Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today's Debate

KINDA BORING! There were a few light moments, but the funniest quip came from Fred Barnes during the after-the-debate analysis on Fox News:

He said that the moderator

"was playing Nurse Ratchet" and not allowing the candidates to respond to each other!

I agree. That moderator didn't score points with the Fox News opinion group, either. She, unfortunately, made the debate stale and uninteresting.

Alan Keyes came across as a bit of an angry man. I was disappointed about that. He also scored really low on both the "moderate" and "conservative" view analysis scale. But his quip about reducing global warming through cutting the "hot air of the elites" was quite humorous!

Fred Thompson answer about "wanting to get in Romney's financial situation" was good, too. When Romney replied emphasizing Thompson's various roles, Thompson quipped that Romney was doing a fine job of acting! heh heh

But still...the funniest part was the Nurse Ratchet quip....that had me laughing out loud!

*******more to come*******

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Matt W. said...

Can't believe I didn't know there was a debate today. Yikes! I see one on tomorrow, don't know if it's new or a rerun of today... kinda hope it's a re-run, either way, I set up the DVR, so I should be good.
Matt W.