Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obama: My Family Would Be Fine With Just 1 Term. Americans: We All Would!!

The current resident in the people's White House doesn't often get it right when he speaks, and many people are so tired of his lying rhetoric, but occasionally Barry comes out with a gem or two. Such is the case when Obama recently said these two non-teleprompter quips:

Obama: My Family Would Be Fine With Just 1 Term (We All Would) - Please go. Barack Obama says his family would be fine if he served just one term. We all would. The AP reported: President Barack Obama says his wife and d...

Seriously...my husband and I were discussing the fact that all Obama knows how to do (besides ruin our nation with his crazy, lousy policies) is run for office!

I don't necessarily agree with everything that the writer (link above) at American Thinker states. However, this portion is a gem:

A largely negative campaign by the President's team is easy enough to understand. It will be hard for Obama to run on his record in 2012. The weak economy, the high jobless rate, the enormous annual deficits and accumulated debt, are all going to be tough to defend for the party in power. Most voters think the $850 billion stimulus was a failure. Outside of Michigan, most people opposed the auto bailout and still do. By 2012, the blame for the current economy will be on Obama's shoulders and the attempt to shift blame to George Bush for the "mess he inherited" will have less resonance. ObamaCare, the signature "achievement" of the Administration, remains deeply unpopular, and may not survive court challenges.

In foreign policy, the Arab Spring has turned into a nightmare scenario where the three largest Muslim majority states in the region, Turkey, Iran and Egypt, may all soon be in the grip of Islamists, hostile to the United States and the West. Obama started a third unpopular war in Libya, while waving at mass murder committed by Syria, and Iran may become a nuclear nation on his disinterested watch.

The president has managed to alienate some members of one of the most loyal Democratic constituencies, Jewish voters and contributors, with his obsessive pressure on Israel on settlements and by badgering Israel to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority (which now includes Hamas) on terms that remove any leverage Israel might have in the negotiating process before it begins.

The Obama team is committed to creating or preserving two jobs: Obama's and Joe Biden's, and if the electoral calculus in the spring of 2012 suggests that a new VP may help more in a difficult race, Biden will be jettisoned, too.

Is a bye-bye Joey moment on the horizon???

Next, we have the joker-in-chief finally admitting that the billions spent on the distribution-of-wealth from the taxpayers Stimulus DID NOT WORK!

Yuk-Yuk… Obama Jokes About His Stimulus Failing to Produce Any Shovel Ready Jobs (Video)
posted by Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit - 19 hours ago
What a hoot. Master of Disaster Barack Obama joked today that his stimulus failed to produce any shovel ready jobs. Yuk-Yuk. Via FOX Nation: Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com FOX Nation reported:...

Yep...Obamafraud certainly is the Master of Disaster! Hey!! That would be a great title for him in an ad campaign! That or "Liar, Liar!"

Recall the millions (or was it closer to a billion?) of taxpayer dollars spent on all of those fraudulent "Your Tax Dollars At Work" signs put up across the nation in order to make Americans believe that the StimuWASTE bill would create more jobs? Yeah...and a CA toll road that heads towards Long Beach had such a sign up for years - with absolutely NO CONSTRUCTION ACTUALLY GOING ON THE ENTIRE TIME! What liars and cheats! This gangster government NEEDS TO GO - THE SOONER THE BETTER!!

But I can be patient, if I need to.

Obama stated, "...his family would be fine if he served just one term."

I wholeheartedly agree!!! As Gateway Pundit wrote, "We all would."

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madmath1 said...

Frankly, now that the voting public is finally growing a brain, they would most likely disagree with being fine with Obama serving only one term. Now we would preferred that he served NONE! The damage he's cause will resonate for decades now, and that's if Obamneycare is overturned. The jihadi's gained more ground than they ever could had dreamed of. Israel will now be cornered like it hasn't since 1967 and with less support no less. And his crowning acheivement, the national debt that has double in less than 3 years and still growing. Which means he's overspent in 3 years than all the president's before him and that is going to take, most likely, a lifetime to overcome at this point. One term was way too many for this evil socialist. God only knows, as the current challangers don't impress me, if we'll ever recover if we get another RINO or some how the dems gain control of the congress (given the voter's stupidity at this point, after all they did vote for this clown, I don't put it beyond impossible), we're screwed. This upcoming election actually scares me because if we, the voters, don't get it right this time, we are going to either lose our republic or become a 3rd world banana republic. All possible from just ONE term.

