Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Revisionist Homosexual History

There have been a few times on this blog where I asked readers to donate to a particular cause. This time I am pleading with you to do so!!

If you have the means to donate (ANY amount will help!!) to the Save Our Children fight against re-writing history and the onslaught of homosexual indoctrination which is coming into California Public Schools via SB 777, please give as generously as you possibly can!

Remember, what happens in California doesn't just stay in California. As the largest publisher and distribution center of public school textbooks, it's much more accurate to realize that what goes in California, eventually, ...so goes the entire nation as a result!

What I think is awful is the fact that the State of California cannot afford the expense of this revisionist history...in more ways than one. Financially, as well as morally!

Isn't it absolutely stupid that these radical homosexuals want to push their agenda upon a public whose majority does not want it???!!!!

It's so utterly ridiculous! The money could be much better spent elsewhere...to say the least! The damage that would be inflicted upon our children is tremendous. We need to keep fighting the good fight against this onslaught of moral depravity being pushed upon our children!

Jesus had strong words for those who would do harm to children.

Mat 18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Mar 9:42 And whosoever shall offend one of [these] little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

Luk 17:2 It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

Homosexual indoctrination of children is offensive to both the children and the parents who have raised them as Bible believing, Christ following Christians!

Either this horrendous curriculum is tossed or the Exodus from public schools will be so great that public schools will die as a result. Either way...GOOD!!


Here is a copy of an email that I just received:

Florence Nightingale, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington Carver, and Joan of Arc. What do all of these historic figures have in common?

According to the homosexual agenda, they were all gay.

For many years conservative and Christian leaders have been sounding the alarm about revisionists' campaign to rewrite history. These revisionists have distorted history to advance political and societal agendas for atheism, feminism, and finally homosexuality. These revisionists understand that education, especially concerning history, is their most powerful tool in molding young minds to accept their agenda. When a child is told, from the tender age of 5 through their entire public school career, that homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality and other controversial lifestyles are normal and to be honored, they will accept this as truth.

That is why this battle over school curriculum is so crucial. We are fighting for the hearts and minds of a generation. The SB 777 referendum is the current battlefront in defending innocent children from indoctrination. The homosexual rights group that sponsored this law, Equality California, finally admitted last week that SB 777 is in fact about curriculum-not just preventing discrimination against students. In their 2007 legislative scorecard the group declared that the bill "prohibits curriculum that is discriminatorily biased against LGBT people and other protected groups," including transsexuals, transgenders, and bisexuals. These activists are keenly aware that they need "inclusive" curriculum in order to start indoctrinating young minds.

[Note from Christine - Do you see how brazen they have now become?? It's as though they think...there is nothing anyone can do about it anymore. Well...I've got news for them! YES THERE IS SOMETHING THAT WE ALL CAN DO ABOUT IT!!!]

According to the Safe Schools Coalition, a group formed to advance homosexual teachings in school, "inclusive" curriculum should feature historic figures that were considered gay, including the figures listed above. There is no evidence to suggest that these figures were in fact homosexuals, but when revising history, it's preferable to co-opt real historic figures for your cause.

With the passage of SB 777, we can now expect year-round homosexual instruction.

The Safe Schools Coalition features 12-month lesson plans for teachers to use. For January, students can expect to learn about George Washington Carver's "letters documenting his same-sex relationships, although of course, given the era in which he lived, he was not particularly open about his sexual orientation." February is African-American History Month and features more instruction on Mr. Carver and other African-American gay figures.

March is Women's History Month and students will learn about "women-loving-women born this month" including Susan B. Anthony who is "believed by historians to have had three intimate relationships with women in her life." Teachers will also instruct students on the definitions of such terms as "lesbian," "transgender," "intersex," "questioning," and "two-spirit." Teachers are encouraged to "infuse LGBTIQ/2-spirit cultural awareness into the every day life" of their classroom.

These types of detailed lesson plans exist for every month of the year, with special attention paid to June (GLBT Pride Month) and October (GLBT History Month).

As you can see, we face a well-organized and well-financed (with tax-payer dollars) agenda. The SB 777 referendum is about the people. Every day we receive letters, e-mails and phone calls of support from the thousands of people who understand just how critical this campaign is.

To help us protect the innocence of children we ask that you (1) send in your petitions as soon as possible and (2) order and fill 10 more petitions before the January 4th deadline.

Together, we can preserve our values and save our kids.


