carried out with strength to respond to the world's problems"? Or did the U.S. bring WWII upon itself as well?

It galls me that the S-Ps can get away with denigrating the United States when it, along with Great Britain and a precious few other conuntries, are standing up against a homicidal jihad that could destroy the world.

The S-Ps' unrealistic assessment of the war on terror is dangerous, naive, and disqualifies the secular-progressive movement from any serious participation in the post-9/11 decision-making process. Sure, it would be great to heal all social ills all over the world by waving a magic wand, but why bother spouting such delusional nonsense. The S-Ps are at their best when proposing airy theories or undermining policies with which they disagree. They fail dismally, however, when asked to create better, more effective policies to protect and improve the lives of everyday people. But that failure does not deter them; they are convinced they hold the moral high ground and those who oppose them - their enemies in the culture war - must be marginalized for the good of all.

And so I have arrived at this necessary conclusion: All clear-thinking Americans should become opponents of the S-P movement for the simple reason of self-preservation. If the secular-progressives ever come to power in America, and remember, Howard Dean got close, their policies would put you and your family in grave danger. Osama and his pals would love to face off against Lakoff, Dean, Michael Moore, George Soros, and the rest of the soft secular forces. In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler had a blast with Neville Chamberlain, the appeasement-supporting prime minister of Great Britain. That historical lesson might be worth revisiting in the culture war between the traditionalists and the S-Ps.

Oh, and one more thing. If you really want to see just how "caring" and humane the secular-progressive movement is, visit some of their black-hearted web sites. If the hatred and libel you see are examples of S-P caring, somewhere the Marquis de Sade is cheering. One of the reasons I am writing this book is to show the great divide between how the S-Ps frame their arguments and their actual conduct. Many of these people are as ruthless as anyone you see in the Bush administration. But they hide behind the nurturing and enlightenment themes. To use an old Levittown expression: "What a crock."



Please order your copy of Culture Warrior at Bill O'Reilly's website. For each copy sold, one will be sent free of charge to one of our brave military heroes fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq!

Update: For some S-P vs. Traditional Culture Warrior events in action:

My thanks to my Christian blogging friend Mark of Chester Street for linking to Independent Conservative's extensive post about Barack HUSSEIN Obama and where he really stands on most issues. (Hint: Soros and Lakoff would love this guy!!!)

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Christinewjc said...

It's interesting that in the beginning of this book, O'Reilly makes the distinction that our current culture war does not actually pit Republicans against Democrats, or conservatives against liberals, or even religious vs. atheists/agnostics. When he discusses the "secular-progressive" movement, he means those who are ultra-leftist in their ideology and want to force such an agenda upon all.

Since there are some Democrats and liberals whose ideology doesn't go that far left and aren't activists who are trying to force such an agenda, the distinction needs to be made.

Ebsfwan, when you get over here and read this post, can you tell me why you are a liberal but against abortion (except, as you stated at my other discussion forum, in the cases of rape, incest or the life of the mother)? Is it purely for religious reasons or does science have a part in your particular beliefs?

This is just one example of how a person can label themselves "liberal," but may not actually fit the title of "secular-progressive" (particularly as it's used in the "Warrior" book).

Reading the prior chapters may help establish this fact with the readers.

When you read about George Soros, George Lakoff (the Yoda of S-Ps), Peter Lewis (major funder of the movement), and Anthony Romero and his ilk over at the ACLU; as well as the many media people who lean towards S-P beliefs (like Dan Rather, Bill Moyers, Michael Moore, etc.; plus the NY Times being the Big Kahuna for the S-P press with writers like Maureen Dowd, Paul Krugman, Bob Herbert, and Frank Rich [a.k.a. the Bush haters]; you will know the difference between an average liberal thinker (like Katie Couric) and an S-Per.

In chapter 4, O'Reilly discusses that the S-Pers have developed their own secular "Ten Commandments." That will be an interesting blogpost to do next!

On page 66, O'Reilly writes:

"...the traditional forces break down like this: Most regular Americans do not want drastic change in the country and therefore lean toward the traditional. A few of them actively oppose the secularist, but the mass of Americans are not yet enlisted in the culture war; they are a sleeping giant that if awakened, could easily defeat the S-P opposition."

I wholeheartedly concur on that quote! And the traditional, conservative Christian bloggers are already helping to awaken such a giant!

Christinewjc said...

It appears to be the new strategy for secular-progressive Democrats to hide their far-leftist leanings and ideology from most of the public (with the help of the MSM, of course). The MSM only broadcasts the "positive" side of the left's latest "darling of a potential presidential candidate Barack HUSSEIN Obama (sounds eerily like OSAMA, DOESN'T IT??)" and we need to read the conservative blogs to find out the REAL truth about him!

My thanks to my Christian blogging friend Mark of Chester Street for linking to Independent Conservative's extensive post about Obama and where he really stands on most issues. (Hint: Soros and Lakoff would love this guy!!!)

ebsfwan said...

I am against abortion as I think an unborn baby is alive.

I think it is irresponsible to be having sex if you are not prepared to care for a baby.

In this day and age having unprotected sex is just stupid and there is no real excuse for it.

Having said that I can understand why some mothers would choose an abortion rather than have a baby. Some parts of society would condemn mothers who are not married rather than support them.

ebsfwan said...

"...the traditional forces break down like this: Most regular Americans do not want drastic change in the country and therefore lean toward the traditional. A few of them actively oppose the secularist, but the mass of Americans are not yet enlisted in the culture war; they are a sleeping giant that if awakened, could easily defeat the S-P opposition."

I think Bill is dreaming. The sleeping giant may just as easily go the other way.

I think most decent people are put off by the cant that comes from the mouthes of Religious Regressives (opposite of Secular Progressive) as well as the Secular Progressives.

I still think I'm a centrist.

Isn't Bill et al. also trying to force their agenda upon everyone as well?