Christinewjc said...

You have shared some very sobering truth, Madmath1. How depressing it is to realize how long it will take to clean up the mess Obamafraud caused our nation!

I am still hoping that the Gunrunner scandal might sink his pResidency before the Election of 2012. But the corruption runs so deep, it seems that Barry gets away with anything and everything.

So...who would you like to see run for the Republican nomination?

madmath1 said...

As for nominee, that's a good question. I was impressed with West til he jellyfished about the Dems having too many votes in the senate on overturning BOcare. Bachman talks a good game, but after voting for one minority because he was a minority, will the public vote for another? There's too much at stake to let BO win on default like in 08. Palin Scares me, Newt and Rommey are frauds and complete RINOs, so honestly, right now, I'll go with Bachman. she's got her head screwed on right and has demonstrated that she will fight against the corruption even when greatly outnumbered and overwhelmed. I.e, has conjonas and integrity.

Darlene said...

I would be more than happy if he was a one-term president! It sounds like he's kind of preparing, WHEN he's defeated in 2012. Oh, but, surely, he won't be running. It is amazing how much damage he has been able to do in so short a time. I would love to see Allen West run for president, but at this time, it appears to be only a dream.

Christinewjc said...

Madmath1 - why does Sarah Palin scare you?

I thought that Bachmann was very impressive as well. But I do fear that both gender bias and her conservative values might keep her from getting the nomination. The same is, unfortunately, true for Palin. I get the distinct feeling that many males in this nation will not go for a woman president. I also know that the liberal leftist abortion loving women would reject wither one of them.

I thought it was very telling when someone (male) on Fox News (forget who it was) stated that Bachmann was "setting herself up for VP." Why would he say that?

I agree with you about Gingrich and Romney. I don't trust either one of them. I think that Gingrich is very intelligent and talks a good game, but his actions don't always match his spoken political views. When he appeared with radical leftist Nancy PeLIARsi in that "green" commercial about "climate change" (which I believe is a big hoax)a few years ago, he lost any credibility he once had in my mind.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Darlene,

Thanks for sharing your views here. As I wrote in my comment to Madmath1, realizing the huge amount of damage that Obama has wreaked upon our nation is truly sad and scary. It is going to take generations to get out of the mess he has caused. In my mind, any one of the people on that stage last night (except for Ron Paul - he is too loony) would be a better choice than Obama. I would have to hold my nose to vote for Gingrich, however.

Christinewjc said...

FYI to the recent spammer. Your link gave you away. I don't release comments that have advertising webpages attached to your screen name.

GMpilot said...

I know why I don't like Gingrich, but why don't you, hostess?

Ah yes, I can imagine the sigh of relief if/when Obama loses:

"Praise GOD! The White House will be white once again!"

The birthers will slither back to wherever it was they came from (yeah, right), Orly Taitz and Jerome Corsi will have to find real jobs, and Hawaii will once again be considered part of the Union instead of some foreign place.
You may even have to go back to talking about God again, because he's made few appearances on this blog in the past three years.

Christinewjc said...


YOU are concerned about my "going back to talking about God again?"

YOU, the one who has often spouted just how much you hate the God of the Bible??

Don't worry your tin man head about it. People who do searches about the Bible, God, Jesus Christ etc. can easily find my previous posts on all such information. That's the beauty of Internet blogs - the information is there for all who choose to seek it.

For example. Here is a partial list of visitors who reached this blog by a search engine yesterday.

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Gary Baker said...

Hi Christine,

Throwing my two cents in: So far Bachman and Cain are my favorites of the announced candidates. Romney made an error in Massachusetts with Romney-Care. It could have been just a mistake, but he didn't have the courage to admit it when given a chance, so it became an error. He also drank the "manmade warming" kool-aid, swallowing junk science. Newt self destructed as far as I'm concerned by refusing to admit the need for major entitlement reform and not stepping up when a realistic proposal came forward.

I'd vote for Palin or Christie if they were on the ticket. Walker from Wisconsin is developing. All three of these have a very important and essential quality for our nation: They are not cowed by criticism and they are not afraid to lead. Obama is the most blatant socialist to take the presidency, but America started down a bad road long ago. It's going to take major guts to reverse course.

BTW - I just started the second round of True-U at our church, titled "Is the Bible Reliable?" The opening was exciting. I am expecting great things.