Saturday, March 10, 2007

And Now: Most "RIDICULOUS News" Roundup

I probably don't even need to do many News Roundups. LGF usually has most of it already covered. So, I thought I'd vary my usual post with the "Most RIDICULOUS" News content.

Where do I start?

Oh yeah...this has to top the list:

LGF: MSM Jawdropper of the Day: Happy?? Birthday Osama??

No matter what the article states, I personally, still think Bin Hidin' has been the grave. The Taliban's funeral back in Afghanistan a few months back was probably for the big "O." Only time will tell. It is very obvious that we haven't seen a video, nor heard the voice of the head terrorist leader in quite some time now. Zawahiri has done them all. Suspicious...isn't it?

P.S. Read all of the posts at LGF.

Ah...there are so many ridiculous items to cover. Maybe I should just list them and find links later.

1. Farakkan calls Sean Hannity the devil; not just "a devil" but THE devil!

2. A Catholic priest calls Hannity a "bad Catholic" because he advocates birth control in order to prevent even more abortions. Sounds logical to me (Sean's view, not the priest's).

3. Liberals love free speech; as long as you agree with their agenda and ideology. Otherwise, watch out! Christian Rally Draws Opposition in Liberal S.F.
So typical...

4. We can very well see what the gay mantra leads to in academia. A Christian librarian was harrassed, demeaned, falsely accused of sexual harassment, ganged up on, shunned, ridiculed, threatened etc. Now he wants his good reputation back. Good for him!

I'm glad he's suing these idiot professors! My question: Where's the rehab for the professors???

5. Could there be any other "gay news" that's even more ridiculous?


9th Circuit endorses censoring Christians. Ruling says 'family values' is hate speech that scares city workers

6. How about that story about the Iraqi who shoved gum, a rock, and wire up his butt; setting off the alarms at the L.A. airport security check point?

Glenn Beck (as well as many other news analysts) had a field day...of hysterical proportions... with that story! (Sorry...couldn't resist!!)

I just wonder if we need to take this more seriously?

Imam's question to jihadist: "Where is the most unusual place you have ever hid a suicide bomb??"

Jihadist: "That would be the butt, Bob..."

7. The Libby case: Remember everything or go to jail?

Sandy Burglar gets a pass for smuggling classified documents from the archives by stuffing them down his pants...and gets a "slap on the wrist" for it?


That's it for now.
HT's to all the links above...

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ebsfwan said...

With regard to #2: He is a bad Catholic and a heretic. The priest was right.

The problem for the priest is that most Catholics are 'bad' Catholics as the Church doesn't live in the real world.

I would have thought that you would support the Church view? You don't normally let reality interfere with religion. ;)