Monday, March 19, 2007

News Roundup 3/20/07

What a great article by Mychal Massie at WND!

Clinton and Obama: The Immoralists

I'm still not even certain whether or not Obama is a Christian or Muslim believer! Anyone know for sure out there?

HT: World Net Daily

Ha! This is a great Letter-to-the-Editor (Yay! My blogging friend Doug is mentioned!)


[Joseph Farah:] You and Doug Powers have Hollywood down.

We now know that Hollywood is just a place for mediocre talent to get maximum pay for spewing out liberal agenda.

Most conservatives are too busy working and spending time with their family – they don't contribute to Hollywood's source of funds. A conservative boycott would have little effect.

However, if you came up with WorldNetDaily on the web, you could get your own cable channel. Then a movie studio. etc.

Fox TV has the libs screaming like maniacs. WND TV would have them jumping off buildings.

Long Beach

What a great idea! WorldNetDaily T.V.!!

Doug...I nominate you as the top candidate for host of the first WND T.V. news analyst show! Can I be a guest on your show? ;-)

...more to come tomorrow...

It's Tuesday!

Oh my gosh!!!!

The Election of '08 is doomed to be the nastiest....EVER!

The Herald attacks Mitt Romney.

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ebsfwan said...

...the Bible is wrong and that they are more enlightened than the authors of same...

Almost EVERY Christian (including you Christine) have concluded the same!

Or do you think Slavery is moral now?

How can these crackpots write this stuff with a straight face?