Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fox News Purposely Sabotaging Palin

The following link certainly explains why Fox News Channel did a 180 degree turn against their own Fox News Commentator, Sarah Palin. The Post & Email: Is Fox News Out to Sabotage Governor Palin?

After reading the article, I think that we may all know exactly why this has happened.

No one can put Sarah Palin in a box. No one controls her. Perhaps Roger Ailes originally thought he could, but when he found out how mistaken he was, he systematically set out to join the chorus of leftist libtards and began the process of deliberately sabotaging her! This is truly DESPICABLE!!

Isn't this a truly sad state of affairs? Sarah Palin has enough fiery darts being thrown at her by the rest of the Media of Mass Deception!! How disheartening to find out that Fox News is now joining in with the evil nemesis of Palin derangement syndrome haters!

Even though I didn't agree with Hillary Clinton's political views, it was so obvious that she was sabotaged by her own party back during the 2008 primary. I thought that was awful, too.

Who are these people???

If Sarah Palin toughs it out and runs for president, I think that it would be the first step in getting away from the powers-that-be who have had a death grip of control over Washington D.C. for decades.

On the other hand, if Sarah Palin decides not to run for president, she will be a formidable figure in steering conservatives towards the best GOP candidate in the race.

Shame on Roger Ailes and all the reporters and pundits (except Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren) who are in on the fix to sabotage the former governor! When Glenn Beck's program is discontinued at the end of June, it will be difficult for me to support Fox News anymore. The combination of finding out about the deliberate sabotage of Sarah Palin and the ignorant decision to let Glenn Beck go (although he will most likely move on to bigger and better things!!) has caused a bad taste in my mouth and has increasingly soured my stomach towards that news station. I suppose that I will just continue getting my news from the many excellent blogs on my blog roll.

America? Please wake up!! Whether you like Sarah Palin or not, can't you see what is happening here?? If you are a lefty who wanted Hillary as the Dem nominee, recall what happened to her! PLEASE DON'T LET THE POWERFUL LEFTIST ELITES CONTINUE TO SABOTAGE INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS!! WAKE UP AND REALIZE THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO SABOTAGE OUR AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE, TOO!


Mat 10:26 "Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known.

Luk 8:17 "For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor [anything] hidden that will not be known and come to light.

Luk 12:2 "For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known.

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The Post and Email


Pascal Fervor said...

The only reason FNC has any credibility is because they simply are that much better than anything else. Composted manure is easier to handle than the raw stuff, but it is still in need of a great deal more processing (by plants) before I'd allow it into my home.

There is and always has been so much questionable about Rupert Murdoch that I do not know how people on the Right, such as you, were not more skeptical long ago.

Did you ever see the classic movie "Witness for the Prosecution?" Hardly anybody guesses its conclusion. It's a great lesson on how easily we can be gulled. Those who want to delude us probably pay people to write spoiler reviews of that movie.

Pascal Fervor said...


Christinewjc said...


What you have stated has been true, but since the reigns of the network are being passed down to Murdoch's son - and he is a loonie leftist; far worse than his father - then things are about to change quite drastically at Fox.

I have been skeptical of some of the pundits - like Bill O'Reilly who claims to be such an independent thinker but often toes the line against highly criticizing Obama - but some of them I do (or did) trust for the most part.

As far as Sarah Palin is concerned, it appears to me that she is strategically using Fox - rather than they "using" her - as a platform to get her messages out to the voters. For now, Fox has to put up with choosing her to be a commentator in the first place. (See the article link.)

Her Facebook page, books, and appearances are another way that she is reaching the public. There will always be those who will perpetually hate her. But there are many more who love her. The ones inbetween need to be reached with the truth and I think that is happening more and more as each day of this terribly destructive gangster government passes.

I haven't seen the movie you mentioned but will look for it. Sounds like one I'd like to see.

Last night, my husband and I watched a weird movie. It is called "The Adjustment Bureau." It immediately reminded me of the manipulation going on via this criminal and corrupt administration, although the story line in the movie was rather sappy.

But when applied to the political world, we can see how dangerous the Alinsky-led political elites really are to our country, and to the entire world. I, for one, plan to continue to sound the alarm bells to any and all who will listen and WAKE UP from their Obamafraud stupor!

slp2012 said...

For 10 years I have been advising people to quit television cold turkey. Being a recovered television addict, I understand how painful it is to give it up (at first). But it saddens me to see folks like you bang her head against the wall thinking that somehow television will change; it never does. Like all drugs, it masquerades as something other than it is. It's the most insidious drug I know, because it doesn't kill the body, but the mind. On the other hand, in the internet age, when instant research is available to your finger tips, there really is no excuse to continue using television. Admit you have a problem, that is the first step. Once you are free, it will no longer have a hold on you.

Christinewjc said...

Hi sip2012,

On the one hand, you're advice is very good. It agrees with the following Bible verses:

Phl 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things [are] noble, whatever things [are] just, whatever things [are] pure, whatever things [are] lovely, whatever things [are] of good report, if [there is] any virtue and if [there is] anything praiseworthy--meditate on these things.

Phl 4:9 The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you.

There is a lot of bad information and evil being sent to our minds each day via T.V. However, the same could be said for the Internet. One huge contrast is that a person can search for porn or Bible verses. We need to be disciplined in order to filter out what we don't need.

I do think that it is important to see how other people's minds are being influenced and/or controlled by the media. It is only then that I can warn others against the lies being spewed there.

The other day, I watched an old episode of "Little House on the Prairie." It dealt with a real problem - the father of the family lost his oldest son in an accident and he became very cold and unloving towards his wife and two younger children. Mr. Engels (Michael Landon) came to this house to buy horses, and in the process helped the mom and dad reconnect. He had to wake up the man to see what he was about to lose (the family was going to leave the dad) and then convinced his wife to give her husband one more chance (after 3 years of neglect!) to become the man he used to be before the death of the child. It was done in a realistic way and ended up being quite a good lesson on repairing damaged relationships.

Shows that uphold such values are rare on T.V. today. But if you look for the "oldies," you can find uplifting messages in them.

We know that there will always be the battle between good and evil here on this earth. I don't think it is wise to ignore the evil. I think that Jesus came to redeem our souls and we (as Christians) should also be about the business of sharing the Gospel. I hope you will take the time to read my previous post called "Spiritual Warfare."

Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your views on this issue.