Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beck Show: Stand With Israel / A Child Prodigy

Did you see the Glenn Beck Program on the Fox News Channel today? If not, please go to Watch Glenn Beck later today when the entire show will be available for viewing. [NOTE: CHECKED BACK AT 4:24 p.m. PT and the video is up now.]

It might be helpful to watch yesterday's show (at the same link) because it was related to the first half of today's show.

Excerpt of yesterday's show:

Tonight: As the Middle East continues to burn, the United States - and most of the world for that matter - have not taken a firm enough stance in alliance with Israel. Instead, the Obama administration has been silent as groups like the Muslim Brotherhood start to work their way into power in Egypt and other countries. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that shares American values. They are constantly provoked and attacked, yet despite having a heavy nuclear arsenal they have not launched a single one. We should be standing with them- but at least so far, we have chosen to remain silent...

In tonight's show (check link above for video later tonight), Beck demonstrates how "surrounded" Israel is by all of the Arab/Muslim nations that have called for Her destruction. I have often quoted one of the most profound Bible prophecies that uses the ancient names of current nations that would rise up against Israel in the last days.

If you would like to read about this incredible prophecy made by David, see:

David's Incredible Prophecy Of Israel's Enemies Today.


The second half of Beck's show introduced today's T.V. audience to a 12-year old college student named Jacob Barnett. Today, he is considered a brilliant young man. But if you read about his life story, you will see the challenges that he and his parents faced when he was only 18 months old.

Boy Genius, 12, Has Higher IQ Than Einstein, Developing His Own Theory of Relativity


Kristine Barnett won't soon forget the "most devastating day in the life" of her son.

Jacob, called "Jake," her then 3-year-old, had recently stopped talking and had been diagnosed with autism. One day, she dropped him off at a gymnastics class, and, when she returned to pick him up, Barnett, 36, says she found all the other students sitting in a circle, while Jake was curled up and cowering in a corner.

"It was the day I knew Jake would never do sports or be like other kids later in life," the day care provider and mother of four tells ParentDish. "My heart broke, thinking he would be trapped inside this forever and never be able to talk to us."

But today, 12-year-old Jake is studying electromagnetic physics at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and has an IQ of 170, higher than that of Albert Einstein. And he's astounding university professors by developing his own theory of relativity -- they're lining him up for a Ph.D research role, Barnett, of Noblesville, Ind., says.

When Jake was 8, he jumped from fifth grade to college after teaching himself all the high school math classes -- calculus, algebra, geometry and trigonometry -- in one week and testing at college-level mathematics, Barnett recalls.

Recently, the boy has embarked on his own expanded version of Einstein's theory of relativity. Barnett sent a video of his theory to the renowned Institute for Advanced Study near Princeton University.

After a devastating diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome this child has grown to be a child genius.

What a fabulous indication of God's plan in a life - going from tragedy to triumph in such an enormous way in this young man's life!

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Susan Smith said...


So glad you are a strong supporter of Israel... forwarded this post to a licensed counselor who has Asperger's client.

I have plans to return to Israel in June.

It is a privilege to call you "little" sister. Much love to you and all your readers in this ONE country under the ONE God of ISRAEL. (ss)