Monday, March 19, 2007

Obamanation Abomination?

This is just too good to pass up. There is so much flap over this incident and the series of events that followed are just...well...quite shocking! But I'll let each of you decide if you want to venture in the disgusting part of the whole scene.

No butts about it, irony can be pretty ironic.

A Chicago radio host who tried to trademark the phrase "It's an Obamanation" in connection with the presidential campaign of Barack Obama has not only been turned down for being "offensive," the federal government mysteriously sent him "disgusting" sexual photos and text as part of its rejection.

"I can't get over it," said Cisco Cotto, co-host of the morning show on WIND-AM. "I don't get it. I almost had to do a double take.

It all started a few months ago when Cotto and his co-host, John Howell, were thinking about ways to raise money for local charities. They noticed national media giving plenty of attention to Sen. Barack Obama, D- Ill., so they brainstormed possible slogans. They finally agreed on "It's an Obamanation," and created a patriotic-looking logo with the word "nation" consisting of an American flag.

"I didn't mean this to be mean toward Obama," Cisco told WND. "If you like Obama, you can use it, or if you don't like Obama, you can use it."

The application was made in the name of Cotto's wife, Anna, and on Feb. 6, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office sent a notice of refusal "because the proposed mark consists or comprises matter that may disparage or bring into contempt or disrepute Barack Obama. Consumers reasonably would understand that the 'Obama' in 'Obamanation' refers to the disparaged party. A reasonable person of ordinary sensibilities would consider this reference offensive or objectionable."

According to the correspondence, the trademark examining attorney handling the application was Karen K. Bush, who included a dictionary definition of the word "abomination" – a cause of abhorrence or disgust – and number of screenshots of websites as background material to justify her decision.

Strangely though, while Bush rejected the "Obamanation" slogan for being "offensive or objectionable," she also attached a screenshot that absolutely stunned Cotto.

"It is a Wikipedia entry for a pretty disgusting, unorthodox sexual device," said Cotto, struggling to find a way to politely describe what he received. "I was at work, and my jaw dropped open. I literally screamed for my co-workers. They freaked out just as I did."

He says the first thing that crossed his mind was, "Why in the world is this [graphic material] in here?"

Editor's note: WIND Radio has posted the complete federal refusal on its website, with a link to the graphic, sexual screenshot from Viewer discretion is strongly advised, as some of the images and text may be disturbing to readers of all ages.

This is just so bizarre...people!!

I couldn't even bring myself to vote in the poll!

HT: World Net Daily


Here's the poll associated with the article:

Is the phrase 'It's an Obamanation' too offensive to be trademarked?

No, and I suspect the government attorney handling this case is an Obama fan 35.81% (1194)

No, the federal government has become too politically correct 28.40% (947)

It can be taken both positively and negatively, but the government did wrong by rejecting it 8.34% (278)

No, there is nothing inherently bad about the word 'Obamanation' 7.14% (238)

Other 5.37% (179)

It can be taken both positively and negatively, so the government did right by rejecting it 4.50% (150)

Yes, the government made the right decision in rejecting the application 4.26% (142)

Yes, it clearly is making Barack sound like an abomination 3.36% (112)

No, I see it as a positive slogan, an Obama-Nation! 2.82% (94)


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Anonymous said...

ObamaNation is an Abomination. What the hell is going on? Now we find out this guy has a brother somewhere in Africa who lives on less than a dollar a day?

What else don't we know about him? That's the point, we don't know anything about him. He talks with sweeping generalizations and dances around issues. He is affiliated with deplorable human beings. He has no experience. He terrifies me and I cannot believe how naive we are to believe he cares about the American People. HILLARY was and is the best democratic nominee--she has experience and a proven record.

I don't like McCain, but at least I know where he stands, and I know he is a true American Patriot. Obama Nation is an Abomination!

There is no democracy without decent.