Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Chooses Palin!

John McCain chooses Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska for his V.P. running mate! I must admit, I do not know a whole lot about her yet, but what I have learned since Fox News Channel broke the news is that she is conservative, a Protestant Christian, pro-life, pro-traditional family, has worked on energy policy, has executive experience in running the state of Alaska for two years, and has visited our troops in Iraq.

She has five children, two boys and three girls. Her eldest son is a teenager. Her youngest son (born just months ago) was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome before birth. Although many women may have chosen to abort such a child, Gov. Palin chose to give him life!

Choose life! Your mother did!

The more I learn about this person, the more I like her!!

I found a blog that has several links to articles about Sarah Palin.

I am now going to watch the official announcement on television. Will be back later with more information and links!

HT: Draft Sarah Palin for V.P.

Found this interesting!

Here are the search results for "Sarah Palin" prior to John McCain's announcement and first appearance with his newly selected running mate.

I was curious to see how much the total in the search would change after the announcement.

It grew from 450,000 to 480,000 - in just about 1/2 hour after the announcement!


Tamela's Place said...

I heard this on the news just this morning. I will have to admit that i think she was a good choice by McCain.. God bless you.. Tamela

Anonymous said...

This is such great news! A real conservative - finally! And politically it should be terrific.

Obama, the change guy? Sure. His first decision was to pick Biden, whereas McCain picks Palin.

Matt W. said...

I am so excited! I got up from sleeping today (I work nights) and went straight to the computer to see what McCain had done. I saw Sarah Palin and jumped right out of the seat. I said, "YES YES YES!!!" Thankfully the wife and kids weren't home yet, I probably looked like an idiot.

I'm so thrilled! I still have issues with McCain, but I can vote for him now, because in my heart, my vote will be for Sarah Palin.

Good job John McCain!

Carlotta said...

Okay, I'm a believer NOW!

I was like "who in the heck?" But the more info that comes out on Sarah Palin the happier I'm getting!

This race is going to be sooo exciting!

Sheri said...

I am also very impressed with Sarah Palin. A true woman! I am excited about the presidential race. See my post about Sarah here:
Sarah Palin

Steve said...

It's being reported Palin is born again, from a fundamental independent Baptist church.

Is the Lord answering millions of prayers??!!!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Tamela, Neil, Matt, Carlotta, Sheri and Steve!

Like each of you, I am SO ELATED over McCain's V.P. choice!!

Everything that I am reading about Sarah Palin has given me the confidence I needed as a conservative, pro-life, pro-traditional family, Christian woman that the McCain/Palin ticket will be a winner this November!

Thank God!

Yes Steve! God is answering millions of prayers from His own! Thank you Lord Jesus!

jeleasure said...

Thank you so much for doing this research and consolidating it to your blog. This is awsome to have someone do so much work for us. It is 1:10a.m. here and I just have not had time to do any research on my own.
Thank you. This will make my next hour a breeze.

I see my link is still not working properly. Don't know what to do. I attempted the help section. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Christine, I have to say the selection of Sarah Palin renewed my jaded, angry, disullusioned mind about the GOP.

I am very excited that McCain chose her! Did I say very?

I was very impressed hearing her speak. She was knowledgeable and poised. I love that she acknowledged and gave honor to her husband. I believe that she actually should be the President and let John be VP.

I feel like a new conservative independent.

Down with the Temple of Obama cult.

john said...

This is a joke right...You people are all over yourselves because Palin is "pro-life" or "born again" Get real.

She is in no way qualified to be president should something happen to McCain...who has had cancer 4 times and is 73 years old. She has no foreign policy experience and has never even met a foreign dignitary. I could give a fig if she's born again. And if that is your only criteria for VP it is indeed sad.

This is a frantic political move on McCain's part, pure and simple He met the woman time...before offering her the job. Think about that. Picking a VP is one of the first serious, consequential decisions of a presidential candidate. It is somewhat like a parent choosing who will be the guardian of their child in the event of death. The VP isn't just some vote-grabbing machine - it is the second-highest Constitutional office. For McCain to offer this slot to someone with such meagre credentials, whom he hardly even knows is a sign of serious character disturbance.

Andrew Sullivn says it best:

Think about what the Palin pick really says about how McCain views this campaign and how he views his potential responsibilities in national security.

Think about what it says about the sincerity of McCain's own central criticism of Obama these past two months in foreign affairs.

Think about how he picked a woman to be a heartbeat away from a war presidency who hadn't even thought much, by her own admission, about the Iraq war as late as 2007.

Think about how he made this decision barely knowing the woman.

Think about the fact that the most McCain could say about his potential war-time vice-president in foreign affairs and national security when selecting her is that she commanded Alaska's National Guard as governor and has a son in the military.

Think about the men and women serving this country who have every right to trust that their potential commander-in-chief, whatever their party, would have some record of even interest in foreign policy before assuming office.

Think about how the key factor in this decision was not who could defend this country were something dreadful happen to McCain in office but how to tread as much on Obama's convention bounce and use women's equality as a wedge issue among Democrats because it might secure a few points here or there. Oh, and everyone would be surprised. And even Rove would be annoyed.

This is his sense of honor and judgment. This is his sense of responsibility and service.
Here's the real slogan the McCain campaign should now adopt:

Putting. Country. Last.

Anonymous said...

Hey. John.


Christinewjc said...

Heh heh heh...gcmwatch! Way to be direct and to the point!


I was waiting for someone to come along and respond to John's negative, bloviating spew. One word did it!

