Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Motives Behind Gay Activist Hate Against Christians

The intolerance of homosexual ACTIVISTS (NOTE: I'm NOT claiming that ALL homosexuals act this way); particularly against Christians and Mormons who voted for Proposition 8 in California has escalated to a whole new level.

The firestorm of hate, disparagement, cursing, ridicule, debasement, mocking, filthy language etc. that was hurled at Miss California, Carrie Prejean WAS UNCONSCIONABLE for a civil society. Yet, many of the loonie leftists (including the Lamestream Media of Mass Deception proponents like Olberdummy) jumped right on the bandwagon to hurl insults at a young, 21-year-old woman who simply answered a question WHEN ASKED HER HONEST OPINION during a beauty pageant.

Will you be next?

When you express your opinion on this particular hot-button issue, will YOU BE MERCILESSLY ATTACKED BY THESE RADICALS?

In the email (below) the following paragraph tells us what is REALLY at stake. It has far more nefarious repercussions than the battle over "same-sex" marriage. Note the statement I have highlighted in bold.

You’ll be shocked at the depth they’ve sunk to in their efforts. It has turned very, very ugly out there—especially after Arizona, California, and Florida voters enacted state constitutional marriage amendments, protecting biblical marriage, last November. The democratic process itself is under assault.

Just ask one woman who appeared at a rally as a "Yes On Prop. 8" supporter what was done to her! Better yet, if you have not seen it when it was recorded back in November 2008 - see for yourself through this well done ADF video:

Alliance Defense Fund email:

Pretense of Tolerance is Over

Christians are no longer free to disagree

The ACLU and its allies, are committed to push the mute button on those who disagree with them. Just how committed are they?

You’ll be shocked at the depth they’ve sunk to in their efforts. It has turned very, very ugly out there—especially after Arizona, California, and Florida voters enacted state constitutional marriage amendments, protecting biblical marriage, last November. The democratic process itself is under assault.

This is evidenced by the ACLU and its allies’ selective opposition to the democratic principle of free elections. It would prefer that courts force same-sex “marriage” on the nation. If you can’t beat them at the ballot box, go to court and sue them. Seriously! Just look at what the former head of the ACLU said after the people of Alaska overwhelmingly enacted a marriage amendment: “Today’s results prove that certain fundamental issues should not be left up to a majority vote.” So, no sooner did voters in California enact Proposition 8, the ACLU ran again to the court and demanded that it overturn the results of the state’s marriage amendment.

Many of you, those who believe in marriage as God intended – the union between one man and one woman, only – joined together in the fight to protect this important issue. Some gave money. For some Californians who gave $100 or more, they got the shock of their life.

Californians Against Hate took personal information from the secretary of state’s website about donors to California’s Proposition 8 campaign and posted it on a Google Internet map. As the Google map and personal information became known, retaliation followed against individuals that had donated money to restore marriage as the union between one man and one woman in the Golden State.

Personal property was vandalized.
Profanity was spray-painted on churches.
Businesses were hounded into firing employees who had donated to Prop. 8.
Death threats were sent to Prop. 8 supporters.
White powder was mailed to make recipients fear that they had come into contact with the deadly substance anthrax.
Do these outrageous actions resemble anything even remotely close to “tolerance”?

No, these shameless acts are the last resort of people who have taken off the gloves of “tolerance” for the express purpose of coercing opponents into surrender. The ACLU and its allies cannot tolerate a truly fair democratic process, so instead they seek advantage by intimidating and punishing citizens that disagree with their agenda.

Christians are treated harshly for living out their faith. One organization alone—the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF)—is positioned to provide effective, winning legal protection for the Body of Christ.

ADF and our allied attorneys are intervening in these and other cases to seek relief for the victims of intolerance, to protect their freedom to disagree. We’re applying our unique tried-and-true system of training attorneys, forming strategy, funding cases, and litigating. Using this pattern, we’ve won more than 3 out of every 4 cases litigated to completion. By the grace of God, ADF aims to continue our legacy as a one-of-a-kind legal organization that WINS.

The Body of Christ deserves nothing less in these alarming times. Stand with ADF through your prayers and financial gifts today.

[end of email]


Conservative Christians have been sounding the alarm bells for years against the radical homosexual agenda going on across our nation. The ACLU and the courts in other states didn't waste any time FORCING RULINGS AND/OR LEGISLATION in their states to get "same-sex marriage" legalized. They learned (via CA Prop. 8 results) that if they leave it up to the public vote (which is the way it SHOULD be done in each state), the gay marriage initiatives LOSE EVERY TIME. Even in a state as LIBERAL as California - voters came out in droves to proclaim what the definition and institution of marriage has been for thousands of years - the union of one man and one woman.

