Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Revealed! The Left's Economic Terrorism Playbook!

People - if you do NOTHING ELSE today, you MUST READ about this and view the video over at The Blaze.com!!!

Revealed — The Left’s Economic Terrorism Playbook: The Chase Campaign by a Coalition of Unions, Community Groups, Lawmakers and Students to Take Down US Capitalism and Redistribute Wealth And Power

I will write more later, but while listening to The Glenn Beck radio program this morning, I felt compelled to warn all of my readers about what is coming down the pike. The Leftist thugs are out to destroy America's economic system and YOU MUST BE AWARE OF IT SO YOU CAN HELP COUNTER IT AND WARN OTHERS!!



Moshe Sharon said...

Rod Serling, the writer, director and producer of the popular weekly show called “The Twilight Zone” would appear on camera as the narrator and would say that we all live in a world of imagination and can easily take a wrong turn and step off into the “Twilight Zone.” Little did we know then that Mr. Serling was describing the future post 9/11 world of political correctness. Thus, if he were alive today his narrative would read something like this:
Your are in the Twilight Zone. This is the world of fantasy where terrorists are called “militants” and the war against terror is not a war against the fundamentals of Islam, but a war against a small minority of one hundred million fanatics who “hijacked a peaceful religion”. This is the world of bizarre twists and convoluted turns where murderers and thieves are rewarded with the property of their intended victims and the “road map to peace” requires total surrender to homicidal lunatics.
This is the world beyond reality where atheists pray to themselves in the “Church of Non Belief”. This is the world of imagination in which the officiators of marriages declare, “I now pronounce you husband and husband.” This is the world of denial where threats of genocide are met with open borders and entitlements for all who chose to enter that “unseen” place in the realm of human reflection where right is wrong and left is right. More at http://moshesharon.wordpress.com

Christinewjc said...

It really does feel like we are living in "The Twilight Zone" these days!! When will everything be normal again? I don't think it will.

We may get a reprieve if the Lord Jesus tarries in his return, but the "birth pangs" that are described in the Bible are getting closer and more intense with each passing day!

I truly believe that God is sustaining us here in America. The evil that surrounds us and that has permeated our government is so astonishing! When you think about it, sometimes it's difficult to sleep at night!

But Jesus told us not to worry. No matter what happens, He is in control! That is our hope and salvation!