Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Critiquing Teleprompter Obama's Libya Speech

Was Obama's recent speech the first time that he used a third teleprompter? Or, have I just turned off the T.V. too often lately when he appears during a news conference or news clip, therefore, I must have missed this tool's current habit of using a third teleprompter? Wow! That is truly sad to learn! For once, I thought that Obama was making an attempt to look into the camera lense and speak directly to the American people. But the sorry fact is that this puppet of George Soros was utilizing a third crutch by reading off of a center-placed teleprompter!

But the teleprompter fraud's content of this speech was one for the Obamafile's historical archive. At first, I wondered which category it would deserve to be placed in. Oh...I know - the The Complete and Utter Bulls**t File!

Drkateview has posted a great video of three REAL reporters critiquing Obama's speech. It's brilliant!

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