Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Let's Not Take Focus Off of Real Problem

I have been absent from blogging the last few days. Sometimes life gets very busy! There is SO MUCH to write about. However, I will start with a blog post over at Citizen Wells blog.

Sigh....where to begin.

I think that what is happening between the "Berg" side and "Orly" side is just what the ObamaBorg Bots want! Get their enemies fighting amongst themselves and it might take the focus off of the real problem - OBAMAFRAUD!

I read through some of the comments at Citizen Wells, then skipped down to write mine.

Personally, I think that Mario Apuzzo's Kershner v. Obama et al lawsuit has the best chance of succeeding. But that is only my own opinion. Does anyone happen to know whether or not an additional extension was given to the defendants in the lawsuit? I hope not. They already had 60 days - the total amount allowed by law. Today was supposed to be the deadline. The longer these lawsuits get stalled and drag on - the more damage the usurper is doing to our beloved nation. Makes me so sad and so angry!!

I had trouble trying to get on the RepubX site this morning (see cached page). Sent an email alerting DefendUSx. Haven't received a reply yet. It appears that the site has been hacked. The ObamaBorg fears the TRUTH that he is writing! What DefendUSx is sharing is very damaging to them!!! The hits there in April reached over 395,000! I hope that his site is back up very quickly today.

Whenever a site gets hacked, you just KNOW that it is because what the blogger is sharing is very damaging to ObamaFRAUD!!! I hope DefendUSx fixes the problem so that he can keep up the great work he is doing at his blog!

I continue to pray about the situation in our nation each day. God will answer in His own time and in His perfect way. We can only "see as through a glass darkly." The unseen spiritual battle behind it all is mostly unknown to us. But the Bible can give us hints.

Hat Tips:

Citizen Wells

A Place to Ask Questions to Get the Right Answers

Second topic.

While getting ready to go out early yesterday morning, I listened to a portion of the Rick Roberts radio show. He was discussing the census takeover by the White House and the GPS tracking that ACORN people are currently doing around the nation.

The man (obviously from the Obamafraud admin) being interviewed OUTRIGHTLY LIED ABOUT TWO THINGS! He claimed that he "wasn't aware" of ACORN people going around to the houses and marking them with a GPS device. Plus, he claimed that Obama didn't take over the census from the former department (recall Judd Gregg quiting the post over this???) that had always handled it!!

Found this blog with some additional information about the GPS tracking:

The Patriotic Resistance

Anyone else out there highly alarmed by this???

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Ken McKnight said...

Factually incorrect from the very first frame: The election took place November 4th, not 2nd. Not a good sign.