Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Soy Controversy

Did you hear about the article that stirred up so much controversy? It was an article done by Jim Rutz over on World Net Daily.

My thanks must go to Ebsfwan for bringing the original article to my attention over at my message board forum. The title was enough to send any gay rights activist into a tizzy!

Soy is making kids 'gay.'

It might be a good idea to read that article first, then click on Rutz's follow-up article called The trouble with soy - part 2.

Be sure to go to the links included in that article so that you can see how much of a controversy this is turning out to be!

Perhaps you may be inclined to laugh off the "gay kids" connection, but after reading the following part from Rutz's second article, I think that we can't deny the science behind the fear too much soy can hurt us!

Article excerpt:

If you think you don't eat much soy, think again. Though only 15 percent of us eat a mostly-soy product once a week, 55-70 percent of all processed foods in supermarkets now have some soy in them. You can't escape it. Soybean oil accounts for a whopping 79 percent of the edible fats used annually in the U.S.

Health-conscious people are likely to eat the most. Even a moderate vegetarian or soy fan would think nothing of tossing down eight ounces of tofu, a quarter cup of roasted soy nuts and a glass of soymilk daily, and that's far, far more than any normal Japanese individual would be likely to consume.

But the worst victims of soy are babies. Per kilogram of body weight, the average Japanese in 2000 ate 0.47 milligrams of soy isoflavones daily, while the average U.S. baby drinking soy formula got 6.25 milligrams. Isoflavones are testosterone-suppressing female hormones.

What is that doing to their sex organs and their sexual orientation? Tune in next week. The story gets worse, much worse.

If you would like to sound off on this issue, participate in today's WND Poll.

Just goes to show that what you don't know about what you are eating can hurt you!

What do you think?


P.S. I'm so glad that way back when...I breast-fed my babies!! Just an additional good health benefit (besides the fact that the baby's immunity system builds up) reason to do so!


limpy99 said...

Oh. My.

Christinewjc said...

Ahhh! I just checked the ingredients on some baked goods that I recently bought. The Dolly Madison donuts contain one or more of the following shortening: soybean, cottonseed or canola oil, beef fat. Also listed is soy flour, soy lecithin, and soybeans in the preservative!

In the store brand "Two-bite apple cinnamon coffee cakes," there is a note that says, "contains wheat, egg, milk and soybean."

In the store brand of carrot cakes, it says that the vegetable oil used may be soybean or canola.

I know that canola oil is good. I didn't realize how many products contain soybean!!

What's wrong Limpy99? Are you a soy victim or what?

limpy99 said...

There's nothing wrong. I don't eat soy, (although I probably do without realizing it), but I was just at a loss for words after reading that article. Might be one of the most unintentionally hilarious things I've ever read.

And Dolly Madison donuts?? What are you a Communist? Dunkin' Donuts or nothing!!!

Added bonus is that I'm pretty sure DD doesn't use soy, or anything remotely nutritious, in their doughnuts.

Soy makes you gay. Oh Lord.

Jonathan said...

I work for a major healthcare organization and was chatting with one of our nutritionists over dinner the other evening. I told her about Rutz's rather bizarre article and she started laughing. She said to me, "my kids must be different than the ones he knows because I raised them almost exclusively on soy and soy products and both of them...straight hetro kids!" She and her husband live in Huntington Beach and her kids are your typical Southern California surfer/sports jocks.

I guess I would like to see the science behind Rutz's suppositions because let's be honest, they are bizarre! My friend the nutritionist said that in her opinion there is about as much truth in Rutz's article as saying a man lives in the moon.


Lewis said...

There is no scientific evidence even suggesting soy makes you gay.

Also, I hate soy, so it must be something else.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Limpy,

Yeah. I personally didn't want to bring the "soy makes you gay" subject up again because I thought it was bizarre too! But when I read some of the links in Rutz's second post, I became concerned about too much soy in the diet (for other reasons besides the "makes you gay" controversy). I started checking a lot of the foods that I eat and it seems to be in everything! This alarms me.

Science often finds negative things about previously "safe" foods and/or drugs through prolonged use and later studies. Just the fact that so many women nowadays choose not to breast feed and instead give soy formula to their babies might explain why we are seeing a multitude of childhood health problems. Of course, I would need to do much more research on that.

Anyway, you are right...donuts of any kind have absolutely no health benefits! I love sweets and as I am getting older I realize that I must cut them out of my diet!

I have had a book called The Maker's Diet on my book shelf for some time now. I've read parts of it, but haven't followed the advice. I think that I am now motivated to do so!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Jonathan,

Welcome to Talkwisdom!

I agree with you. The claim that "soy makes you gay" is bizarre! But like I said to Limpy, my concern is mostly about the other bad effects on one's health when too much soy (plus, the distinction between the kinds of soy out there)is consumed.

Rutz is supposed to write another article about the negative effects of soy on the reproductive systems. I am wondering if there is some connection between too much soy in the diet and infertility.

I see from your blog that you are a gifted photographer! You have provided a multitude of links to other photo logs, too! When I have time I want to look at them!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Christinewjc said...

Hi Lewis,

As I said to Limpy and Jonathan, I also thought the claim was bizarre. But I'm concerned about too much soy (and type of soy) in the diet and whether or not consumption of it is dangerous to our health in general.

Did you read the links provided? Like the title of my post says, there is a controversy over this topic so this probably means that we all might want to do more research on our own to get to the truth!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christinewjc said...

Here's a letter to read!

Soy's effect on sexuality is old news

I have been aware of the relationship between soy and reduced male attributes in boys and men for about 50 years. I have a website on which this matter is discussed under the section on the "Four Crises" America is now facing.

One of those four is, in my opinion, America's obsession with sex, which is doing great harm to our country, and especially our children. One aspect of that section is the increase in homosexual behavior and the reasons for that. I will take issue with any homosexual who says "God made me this way," because there is all kinds of evidence that "we have done it to ourselves" – or to put it another way, "We have met the enemy and he is us!"

As a 71-year-old woman who successfully used soy products during menopause to reduce my symptoms, I know they have an effect! I no longer need or use soy for that purpose, but in my 50s and early 60s they were a godsend.

Soy is not the only culprit. The lack of Vitamin E in the diet, or the substitute of synthetic E (dl-alpha tocepherol) for the natural form (d-alpha tocepherol) has a negative impact on the development of the sexual organs in both boys and girls. This has been known, but ignored since Adele Davis brought it to our attention in her excellent book, "Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit," published in 1954. Many of the problems our children face today: obesity, undersized breasts and hips in girls, and oversized hips but undersized testicles in boys, plus increased homosexuality, were all pointed out with a bibliography of related studies in her book.

I am glad to see someone with the courage to point out these facts, because it is not politically or socially correct to do so – but there are times when one must "bite the bullet" and do what is right. Telling the truth about soy in our American diet is a great step in the right direction whose time has come, or we will pay a very dear price. In fact, I believe we already are paying that price! Thank you for your excellent article, and bless you for having the courage to publish it.

Alma Wakeman Briggs

Christinewjc said...

Another reason to avoid soy:

King of the junk foods

Thanks for saying what few are so unwilling to say about soy. I found out about the dangers of soy after over-consuming it during my second pregnancy. That child is now severely allergic to soy products. It is very difficult to find food for her, other than making it home, which is better for us all anyway.

I hope people start to wake up to this overused JUNK food and cause it to slowly but surely leave our food system. Hopefully through this story they will.

Krista Weidman