Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Obama: The Un-American American President

I cringe every time I hear Obama speak. I tried to watch and listen to the press conference today, but when his answers didn't match the questions, it became a ridiculous waste of my time to watch this puppet of George Soros. Obama parrots all the lies, creepy policies, and America-hating destruction that Soros(and all the spewing radicals in the media who have the same evil mindset of this atheistic billionaire) continuously subjects upon our nation and the American people. I almost decided that I would read the blog post at Patriot Action Network later. But then, I read the introductory paragraphs and became hooked!

The Un-American American President

By Jay Clarke

Something is wrong with Barack Obama. We all know it. We all see it. When he speaks about America, Americans cringe. There is a strangeness to his manner, an unease when he talks about America. He appears awkward and uncomfortable. His speech seems performed and practiced yet, oddly halting. It's reminiscent of American POW's in Vietnam or Iraq reading a forced confession. His eyes, expressions, and vocal tone are disconnected from his words. The words themselves often sound American, but the delivery is clinical and detached. His attempts at patriotic sentiment ring hollow and phony. "Once again, with feeling!" is how Americans are left feeling. He just doesn't seem right. He doesn't seem like, of us.

Before anyone "goes there" and makes accusations of racism, this is about a pervasive, nagging, national perception that Barack Obama does not intuitively understand or appreciate America or Americans. Not our past. Not our present or future. He just doesn't act or sound like an American. In fact, there are good reasons and ample evidence for why.
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Be sure to read through the comments at both links. Many excellent ones that reveal how many Americans absolutely agree with what the author of the article wrote!! So many of us have sensed for a very long time that Obama, his mindset, his personality,  and his destructive policies are dangerously un-American.

~ Christine


I am reading through the comment section at American Thinker, and I feel led to share some of the best ones here:


It's worse than being unAmerican in the sense of not understanding what makes America tick.  Obama HATES America seeing it as oppressive toward the blacks and Muslims with whom he identifies.  He is so blinded by his hatred that he doesn't even register that both these groups are better off in the United States than in any other country on earth except Canada.  Both groups and their famous son in the White House lack all introspection and accountability for themselves and project all their woes onto whitey in eternity.  The United States for the first time has a First Couple who hate everything about the country that gave their undeserving selves its highest honor and want to change it to yet another socialist swamp.  Eleanor Roosevelt was another such traitorous fool with red stars in her eyes.


Such individuals who lack ulterior motive have traditionally been referred to in layman’s terms simply as a variation of a pyromaniac. Most such maniacs lack conscious motivation although they are fully aware of the acts they are failing to stop or they themselves are committing. Typically they will feel intense pleasure, gratification, or relief when causing destruction or when witnessing or participating in the aftermath. Motivation is also classified as pathological and non-pathological. Some research suggests that feeling such joy at horrific situation is pathological. Other research suggests that some motivation for this comes from rational thought. Taking joy in horrific situations for envisioned gains in political power and/or the concealment of the imposition of devious plans are examples of supposed rational decision making. I must say in conclusion that history has repeatedly and harshly proven that elevating such a profoundly disturbed man to the highest office in any country is never a good idea


Everyone knows how he was raised and that explains it all.  Not a rational adult in the bunch and none of them embraced American values either. Our only hope right now is that the Republican controlled House refuses to approve of any new spending.  Second, we need to hope that Americans will rise up and meet the challenge of nominating someone who does embrace American values to run against Obama for 2012.  Who lives it and has the resume of a true public servant who was fiscally responsible and put her constituents first.  That person is Gov. Sarah Palin


As bad as Barack Hussein Obama is as a American Constitutional Republic hater, what then about a fawning Press/Media constantly licking the soles of Obama's and his ilk's shoes? What, oh what, have the American people become to have given these Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Islamist/Marxists control of the American Power Centers? To underestimate the evil of evil is insanely myopic! The telling is in Obama's continued personal approval ratings as he implements the destruction of our free society through one policy failure after another intentioned to reduce America to just another dreadful existence for its peoples within an insane socialist world empire ruled over by the World's tyrants. All the while, the opposition runs the fullback up the middle for the trillionth time and then punts...the only recourse now is a hail-marry pass and how many times has that ever worked? Any rational observer would come to the conclusion that the American people have doomed themselves into poverty and servitude and seem to be loving the fantasy of it all.


