Sunday, May 17, 2009

Evil Gains a Foothold at Notre Dame

It's a sad day in America when a Catholic University compromises such an important moral issue and sacrifices its pro-life stance just for the so-called "prestige" of having Resident Obama [barf] speak at their commencement ceremonies.

I think that Randall Terry said it best, "It would be like Planned Parenthood inviting Pope Benedict to give a speech at one of their national gatherings."

Would such an invitation ever make any sense?


Would it ever happen?

Of course not!!

Yet, the Notre Dame president of the university pushes aside all of the LEGITIMATE protesting going on and will let the most pro-death-to-babies person in our government - EVER - to speak to graduating students.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that during a previous speech, Obama had the Catholic symbols of Christ covered up behind the podium he used at the church!!

Could this usurper be any more despicable?

Nothing about his evil ways, arrogance, smugness, and narcissistic personality surprises me anymore.

However, I am surprised and completely shocked that a Catholic university president would allow such an abomination to happen at the 2009 commencement exercises.

Shame on him!!!

San Diego Union Tribune: Abortion clouds Obama event at Notre Dame.

Notice the title of that article. Once again - it's all about Obama.

It's as if the university president is saying, 'step aside Jesus.' Let's all just forget about Your Eternal Word, LORD God. Let's ignore Your Ten Commandments (Thou shalt NOT KILL), Your moral Laws and all that the prophets have preached and proclaimed.

Nothing is more disturbing than seeing a misguided Catholic university president allow the devil to gain a foothold in what is supposed to be a celebration of THE SUCCESSFUL LIVES of students graduating AT A CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY!


Lord help us!!!!!

Gateway Pundit: Governor Sarah Palin weighs in on Notre Dame Scandal

The governor said her Catholic grandfather would be shocked to hear that this prestigious university was honoring a man with such a strong anti-life agenda. Holly Robichaud at The Boston Herald reported, via Free Republic:

Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, a strong pro-life advocate, weighed in on the issue with me by e-mail:

“My favorite grandpa, Clem James Sheeran, was Catholic. Irish to the core, his favorite place (other than church) was Notre Dame. I can’t imagine what he would think as the university recognizes someone who contradicts the core values of the Catholic faith by promoting an anti-life agenda. As we learned today, our nation is more pro-life than ever before; it is a very important time to strengthen the message that every baby is created for good purpose and has the potential to make this world a better place.”

While Palin understands this battle is about a fundamental value, Obama supporters trivialize it by suggesting it is about opening a dialogue with people of opposing views. Despite their belittling, this outrage is well deserved. By bestowing the degree on President Pro-Choice, a message is conveyed that he is a role model, someone deserving of recognition in the eyes of the university. Jenkins even said he is an inspiring leader.

No wonder they hate her so much.

Barack Obama is the most radical pro-abortion president in history.

He voted four times in favor of infanticide.

That is exactly what Obama is a proponent of - INFANTICIDE. How terribly disgusting.

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