If Prop. 8 HAD NOT PASSED - then "same-sex marriage" would have been legalized and written into the state constitution! Could you imagine what would have happened to Carrie Prejean if that was the case? She may have been handcuffed and carted off to jail for a "speech hate crime" against "homosexuals" because she didn't express the "politically correct" answer to the question she was given!

Do you think that scenario is unlikely? In Massachusetts - the gay activists have the attitude, "it's legal now - you can't oppose us anymore." A man who wanted to be notified when homosexual indoctrination was going on in his son's kindergarten class (so he could take him out of the class to avoid such lessons) was handcuffed and taken to jail for "trespassing" and refusing to leave until he got his answer from the principal of the school (who - obviously refused to do as he asked).

The truth of the matter is that homosexual activists will NEVER be satisfied until Christians (and/or any religious persons who disagree with them) are COMPLETELY SILENCED. What's more, they will work the courts through "hate crimes" legislation to shut anyone up who holds to the biblical, God ordained mandate and definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman.

I certainly applaud the woman in the video who stood up for her free speech rights, her religious freedom rights, her freedom of association rights, and her courage to face such rabid, hate-filled hard-core radicals like those who were in the video.


Euripides said...

It is really a shame that the following seems to be the social liberal norm:

gay activist = anti-religion
liberal = anti-religion
same sex marriage advocate = anti-religion
abortion advocate = anti-religion

It's the anti-religion folks who drug me into the fray and got me to become a blogger and a local activist. I don't care what most of these people believe, but when they actively attack religion, I take great offense and will push back.

Ken McKnight said...

Now let me get this straight: For over 2000 years your Book has taught that homosexuals are disgusting, immoral "abominations" who should be put to death and will spend eternity writhing in the flames of Hell. As a result of that teaching--a direct result--homosexuals have been verbally reviled; physically beaten, abused, tortured, and killed; denied housing, jobs, and the right to marry; and expelled from the military and their places of worship. But you're upset because pretty little Carrie has had to endure some harsh language for a couple of weeks?

Sheesh. You people.

You want to see discrimination? Next Sunday, stand up in church and announce that you support same-sex marriage. I guarantee you will be reviled and abused far beyond anything Miss California experienced.

Euripides said...

Thank you for proving my point Ken.

To modern social liberals, there is only one "true" kind of intolerance - religion. It will, of course, not be tolerated.

Christinewjc said...


After I read your comments here, I read a great post over at American Thinker.

Note this portion:

Will standing up on a national level for Carrie Prejean stoke the flames of controversy and vitriol? Absolutely. Will openly defending Miss California carry the risk of personal attack and vicious smears from self-loathing leftists who despise Christianity and traditional marriage? Probably. Will taking a stand for traditional American values drive a wedge into the soul of the Democratic Party? Yes, this most certainly will happen too. Last November for example over 70% of Black Americans and over 60% of Hispanic Americans supported gay marriage bans in states like California and Florida. Writer Jonah Goldberg has called election results like this evidence of an "Achilles Heel" in the progressive movement.

While the clueless GOP sits on its collective behind Carrie Prejean is single-handedly preparing to rescue traditional marriage from the clutches of the left's militant commissars in education and in the media. With the help of the National Organization for Marriage, Prejean will become part of a national advertising campaign that promises to inspire Americans of all colors to defend their views on traditional marriage.

In Prejean's words:

"This is not about me. It's about the future of marriage. It's about my children and my children's children. It's about me standing up for something I'm extremely passionate about."

Here we have a bright, beautiful and passionate young woman who has a special insight into the heart of all great civilizations: the nuclear family.
The leftists always fear outspoken and courageous conservatives. They expect their antics to beat down the opposition. True liberal leftist progressive propagandists. They learned well from Saul Alinsky.

However, there are mega-churches (like The Rock in San Diego) filled with Generation Y attendees who take their faith and views on traditional marriage very seriously.

(continued next comment)

Christinewjc said...

I like what the author said in the article:

Generation Y could end this relentless assault on bourgeois America and demand a culture that values marriage, commitment, responsibility, and limits. Instead of "change" Prejean's new movement could chant something their parents abhorred: "restore," as in restoring what has been squandered by the Boomers. Do America's youth want to inherit a country with an oppressive tax structure, Soviet style health care, draconian speech laws, heavy-handed conformity in education, and the drab, gray, and stagnant government cesspool that will, under president Obama, drown opportunity and entrepreneurship?If you think about it, Gen Y Christians have already started on the path to restore our Republic. Their votes on Prop. 8 helped the measure to pass! There are young people who REFUSE to compromise - (unlike the clueless GOP leaders in Washington who are dumb enough to put on Democrat characteristics - thinking that compromise may win them votes in the next election) just as Carrie Prejean refused to compromise in that one brief moment on stage at the pageant.


