Friday, August 01, 2008

McD's Homosex Promo Encourages Self-Destruction

The following is a copy of a "Letter of the Week" from World Net Daily. I think that the writer expressed EXACTLY why so many people oppose the radical homosexual agenda that is infiltrating EVERYWHERE!

I think that it is commendable when individuals speak out against this propaganda. Don't let the names they will spew against you STOP YOU from fighting against this tide of immorality and licentiousness.

One day, our children and grandchildren will thank us for not caving in to the demands of these aberrant groups and organizations that willingly support them.

If you are a Christian and anyone calls you a "bigot" when you raise your voice against the radical homosexual activists while steadfastly standing up for the eternal, time-honored wisdom, knowledge and truth contained in God's Word, the Bible; just remember to respond with a big smile and say "Thank You!"

When they look at you with that puzzled look, then tell them "BIGOT" means:


Bravo to T.W. Cresswell for his awesome letter!

In Christ's service,

McDonald's encourages self-destruction

Posted: August 01, 2008
1:00 am Eastern

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America is founded upon diversity of opinion above ethnicity and religion (a la First Amendment). We also hold religious expression dear. But this nation has absolutely no foundation in diversity of "sexual preference."

The boycot against McDonalds is not based upon hate. McDonald's "communications VP" is part of the counterculture movement that uses propaganda and deception to achieve its goals. He is McDonald's VP, and he is also part of the deception movement. That makes McDonalds part of the movement.

The deception is that those who disagree with the gay position are "haters." This is a lie because the gay movement knows that it has nothing to do with hate but with legitimate, time-honored, long-held religious beliefs well-documented for 3,500 years. The gay movement knows this and McDonald's knows this. To call opposition "intolerant" deliberately misses the mark. It is a commitment to a higher form of life and resistance to a degradation that undermines us and our culture's ability to survive.

Propaganda represents an abandonment of truth (reality, honesty) for the sake of agenda. McDonald's, therefore, has abandoned truth.

God is repulsed by homosex as established by the Old and New Testaments as well as the Quran and many other religious writings. McDonald's has adopted a position ardently offensive to Jews, Christians, Muslims and the vast majority of Americans, costing itself millions in profit and goodwill value. Is this wise stewardship of the shareholders' assets?

Homosex lures and kills its participants horribly while degrading their self-esteem. Does opposing that constitute hate? What about introducing or promoting the behavior? Now who is it that practices hate? The gay movement? McDonald's? Aren't they one and the same now?

Truly. it is an act of brotherhood to prevent someone from injuring himself. It is an act of callous indifference to stand by and allow someone to destroy himself. But it is an act of vile hatred to encourage self-destruction.

T.W. Cresswell

HT: World Net Daily


Anonymous said...

Years ago, McDonald's stopped their customer service from asking customers "Is this happy meal for a boy or a girl?" They were told to ask,"Does your child want a hotwheels or a barbie?"

Apparently it upset the gay community so much that society had another set of value and how could they teach their kids in the car when other members of society had their own values? McDonald's employees were told not to question whether the toys were for a boy or a girl because innocent questions aren't tolerated. The gay community doesn't want any reminder that other people have different values and they also don't want their kids to ask questions or question their parent's sexuality.

Christinewjc said...

Political "correctness" has turned towards craziness! No wonder kids are so confused...not only about their sexuality, but about many other issues in life.

They are being deceived into believing lies about so many sexual issues that it would be difficult to list them all.

One of the worst developments over the past 30 years has been the relentless promotion of homosexual propaganda that is being taught in schools. It is primarily being promoted by adults with the backing of the ACLU.

Can't people see how much this is harming children? It's all being done under the guise of "avoiding bullying and teaching tolerance."


Well, I have a question. Where is the tolerance for Christian children?

Children are being brain-dirtied! They are being taught to "exchange the truth for a lie."

Why do homosexual groups and activists get access to our children in public schools to proselytize them into the homosexual agenda and encourage them to "come out" as "gay"; yet, if a Christian student "proselytized" through sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ at school they would get the ole' "separation of church and state" rap?

How about applying a new saying..."separation of mind-numbing homosexual propaganda and schools?" I would like to see that happen...TODAY!

Kevin said...

"Homosex lures and kills its participants horribly while degrading their self-esteem."
"Homosex?" Well, that seems like a respectable way to have a debate.
And who does it lure and kill? I was not lured, nor am I dead and my esteem is right up there with the best. If you all are upset about McDonalds--then stop eating there. It seems like an easy decision.

I would also hope that all of you read the list of companies that have a 100% rating with the Human Rights Campaign. I seem to remember that Google, who runs Blogspot, has gotten a 100% score. Why aren't you boycotting Blogger instead of continually using it? Aren't you supporting the 'homosexual agenda' by keeping blogs on it?

Christinewjc said...


The term "homosex" was used because I was quoting the person who wrote the letter.

Perhaps you have not had any negative repercussions living as an active homosexual. However, thousands of testimonies from former homosexuals (who are now Christians) have revealed lots of unfortunate horror stories that they personally suffered back when they were active in that lifestyle.

There is no need to get into a debate about this. You and I will never agree on this issue.

I am well aware of google's position regarding many issues that I do not agree with. They are probably supporting Obama. Why should that make me quit writing this blog when this is the perfect opportunity to counter their agenda?

If you have been reading here for any length of time, you should know that my main concern is the targeting of children with homosexual propaganda. When McDonalds makes a huge deal out of supporting gay activist organizations, I think that parents ought to be aware of their proselytizing efforts on behalf of such gay-agenda-driven ideology.

Ford's outright promotion of the gay agenda caused them to lose millions of Christian customers. They may still be "gay friendly," but at least they are not outrightly promoting the homosexual agenda anymore.

I don't personally "boycott" McDonalds. I just don't like their food! Chick-fil-A and Jack-in-the-Box are two "fast food" restaurants that get my patronage.

Anonymous said...

If I use Blogger, it is at Blogspot's expense but I decided to buy my breakfast at WaWa today which is also at McDonald's expense.

I don't want an "us" verses "them" fight as I am willing to sit down with anyone and talk but I'm not going to be tolerant with sin or with behavior that promotes unhealthy values over mine.

It is healthier to cook your own meals because there are so many health violations at many restaurants and you can't assumed that another person will be worried about the cleanliness of your food. A lot of restaurants have a problem with grime because of their definitions of what is clean. Restaurants are allowed to use hand sanitizer instead of washing their hands so while a food might be cleaner than having bacteria with washed hands, it has more grime because of what they allow. You also have to be worried about trace elements of metal being scraped off of grills so do yourself a favor and eat at home.

Kevin said...

Christine--Sorry, I knew that you did not use the word 'homosex'--I was referring to the writer of that letter. I don't think that was a good way to debate on this issue.
And I do agree with you on something--I am not a big fan of McDonalds (although I do love their hash browns).

Anonymous said...

FYI - the use of the word "homosex" was quite deliberate as a reference to the act. Since Kevin chooses to engage in the act of homosex, he reveals his self contradiction about his self esteem since he clearly is offended by the label. IT is precisely this life of denial and endless rationalization that gays live with. Gay or not, we are all God's children and all sin in the sight of God. I hope someone can penetrate Kevin's defenses before it is too late for him. Gays have an average lifespan of less than 50 years. But to see the truth (reality, honesty) one must seek it and not hide behind more comfortable lies and self deception. I wish Kevin well.