Just the Facts on SB 777

Contribute to Save Our Kids Campaign

Lesson Plans
[Note from Christine: I only needed to glance through the so-called "curriculum" in the "January" lesson "plans" to see how crucial it will be to DEFEAT THIS INDOCTRINATION AGENDA!!!]













Yep...it's a modern day smorgasboard of Sodom and Gomorrah re-education! Homosexual history every month of the year?? When will these kids get to learn reading, writing, math, science, REGULAR history???


Members on the SAVE OUR KIDS Campaign Team:
Save Our Kids Co-Chairs

Senator George Runner

Assemblyman Joel Anderson
Assemblyman Bob Huff
Assemblyman Doug La Malfa
Assemblywoman Sharon Runner
Assemblywoman Audra Strickland

Senate Candidate Dennis Mountjoy
Assembly Candidate Larry Dick
Assembly Candidate Jim Nielson

Capitol Resource Family Impact 660 J Street Suite 250 Sacramento CA 95814


Christinewjc said...

In the January "lesson" we read:

quote: It discusses his having first shared a bed with a man named Billy Greene, who said that
Lincoln's "thighs were as perfect as a human being's could be." Then, when he was 28 to 32 years old, Lincoln shared a bed with Joshua Speed. During those years Lincoln wrote a poem joking about two men marrying. According to an article about Tripp's book in The Week magazine, "When Speed finally
moved out to get married, Lincoln was heartbroken. 'I am now the most miserable man living,' he wrote.

'Whether I shall ever be better I can not tell.'"
end quote

I ask. Do they have to sexualize EVERYTHING?? I have to confess. When I read that part about Lincoln's "thighs" I just had to laugh!

Lincoln's thighs and what another man may have thought about them are that important that we need to change all the textbooks?

Are all body builders gay because they admire another man's workout results? Sheesh!!

This gay curriculum is just plain idiotic.

quote: And there's more. Very compelling research, even though Andrew O'Hehir of Salon.com said of the book, "Using history as political propaganda generally results in bad history and bad politics." Bottom line: we'll never know Lincoln's sexual orientation and it doesn't
matter in terms of his legacy.

Then why bring it up in the first place!

It doesn't matter in terms of his legacy!


Christinewjc said...

On a somewhat different, but related matter, the blogger of the following post puts forth an interesting argument regarding:

Islam and gays on a collision course in Canada

Christinewjc said...

Another WorldNetDaily article reveals how the lawmakers and homosexual lobbists lied to the public about this awful bill.


And Karen England, a spokeswoman for Capital Resource who is a primary organizer behind the Save Our Kids plan to put the issue before voters and ask them to reject it, noted that even Equality California's own materials are assuring constituents the law will ban curriculum that fails to meet the pro-homosexual standard cited.

"All along, Capitol Resource Family Impact has maintained that the true agenda behind SB 777 is to infuse school curriculum with pro-homosexual, and other controversial lifestyles, propaganda. The proponents of the bill countered that this was not true and the law would merely 'streamline' anti-discrimination laws for schools. Based on our 20-year experience with the homosexual lobby, we know that a common tactic is to maintain innocence and then utilize vague language to push a radical agenda. We expected the same of SB 777 and we are already witnessing the same pattern," England said.

"Last week the sponsor of SB 777, homosexual rights group Equality California, released their 2007 legislative scorecard. The scorecard featured a description of the each of the bills the group sponsored or considered homosexual-friendly," she said.

"For the first time, the group admitted that SB 777 'prohibits curriculum that is discriminatorily biased against LGBT people.' Understand that the entire time the group was pushing this bill through the legislature, they vehemently denied that it would affect curriculum. After the bill had passed, they now reveal their true agenda," England said.

The report card specifically said SB 777 "prohibits curriculum that is discriminatorily biased against LGBT people and other protected groups."

"In fact, SB 777 will affect curriculum and public education programs. The proponents lied to lawmakers and to the public," England said.

"One website features curriculum programs for teachers to use in introducing 'homosexual history' to their students as young as 5," she said.

Among titles now being recommended for use in public schools is "A Family Counting Book," intended specifically for those students in pre-kindergarten who are yet learning to count, she noted.


See...they are even targeting 2 year olds!!!

Anonymous said...

In Northern California there is a community that is putting pressure on the school district to confront SB 777. The educrats seem to be going no where but down with this, which is why they're calling Christian parents to abandon the public schools.

I think that's where all of this is going to end up.