Brilliant! ;-)

Matt W. said...

Don't you love the libs? They're falling all over Obama, who has no experience, and is in no way qualified, and they'll put him up for President. Then you take Sarah Palin, and because she's not a crazy leftist, they scream that she's not even qualified for VP.

Actually, the truth is, they don't like her because she's Conservative, and she's not part of the elite.

Obama doesn't even have any qualifying life experience.

Gov. Palin is one of us, has experience running a small business, a town government, and, oh yeah, a honking huge state! Not to mention that Alaska is a state whose business does include some foreign affairs, have we forgotten that it's not even connected to the lower 48?

The fact of the matter is that Gov. Palin has more qualifying experience than NObama, Plugs, and McCain combined! I'm with GCMwatch, she should be the top of the ticket.

Anonymous said...

I would rather have someone in office who was honest than have a known plaigarist in office doing dishonest things and I think honesty is more important than experience. I was looking at Obama's Wikipedia page and I believe he has been learning on the job so if it is okay for him to learn on the job then why not a woman who has already been a union leader, a mayor, a governor and head of the Alaska National Guard? It wouldn't be hard for her to choose a vice president with national security experience like Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice which would give her credibility like Obama seeks because he chose Joe Biden because he has none. It is a double standard when it comes to a woman and when the Cabinet is picked for her, it is a team and it just doesn't focus all on one woman because she would get intelligence reports from the military so we don't need a dishonest genius because even the dumbest people are smart and do the job just as Al Gore got in trouble for phoning donors from his office because he wasn't always doing anything of national importance...

Anonymous said...

The majoraty of Obama's accomplishments in the footnotes of Obama's Wikipedia page just go back to 2007 or 2008 because he hasn't done anything and he doesn't have experience. Just check out the majority of the dates in the footnotes and the only experience they point to are 2007 and 2008.

~Deb said...

Although we differ on many things, I have to say politically, McCain & Palin are the best choice for this country. I put God before "my rights", and very happy that my mom decided to choose to keep me even when I was an "oops" after their last baby was 7 year prior. They didn't want anymore, until I came. McCain & Palin shows more consistency with their faith in God and their past experience, which is very important to me.


Surprised? ;)

~Deb said...

P.S. "Promise" and "change" for the country scares me without action. Faith without action is what?
Love without action is what?
A president without action is ...scary.

Christinewjc said...

Hey Matt -

I just got your "plugs" name for Biden! heh heh Heard about his hair implants from a political pundit yesterday. Didn't previously know that about him!

So, how did you like her speech last night! I thought it was even better than I could have prayed for!

I think that the one V.P. debate between Palin and Biden will be watched by more people than the McCain/Obama ones!

Christinewjc said...


After Palin's speech last night, even you would have to admit that she has had more experience being governor of Alaska (and, she is just the V.P. nominee) than Obama has had - and he is at the top of the ticket for the Dems!

If Obama got in there (God forbid!) we would have THE MOST inexperienced person EVER in the Oval office (and, a person who has a history of voting "present" in the Senate over 100 times rather than making the tough decisions). We would also have a person with corrupt allies (Ayers, Resko, Soros, Larry Sinclair allegations, Rev. Wrong - to name just a few). We would have someone who wants higher taxes (shall we count the ways?); universal healthcare (just ask Canadians how badly THAT turned out); says one thing to get elected to one group while disparaging them in another venue (San Fran. tape recording mocking Penn. people); someone willing to talk with rogue nations without pre-conditions; someone who talks both ways and presents confusion over his position in the Israeli/Palestinian issue; someone who has flip-flopped on so many major points that he originally made during this long campaign; someone who wants to retreat without victory in Iraq....etc. I could go on and on!

God forbid Obama gets into office. But if he did and something happened to him, we would be stuck with Joe Biden! Not a very pleasant scenario.

It's bad enough that Nancy Pelosi is two steps away from the presidency as the "do nothing about gas prices - instead go on vacation" speaker of the House. Now THAT is MUCH SCARIER.

I pray that McCain/Palin gets into office. I also pray that the Republicans get the majority back in the House. With Congress at the lowest approval rating EVER since the Dems took the majority, I think that it is safe to say that we need a change in party leadership there, too!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Deb,

Welcome back! At last we agree on something! Glad to hear that you will vote for the McCain/Palin ticket!

We have the "oops" factor in common, too! I was the surprise third child in our family. Except, when I was born, Roe vs. Wade was unheard of. I thank God that my Catholic mom and Protestant father would NEVER have "chosen" to abort me in the womb.

Loved what you wrote here:

McCain & Palin shows more consistency with their faith in God and their past experience, which is very important to me.

P.S. "Promise" and "change" for the country scares me without action. Faith without action is what?
Love without action is what?
A president without action is ...scary.


~Deb said...

I put God before gay marriage, believe it or not. :D

I feel that some things are just way too important to only just focus in on one particular thing that has been the SAME ever since B.C.

As you can imagine, I get a lot of flak from my gay and lesbian friends. I personally feel that they focus only on themselves and do not see the bigger picture.

Thanks for letting me give my two cents!

I would be VERY afraid of Obama won.

God bless!

Matt W. said...

That speech was outstanding. I think she showed us what she is capable of. She not only hit a home run, she knocked it clean out of the park.

I have to say, Rudy's speech just before Palin's was one of the best I've ever heard from him too.

I wish they would have multiple VP debates this time, because she's going to mop the floor with Biden.

Absolutely outstanding.