Monday, March 28, 2011

Abuser Sheen's Self-Destruction

Have you ever wondered how many people actually follow the latest insanity being broadcast out there about crazies like Charlie Sheen? I don't even go looking for such information. Whenever he is being discussed on a TV station that I happen to land on while flipping through the channels, I roll my eyes, sigh once again, and change the channel.

My question: When does it become Sheen overload? Are all of these people genuinely being entertained by his dangerous antics? Do they see it all as a side show of Sheen self-destruction?

Well, against my better judgment, I clicked on a link from the Fox News website that had a disturbing title:

Charlie Sheen Threatens Warlock Napalm on Denise Richards, She Seems Oblivious

Go read that link, and then follow through to an additional link that reveals the fact that Sheen neglected the Pug dogs that Denise allowed him to keep for while (they were originally hers) and so she took them back.

Denise started getting calls that the pugs were malnourished and neglected. [NOTE: bad language alert in the comment section.]

As the above article states, one of the two pugs died due to malnutrition.

As a dog lover myself, I am absolutely horrified!!! How did this thug get away with that crime? Celebrity, unfortunately, lets so-called  "stars" get away with evil deeds that any ordinary person would never get away with.


Anyone who thinks that Sheen is funny or entertaining in any way, needs to come back to their senses and realize what a horrible abuser he is. He has been accused of abusing at least two of his three wives, neglected two dogs and one died as a result of that neglect. These people who think highly of him because of his "acting ability" are spiritually blinded from the evil that this man lives in and promotes.

You may question my motives in doing a blog post about someone who is as despicable as Charlie Sheen. Well, I am hoping that maybe those who would not ordinarily come to this blog might come along and start reading the posts about Jesus Christ here.

Shedding some light upon the evil that surrounds us in this fallen world is a good thing. Only then is there a chance for confession, repentance, reconciliation through Christ's Cross, and ultimately redemption back unto God for all eternity.

Is someone like Charlie Sheen beyond redemption through Jesus Christ?


However, the likeliness of him coming to repentance while he is deeply involved in his drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, people and animal abuse, drunkenness etc. is, unfortunately, very slim. He needs an intervention done by those who still love him and want to save him from himself; as well as save him from an eternity separated from God.

Hat tips to all links.


In other news, be sure to read the excellent essay about the "coexist" bumper stickers (often seen by me when I visit the oftentimes loonie Los Angeles area):

Gateway Pundit: The Fallacy of Co-existence


The bottom line is that free market principles eventually win out over economic tyranny just by existing elsewhere.

Islamic countries experience that identical dynamic. There is no way for a Shariah compliant society with all of it’s idiocy, violence, torture, misogyny, murder and antithetical moral values surviving in the long term if even a small portion of that society learns that there is somewhere else to live on the planet that offers a lifestyle that is more pleasant. People would eventually question all the teachings about Allah the Mullahs espouse because there is something sacred and invincible in the human spirit that always and quite naturally yearns for freedom and pleasure. This natural component of the human spirit will eventually reject everything that virulent Islam, Jihadist and Shariah compliance force on people.

So, the answer to the questions: why can’t the leftist and/or the Moslem fanatic coexist with America and Israel? And why can’t these types of people just find a nice leftist and/or Moslem fanatic society to live in for themselves? Has a very simple answer. No. They cannot make this choice because it is impossible for them to coexist with us without eventually being destroyed by our existence. Even a passive democracy, like say France, will surely attract a number of apostates from these two faiths and these apostates will collapse all the hard work the leftist or Islamic tyrant did to make the perfect leftist or Islamic society. This is why we who are free will always be targeted for death, destruction, conversion and submission by those who are our ideological enemies. Just in case you haven’t noticed, this destruction is exactly what Islam and leftism is unleashing on France as you read this.

Sure, after getting attacked, terrorized or seeing crimes against humanity, our society inevitably fights evil regimes with military force too but it is not the military action America, Israel or the West takes that causes our enemies consternation, it’s our freedom, harmony and very existence that threatens evil regimes and causes them to attempt to destroy us in order to keep their own people in line with the ideologies the leaders have forced on the people to retain power.

This truth completely dispels the illogical myth of “coexistence.” An idea ironically pushed by those on the left and Islam who will never choose to coexist with a free society no matter how well their Utopian ideas of nation wide communes, workers’ paradises, gulags, terrorist training camps, Madrassas, mosques, compact fluorescent light bulbs, solar panels, windmills, smart cars and capped carbon emissions succeed in their own nations in the short term, eventually those flimsy ideas will be washed away by the powerful flow of freedom’s natural watershed. The leftist and Islamic fanatic has only one course of action to take which is to attempt to parch the spring of human yearning and poison the well of human freedom wherever it exists by forcing his sick ideology on all others to give any chance these backwards ideologies have at long term survival.


Teresa said...

Unfortunately it is all about ratings for the TV channels. Charlie Sheen is out of control, needs help, and yet these people only care about ratings and making money off his troubles. That's sickening...

Christinewjc said...

I think you are absolutely right, Teresa. The television industry isn't about anything but ratings and profit. How sad that fact really is!

Where is common decency anymore?They would exploit absolutely anything or anyone in order to get to both of those goals. I agree - VERY sickening!