Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Photo Comparison? Priceless!

This is just so funny I had to link it within it's own blogpost! Perhaps you have seen some of these "comparison pics" before, but this is one of the best compilations that I have found yet!

Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!

Bush vs. Kerry Photo Comparison!

Hat Tip: Commenter named "Doss" over at Little Green Footballs

In case you missed this pic in the comment section of my previous post:

Kerry alone in mess hall in Iraq.


Mark said...

Those pictures are awesome!

Have a great new year Christine!

Christinewjc said...

Hey Mark!

I miss your blogging over at Chester Street! But can't blame you for taking some time off. I skipped several days of blogging during the Christmas "rush."

Here's another pic that shouldn't be missed!

Soldier with crossed fingers w/ Hillary

Happy New Year Mark!