They will never never wake up because they want an Obama America. It is up to the America people to fight them everyday. Why do we allow them to vilify conservatives. Why did we allow them to change minds about Sarah Palin. Some people have played right into their hands. They must learn that we will no longer fall for this. If Sarah Palin runs for POTUS and wins it will draw the line. They will become less relevant and it is about time. We have given the reigns of the country to special interest groups who are the main cause of changing our country. How about Unions destroying the country. If a true conservative is not elected in 2012, our fight will be harder and harder. We can't fly the flag, no pledge of Allegiance, can't mention God......why do we let these things happen? Why didn't we fight harder. How could we screw up the greatest country in the world. I love America but don't kid yourself, our values are fading.


Obama reminds me of a European visiting the US, perceiving and approaching America from an outside perspective. He doesn't understand patriotism, freedom, or free enterprise, so they do not come into play in his approach to governing. This is no surprise because of his upbringing. Let this be a powerful lesson to us. Never again should we elect an outsider who does not understand us, or is not invested in our system.

NORSEMAN Today 09:10 AM

This is an article that needs to be distributed. Ironically, the MSM is hammering Michelle Bachmann for calling Obama anti-American. As usual, she is ahead of the curve. Kudos for a well written article. This shows how much trouble we are in. The fact that there are people out there that still support this socialist America hating man-child speaks volumes about the dumbing down of our youth by the left wing education system in this country. God help us!

RunngMoose Today 10:08 AM

Ever since I first heard Barack Obama speak, and every time thereafter, I sensed something very basic deep within him that disturbed and troubled me. I had trouble watching him give a speech........I just couldn't get through it. It was painful. For the longest time I also just couldn't quite put my finger on what it was that discomforted me so. Was I a closet racist? Was it just because he was an ultra-liberal Democrat? Was it because he seemed to be a typical lying Chicago politician? All of the above? I finally wrote it off mostly to his manner of constantly pontificating like a stereotypical college professor/lecturer which, after all, is what he used to be. This is a demeanor that I have absolutely hated from my college days, so I settled on that and tried to move on. Alas, this article has finally revealed and enabled me to understand, sadly, what it really is. :(

Paul Murphy Today 10:32 AM

As a birther I need to point out, however, that he is exactly the kind of person the founders had in mind when they required the president to be a natural born (two American parents) citizen - which Mr. Obama, by his own accounts, is not.

joseph mcnulty Today 11:29 AM

For several years, I have had the feeling the Obama is not really "American" and that for the first time in my lifetime, we have elected an un-American ---or non-American -- American president. This raises the question of what kind of country we have become, but I have been disappointed in America since we elected the obvious cad, liar, and bounder Bill Clinten. Nixon was a crook -- true -- but you always knew that he was an American crook and that his loyalties were ultimately to this country. One cannot say the same thing about Obama. The bow to the King of Saudi Arabia cannot be explained away. Another American President might have given a bow of the head -- a show of deference to a royal who represented an entire nation -- but Obama's bow was the equivalent of the kow-tow 200 years ago in China, something that American diplomats refused to do. His bow was just not politeness; it was a bow of fealty, of a vassal to his lord. And of course the White House and press either ignore this or pass is off to Obama's inexperience -- he just did not know any better. But also read his Cairo speech. Its tone -- totally ignored by the media -- was that of one in the Muslim faith speaking to othersin the faith. Did a Saudi prince really pay for his law school education? Perce Sutton -- a once-prominent New York political figure -- said so and had spoken to Saudi prince Alaweed about Obama. Why would a Saudi prince be acting as a "talent scout" for American law students? Did someone even then see a big future for Obama? Obama is a mystery. There is a secret at the center of Obama that we do not know. He is devious and clever, a true Alinskyite, probably a Lenist since he seems to follow Lenin's dictum, "The worse, the better." Witness how he is preparing the ground for the destruction of Israel while still posing as a friend of Israel -- a man trying to impose a solution and "save Israel from itself." The rediculous Lybia operation is to establish the principle of "humanitarian intervention" and the imposition of a "no-fly" zone on Israel when a Palestinian state is created against Israel's wishes. The Republic is in peril -- all the more so because most people do not grasp this. Obama is NOT just another President. If he is re-elected, there will be a movement to amend the Constitution to remove the two-term limit on Presidents. We will be told that things were so bad under Bush that Obama needs more than two terms to fix them. Besides, that would only be returning the Constitution to the way is was in 1950 -- "original intent." And why should our nation be denied the services of a successful President -- remember, he killed Bin Laden -- who still is so young and vigorous? On the teleprompter, he is a gifted "front man" for -- whom? With all his golf outings and vacations, doesn't it seem that he really has little interest in actually BEING President; he just wants to SEEM to be President in accordance with his agreement with -- whom? This also explains why he seems so fumbling when off the teleprompter.

