Sunday, March 18, 2007

Public Schools Circumventing Parental Authority

Faultline USA has a post at her blog that needs to get widespread attention. Her title reveals the immense importance of what is being said: Discrediting the Family as an Institution: THE BIG PICTURE.


Why our public schools are circumventing parental authority – encouraging students to lie to their parents – and are attempting to destroy the very fabric of family and society. . .

It’s amazing to me – absolutely amazing - that, according to Google, less than 400 blogs have even covered the story of Deerfield High School, and it’s been almost a full day since the last news coverage of this issue.

Summary: Deerfield High School freshman students are required to attend a Gay-Straight Alliance Network panel discussion led by "gay" and "lesbian" upper classmen promoting the homosexual agenda. No alternative viewpoint is presented. Students are also required to sign a “Confidentiality Agreement” that they will not reveal the content of this course to their parents.

For more background please read the following articles we ran Thursday and Friday:“Confidentiality Promise”: Don’t Tell Your Parents,
School Says “Don’t Tell Your Parents”, and
Stop the ACLU 3/15/07.

With my post here, now there are at least 401 blogs talking about this issue!

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Christinewjc said...

Be sure to follow the link in my blogpost to read Faultline's entire essay.

My comments over at Faultline's blog:

Great post Faultline!

I have been listening to the cable news reports about this incident. It graphically shows how the liberal left lunatics are running the show (and ruining our kids!) in public schools.

Several years ago, I was a parent "monitor" of a gay-straight alliance that started at my kid's high school. We weren't allowed to enter the discussions. But the things I found out while just sitting there and listening would have made any parent worried!!

Besides the troop of GLBT "speakers" that came to the school, with their mis-information and lack of mentioning the STD's that result from gay sex, there was also a talk by a person from "Mama's Kitchen" who runs a kind of "meals on wheels" for HIV positive/AIDS patients. She point blank told any student volunteers not to ever mention to the food recipient's "partner" (if he answers the door during delivery) why the person is getting meals from this AIDS patient's kitchen!

Can you believe that?? It's my mind! It places young teens (16-17) in a possible risky position of questioning by an HIV/AIDS patient's partner...especially if it was a "one night stand" and the infected person never told his sexual tryst that he has HIV/AIDS. Plus, the area that they were delivering to was not safe!!

Another thing. Several Christian mothers and I tried to get a "straight" speaker to talk to the group. He was denied because he is ex-gay!

This whole mantra of "tolerance" is such a sham. What they are doing is indoctrinating our kids into the homosexual agenda and it is so disgusting!!

David Kupelian's book, "The Marketing of Evil" has this topic as the first chapter in his book. You can read this chapter in my post called, It's About Manipulation.

My daughter left the high school mid-junior year and went to a charter school that had an independent learning program. She loved it and excelled immensely!

That's the way to go...either home schooling or charter schools. But make sure to investigate any charter school first to be sure that it isn't promoting the gay agenda, too.

Faultline USA said...

Thank you Christine for the link to Faultine USA and for sharing your personal experiences in the comments. We MUST keep this issue in front of the public!