Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Public Schools Can't Be Reformed

BIG Mistake! The passing of SB777 through the signature of Gov. Arnold is causing a huge backlash!

Digg commenter: " The school system has been hijacked by anti-Americans. The God of our America commands that "parents train up their children in the way they should go". Parents have been cowed into submission that "teachers know best"; parents can't teach their own children; one parent can't afford to quit their job. We must return to our Lord Jesus!"


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Additional Digg post: Homosexodus - Students Flee From "Gay" Agenda Schools.

I would also suggest looking into charter schools. The one that my daughter attended (second semester of her 11th year and entire 12th year) and graduated from had none of this indoctrination nonsense. They stuck to the curriculum! Isn't that what public schools used to do??

As the WorldNetDaily article stated, "this was the last straw." Parents are not going to put up with blatant social engineering and radical homosexual indoctrination that is being imposed relentlessly by rabid, liberal left lunatics who happened to get elected in the California State Legislature!

What's more, those who were intimidated (or, simply "abstained from voting" which IMO is even MORE cowardly) into voting for this ridiculous bill should be so ashamed of themselves!

Please! Someone give them all a copy of "The Marketing of Evil - How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom."

That is EXACTLY what this bill represents...the selling of EVIL! It is CORRUPTION DISGUISED AS FREEDOM!

But they went way too far this time. Parents are not being fooled by the radicals anymore. They have taken their heads out of the sand, have sat up, taken notice, and are doing something about it!!

Parents now know that their agenda "goes far beyond implementing anti-discrimination and harassment policies for public schools."

I say it's about time!

This should have happened MUCH sooner. But I'm glad it's finally happening now!

Nothing speaks louder than a lawsuit!

Lawsuit claim:

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the California Education Committee, a project of California Family Council, by the Advocates for Faith and Freedom as well as lawyers for the Alliance Defense Fund.

It names Schwarzenegger, state Attorney General Edmund Brown Jr., O'Connell and others as defendants.

The plan, which is set to take effect on Jan. 11, 2008, "recklessly abandons the traditional understanding of biological sex in favor of an elusive definition that is unconstitutionally vague," the lawsuit said.

"This lawsuit facially challenges the redefinition of the term 'gender' as it will be impossible for school administrators and educators to know whether they themselves are violating the nondiscrimination provisions of the Education Code or the Penal Code," it said.

Thomasson endorses the idea of pulling children out of public schools, and believes a constitutional amendment is the best solution. CRI is working on a referendum.

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