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Is there such a word as half-censored? According to, there is no such word. But such blatant actions certainly exist today.

Case in point.

Last week, there was a letter-to-the-editor published in the Faith & Values section of our local newspaper. Here's that letter:

Homosexuality is natural

What is a homosexual? Homosexuality is the sexual desire directed toward a person of the same sex. What is this desire? This desire is a sexual appetite of the animal body. Where does this appetite come from? A natural hunger to satisfy a bodily craving, whether for food, curiosity, or sex.

These are three major appetites of human bodies upon birth. One is for food, another is for sex and another is for living life, called curiosity. All three are natural, varying and necessary for nature to be satisfied.

All three are as variable as the multiple fingerprints and personalities that we all have from birth. "Genetic factors: Chromosomes play a large part in determining the sexual identity of a child. Normally for humans, the configurations are XX and XY for female and male respectively, but this is not always the case. There can also be chromosomal abnormalities, which may result in karyotypes such as XXY, XYY, etc., as well" (Wikipedia).As we can see, the Bible comments about homosexuals are not from God, but politics and man-made morals. We can plainly see that the Bible is not 100 percent the word of God, but is also the comments of men about what they claim God has said.


I wrote a rebuttal of that letter and it appeared in the publication today:

In his attempt to claim that homosexual behavior is "natural," Armand A. takes his own opinions and pits them against both science (sodomy is unhealthy, causes deadly disease and against proper sexual function) and God.

God's Word is the same yesterday, today and forever. Therefore, what was said in the Bible about homosexuality is still true today. In his prayer to the Father, Jesus spoke in absolutes when he said, "Your Word is truth." He also reiterated that "God made them male and female." He was speaking about the Old Testament Scriptures as well as the words that the Father gave him to speak during his three year ministry on earth.

Is Armand claiming that Jesus is a liar?

The sexual act of sodomy is explicitly mentioned as sin and is called an abomination to God. You can't get any more specific than that! Modern Bible "scholars" may try to twist the Scriptures and use their esogesis techniques to get around such facts, but the proper methods of interpretation use exegesis, hermeneutics, Sola Scriptura, and Scripture interprets Scripture. The Bible's exact description of this aberrant, forbidden sexual act cannot possibly be dismissed or misconstrued. It is only those who wish to eliminate parts of the Bible they dislike, and do not want to adhere to, who attempt to dismiss this fact about homosexual their own detriment, too. More at



Now, you would think that I should be happy, right?


Guess what the editors chose to leave out of my letter? The last sentence with a link to my blogspot!

I read the instructions about including links to websites in letters and followed them. Apparently, they want people to eliminate the http: etc. and only put www.(your domain name).com in the letter. I did that, yet they choose to half-censor my letter by eliminating the link (a typed out link that was done properly, I might add) from the publication!

Isn't this just so typical of the mainstream media?

Oh yes!

We have seen it over and over again!

I could list a myriad of examples. For at least dozens, if not hundreds of examples, go read about Michele Malkin's (a champion for traditional culture warrior causes) oftentimes "subtle" suppression of free speech via Youtube and the mainstream media (as well as the harsh, cruel and threatening letters and emails she gets) at her blogspot.

Censorship of my views has happened to me, personally, at least 3 or 4 times when I have attempted to publish rebuttals to flawed articles (usually about Christianity and the Bible) in my local newspaper.

What a shame...and a sham such publications and their censoring editors are!!

At least now we have the blogosphere, where censorship is at a minimum. However, it still exists (as M. Malkin's case of being kicked off YouTube shows) and it is almost always targeted at the traditionalist warriors in this culture war we are in.

It's a shame that the link to my blog was omitted for several reasons. First, the people who read my letter will not have the opportunity to see how well I can back up what I wrote through further links provided here.

I will start with a new link. I read this blogpost last week, but wanted to wait until my rebuttal letter to Armand's crazy rant appeared in the paper. A Christian co-blogging friend, D.L. Foster, (who is also a pastor) over at
Perspectives in Motion has an excellent post with additional links about the topic of Homosexuality a "temptation, not orientation"

It is short, but definitely profound:

Former homosexual Rev. Tim Wilkins of North Carolina, speaking at the Saddleback AIDS conference said something I would categorize as mildly profound.

For Christians to love homosexuals like Jesus would, they should stop thinking of homosexuality as an orientation and start thinking of it as a temptation, says Tim Wilkins, himself "formerly gay." [source]

I agree with that. We believe there is only one orientation. Man was emotionally, relationally and sexually oriented towards woman and God pronounced it good. What is now called "sexual orientation[s]" is largely a man made concoction, a product of his sinful rebellion against God. Homosexuality -- a sinful condition-- then is part of the sexual divergence from the will, purpose and creative intent of God. Of course gay activists have attempted to coop this truth with "science".
Seeing it as such would quickly alleviate this social, and perhaps political struggle over the "rights" of homosexuals.

Now, we all know that we would never hear about Tim Wilkin's loving way of handling this topic in the mainstream media. The only ones who ever get a voice are the gay activists and the people who might be over the top on this subject (e.g. Phelps and his ilk). Would Tim Wilkins get an interview in the MSM to share his message? No. Of course not. The reason why? D.L. Foster nails it when he stated:

Of course gay activists have attempted to coop this truth with "science". Seeing it as such would quickly alleviate this social, and perhaps political struggle over the "rights" of homosexuals.

What bothers me, in particular, is the fact that there is so much scientific evidence that the sexual acts of homosexuals should never even be practiced no less taught in public schools as "normal," "natural," or "healthy." The health risks alone should be enough to stem the tide. But we live in a "morally relativistic universe of politically correct tolerance," so that important scientific research on the health risks, damage to the physical, social and psychological health of individuals who engage in such behavior doesn't get any kind of fair hearing. Just go to the NARTH website and see for yourself!

The spiritual damage can be seen in posts here, here, and here; just to list a few. Many more links are provided at the end of this post in the "additional links list."

It's a shame that the readers of my local newspaper will not get the whole story on this issue because one editor made the censoring decision to exclude my blogpost link. They could have read the following links that I have posted on this blog. For most, it probably would have been quite an education based on the fact that the MSM would never allow such information to be broadcast on T.V. or in the newspapers.

I'll admit one thing. Time magazine sure got it right when they placed the "You" as the Persons of the Year, meaning the bloggers, YouTubers and website providers who are making a huge difference in the culture war!

Additional Links List

Hat Tip: Perspectives in Motion
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