Thursday, August 14, 2008

Churches That Create False Converts

People....YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO the radio clip over at Christian Research Net. Even though it is an hour long, you would only need to hear the first twelve minutes to see how utterly ridiculous the teachings can be of some of the purpose-driven, seeker-sensitive churches.

Excerpt of what is written at the site:

Granger Community Church, one of the premiere Purpose-Driven churches and the 6th most influential church in America just announced the results of their Reveal Study. The results are SHOCKING but not surprising because sites like this one have been warning for years that the seeker-sensitive / purpose-driven model was creating false converts and now there is hard statistical data that backs up this claim.

Granger’s own qualitative study revealed that:

47% of those attending Granger DO NOT believe in salvation by grace.

57% of those attending Granger DO NOT believe in the authority of the Bible.

56% of those attending Granger DO NOT believe Jesus is the only way to eternal life.

Chris Rosebrough, on today’s edition of the Fighting for the Faith radio program tackles these findings and what they mean. This is a MUST LISTEN program!

Can you even believe what is being passed off as "Christianity" today?


Need a visual? Go to A Little Leaven and view the six minute video.

Know what's messed up? Their crazy theology...

P.S. What are they focusing in on in that video? Themselves... That's idolatry. How lost they are.

Did you notice?
1. No worship of Jesus Christ.
2. No Bible reading or study.
3. No honor or glory directed at God the Father or Jesus Christ.
4. No altar call to repent of sin.
5. No invitation to be born again in Jesus Christ.

How easy it is to recognize a false church, false ministry, and false teacher when the truth of the Bible is not being preached!

HT: Christian Research Net

A Little Leaven


beckrl said...

It's sad to see that churches will not tell the truth to people and let them live any kind of lifesyle.
This data is the proof, and this is one reason I started my blog. To tell the truth and like you hope people will see the light in Christ Jesus.

Wayne said...

I have a strong suspicion that if asked if the nature of mans heart is to sin they would disagree; It would be difficult to remain in that party; Sorry I could not listen to the complete program.

Christinewjc said...

Beckrl and Wayne,

Thank you both for taking the time to listen to part of that radio show. Did you also view the video clip over at "A Little Leaven"?

I could NOT believe that this was supposed to be a Christian church group!

It reminded me of the scene in the Ten Commandments when the people danced around the golden calf idol they had made because they had become weary of waiting for Moses to return from the mountain with the Law of God.

Wayne, I don't blame you for not wanting to hear (or watch) the entire thing. It was terribly sad and say the least.

beckrl said...

Yes, I read your post, then went over to A Little Leaven.
I find it amazing that people will believe a lie before they will believe the truth.