Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Midway Magic!

Ahhh!! I hate it when I don't have enough time to post! I'm going through blogging withdrawal!

Anyway, I have been busy being a "tour guide" for my house guests. Yesterday, we visited the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. It was a fascinating tour! Perhaps I will have time to describe it in detail in a later post. Meanwhile, you can go to the link to learn more about it.

Today, I noticed that LGF had a link to a post called 15 Minutes Changed the World: The Battle of Midway, June 4-6, 1942.

I'm anxious to read it all. But you, dear reader, can get a jump start right now!

One fact that I recall from yesterday's tour was that the Midway carrier I visited yesterday was the third one called, "Midway." It was not engaged in the actual battle, but was named in honor of this very important battle in our nation's history. So much more to share! Wish I had time! Feel free to add to this post in the comment section! Perhaps (with your permission, of course) I could add it here in this original blogpost!


Scylla & Charybdis.

Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum.

The site reads:

A visit to Midway instills a greater appreciation for courage, freedom, and service to country.



P.S. At the Midway gift shop, I bought copies of two original newspapers; the St. Louis Star-Times of Monday, December 8, 1941 (which included the headline "War Declared") and also The Philadelphia Inquirer of Wednesday, August 15, 1945 entitled "Peace" when Truman announced "Jap Surrender, ends fighting; MacArthur Named Chief; Draft Calls Are Slashed."

I haven't read the newpapers yet, but couldn't help but notice a sub-headline on the front page:

Congress Acts in 33 Minutes

Jeannette Rankin Only Member Of Either House To Vote 'No' After F.D.R.'s Dramatic Request.

Ha!! A woman after Nancy Pelosi's (future) heart! Lil' Nan must be so proud...

So much reading...so little time!
(Sorry folks...I'm feeling a bit whiney today...)

Also...couldn't resist buying a magnet with the nostalgic picture of a woman in a blue shirt, red with white polka dotted bandana on her head, flexing her right arm with the caption, "We Can Do It!"

Yes we CAN...AGAIN!

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