Thursday, March 03, 2011

Financial Terrorism of 2008 Revisited

Way back in 2008, me and my little ole' Talk Wisdom blog attempted to sound the alarm bells about the fact that the financial crisis which was happening in the Fall of that year, just months before election day, had appeared to be suspiciously planned by those on the left in order to get Obama elected.

Financial Terrorism - Originally Posted Friday, September 19, 2008

During yesterday's T.V. show, Glenn Beck shared a brief but riveting review about a document that had been written back in 2009, but was only recently released by someone in the Department of Defense (DOD).

Do yourself a favor and watch the show at that link!

Written at Watch Glenn Beck site:

Tonight: If you've been a regular viewer of Glenn's TV program or a radio listener for the last several years, you know that he has been warning us about the perfect storm for quite a while now. The perfect storm occurs when all of the forces in the world who want to take America and capitalism down come together and hit us at the exact same time. You have the extremists, communists, Iran and others all out to get us at a time when we are so vulnerable and broken due to factors like our borders, debt, energy and financial crises, the war and even political correctness. What, if anything, can we do?

Click here for tonight's show notes and research

Also, please take the time to read The Blaze blog post, the comments and the link to the original document so that you will be educated about what is in this alarming report!

The Pentagon Study: ‘08 Financial Crisis May Have Included Work of Financial Terrorists

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