Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slow and Methodical, Deception Creeps Forward

I was reading a post over at Mark's Chester Street blog entitled The antichrist plans...acceptance or else where he discusses the parallels between the acceptance (and nothing less) of the homosexual indoctrination agenda disguised as "rights" and how it all fits so nicely (unfortunately) into the plans of the coming antichrist.


If there was ever a clearer sign that the spirit of the antichrist is actively at work in the earth, this is it. The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest homosexual rights organization, issued a “Clergy Call” May 4-5 in the nation’s capital.

Slow and methodical, deception creeps forward.

Don’t be deceived, satan is methodically working to usurp power in the earth through three avenues headed by three powers.

The three powers listed and briefly described at his blog are:

1. The beast
2. The antichrist
3. The false prophet

Be sure to read the additional links, like GCM Watch's recent post that Mark has also provided at his blog.

My comment there (awaiting moderation):

Hi Mark,

Good post!

This statement:

This was chillingly played out by the union of world religions which pledged to a “Faith in Human Rights Statement”

reveals exactly why the gay indoctrination (especially within so-called "gay-affirming" churches - which are promoting sin disguised as "rights") agenda can NEVER exist along with true biblical Christianity unless the people in these churches repent.


Because they are at opposite ends of the TRUTH spectrum. The "gay" churches promote a lie. Bible based Christian churches promote the TRUTH.

The gay "rights" and their "faith" in human rights show an obvious denial of God's laws, morality, object of faith (Jesus Christ), God's purpose for our lives, and God's authority over believers. Thus, it propels these deceived people right into the direction of the lying false prophet!

The "gay" churches are, indeed, celebrating an abomination (according to God's Word) and therefore glorifying man and his "achievements" over God's laws, purpose, and sovereignty.

Have you ever seen the movie "Judgment" starring Corbin Bernson, Jessica Steen and Mr. T? That fictional account of the end times is looking more and more like reality today!!

Read all of the additional details at GCM Watch.


These three [the beast, the antichrist, the false prophet] will attempt to dominate every facet of human existence from currency to church and everything in between. In fact, Revelation tells us that under their brief but murderous reign “no one will be able to buy or sell” without having the sign of the beast ( the consolidated government) visible in their forehead. The best foreshadowing of this is the WW II Nazi requirement that European Jewry wear the star of David in public. If you will study the origin, deployment and execution of the Nazis death and domination agenda, you’ll see stunning parallels of what is to come.

The antichrist is the key to satan’s attempted final solution to murder the righteous and enthrone himself in Jerusalem as king. The other two are stepping stones deployed to (1) deceive the world and (2) control the world, in that order. Premeditated deception is crucial to unrestrained dominance.

Hat Tips:

Chester Street

GCM Watch


GMpilot said...

"Relying on blogs for anything other than a down-the-rabbit-hole view of the world is like trying to forecast the weather by looking in your closet."

No better example of that than here.

Christinewjc said...

GM -

So....what does that quote have to do with the subject matter of this particular blog post?

Plus - if that's the way you feel about this blog then you're an idiot for reading here.

Anonymous said...

Christine, after reading GM's comment I was wondering why he was so curious to peek down the rabbit hole.

I think he may have seen a picture of himself hanging on the wall.

Christinewjc said...

Good point, GCMWatch.

GM is not a seeker. He just comes here to taunt me and other Christians.

He thinks he's got it all "figured out." Trouble is, the enemy of our souls has him figured out - and totally ensnared - even if GM refuses to believe it to be true.