In these disturbing times courage will in the end count much more than compromise.

Really, when you think about it the Carrie Prejean moment is the left's worst nightmare. Next to Prejean in other words Barack Obama looks depressingly unattractive and sullen. His endless lecturing and gloomy platitudes seem so tired and stale compared to Prejean's deep seated and passionate convictions. Her courage and faith inspires while Obama's critical edge deflates and cheapens. In short, Carrie Prejean might just convince America's youth that a future built on faith and family promises to be more of an adventure than a future designed by dull bureaucrats and boring socialists.

While Barack Obama promises trillions in goodies to a generation of immoderate Americans, Carrie Prejean worries about her "children, and [her] children's children."
People like that awful Perez Hilton actually fear young people like Carrie Prejean - who have not been indoctrinated by the gay agenda. Gay activists assume that they have all of the youth and their "morals" (more like immorality) and "values" (more like selfish indulgences) in their
clutches. Carrie Prejean showed them that they are wrong. Carrie showed her generation, and the world what it is like to stand upon, and for, convictions, principle, the Bible, faith in Jesus Christ, and the truth about marriage as being the union of one man and one woman. She has accomplished far more than even the passage of Prop. 8 here in CA has accomplished. She has affected public opinion towards traditional marriage and the homosexual activists are enraged about it.

Christinewjc said...

Link: American Thinker

Euripides said...

That's a good article and it does demonstrate how a single symbol can energize a people to action. The gay activists will see the symbol as inherently evil, since, of course, they have no standard on which to judge good and evil except for their own indiscriminateness.

KM's comment shows another, false, standard of gay activists, that of universal and deeply historical oppression. Oppression is the mantra of identity politics that gay activists are so desperately trying to highjack. In their attempt to highjack civil rights for themselves, they've had to demonize religion as the great oppressor.

Religious people know that religion, especially Christianity, is the great liberator, not an oppressor at all, and hence are quite sensitive to attacks against Christians.

Gary Baker said...


Back to show some more of that ignorance that Illinois grads are famous for, I see. So few words, so many misconceptions. My, my...

If what you were saying were true, then in non-Christian societies, there would be no problem with gay tolerance. As it is, the opposite is true. Not only have atheistic and other theistic societies treated homosexuality with contempt, but in most cases they still maintain much harsher penalties than Christian societies ever adopted. Your soviet worker's paradise was never a paradise for gay people. Other the other hand, Christian societies have adopted the most tolerant legal and social acceptance ever (not that we get any credit for it). Homosexuals have full protection and rights under law, which is how it should be. It's a pity that they still insist on playing the victim while their liberal supporters actively seek to deny other citizens their full constitutional rights. But then, that's how fascism works, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

If you were as tireless at study as you are at displaying your ignorance, you would be very well informed. Of course, since the facts don't fit the liberal worldview, you wouldn't accept them anyway.

Ken McKnight said...

So the clown-prince of Christian apologetics returns. Keep talking, Gary. Once again your Christ-like demeanor has me teetering on the verge of conversion.

Perhaps if you had attended an actual university instead of that Christian college you seem too ashamed to name you would have a firmer grasp of history. A secular university would have allowed you to read real history books, not that David Barton fact-free Christian revisionist baloney you've apparently been reading. All minority groups experience discrimination due to the human tendency to persecute those different from ourselves. What the Abrahamic religions did was codify that prejudice and make it seem that it was from God. Any rights that homosexuals enjoy today are in no way a result of the efforts of reactionary Christians such as yourself.

"Homosexuals have full protection and rights under law." That may be the stupidest thing anyone has ever said on this blog, and that's quite an achievement!

Gary Baker said...

"Any rights that homosexuals enjoy today are in no way a result of the efforts of reactionary Christians such as yourself."

I guess that must be the reason why in non-christian and atheist countries they are still subject to imprisonment, execution, etc. Wow, that must have been some history book that led you to that conclusion. I hope at least that the cereal inside of it was tasty...

Gary Baker said...


BTW - Did they give you real economics books in the school you (say you) attended? Or did they just hand out the standard liberal drivel which insists that liberal policies lead to success, despite the fact that the states that try the hardest to implement them are drowning in such a sea of red that they look like the Egyptians chasing Moses?