Mr. Peabody Today 11:34 AM

When belief in a benevolent God was jettisoned from our national consciousness the rest was just a natural progression. It led to the development of a moronic PC society that is hellbent on destroying itself. The desire to be accepted is the main goal in many people's lives. The go-along to get-along attitude permeates America. It trumps everything. Belief systems, self-determination, sense of right and wrong. We have been made to feel guilty for crimes we never took part in or never committed. The guilt-baiters have played their hand well. They have messed with enough minds as to prevent the whole of American society to speak plainly about Hussein-Soetoro and his ilk and demand proper action. Evil now rules this country. Pure, unadulterated evil.

Redhawk Today 12:08 PM

Paul Murphy is right – Obama has shown us the reason why the natural-born requirement was put into the Constitution. Having grown up as a citizen of the world, Obama has no particular allegiance or emotional attachment to this country, shows little concern for its welfare, appears to have no stake in its future, and seems to hold most of us in contempt.
The fact that he could stone-wall us for years by refusing to provide a
long-form birth certificate, and then have the arrogance and audacity to produce an obviously photo-shopped forgery, knowing that no one would have the guts to call him on it, or have a Connecticut social security number that no one would ever inquire about, or be without a valid selective service number that no one seems to be interested in, or be able to seal all his records without the slightest protest from any figures of authority, his sneering contempt for us is, in many ways, not altogether

ozy Today 12:53 PM

Obama sees America as the root of all evil. For him and other communist and radicals out there, America doesn't have the moral fiber to be the world's leader. For them, America is corrupt and socially unjust. Anyone who repress blacks, latino and moslems is evil , in the eyes of b.o and his cronies.

The reason we are in such a mess economically and politically is that it is b.o's carefully executed plan. Create havoc in the system, until it collapses and then replace it.(the Clowerd- Piven doctrine, b.o's other mentors). It will be years before America would climb out of this trench dug so masterfully by b.o. Soros and their ilk.

Observer Today 02:10 PM

“Naturalized citizens …came seeking their American Dream, the freedom and opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their families.”

I am one of them. I live here for close to the quarter of a century, lean more to libertarian train of thought rather than contemporary Republican one (though I vote for Republicans). Therefore I came to a conclusion that the key words in the above quote are ‘their American Dream’. Keep in mind that most of naturalized citizens deeply love this country (much more than naturally born citizen because we remember vividly places we left behind). Still our dreams and way of thinking is very different and that is why Framers of the Constitution were right when decided that only naturally-born citizen are eligible to be a President. Country needs the person who is one of the majority, shares majority’s views and way of life.

If it is true for us, staunch supporters of this country and Constitution, it should be true for BHO who is not naturally-born citizen (he was born with dual nationality due to his father, place of birth does not matter). He is not eligible, and should not be allowed to run for the second term. Pipe dreams I know…

Mike6 Today 02:35 PM

I watched Obama's news conference today and I was struck by the blankness in Barry's eyes. His eyes appeared like two large black voids that worried me. His eyes seem to be incapable of expressing honor and truth and remind me of the master deceivers like Hillary Clinton and Joseph Paul Goebbels. Barry has a huge leftist media following but he has no class or decency and will say anything to get press accolades and get a few more votes from the public.

I am sure that Michelle and Barry would be pleased to send all the Tea Party folks to re-education camps in some South-West desert to re-educate them about the joys of stimulus spending, more deficits, and larger kickbacks to democrat voters to get re-elected in 2012. Obama said that he wants to change our American foundations but he really wants is to take away our freedoms, deminish our proud Constitution. and to transform our bold/ brave John Wyane American/Jimmy Steward characters into behaving like whimpering welfare queens.

oltron Today 03:47 PM

Dorothy Rabinowitz made much the same point in her WSJ article "Alien in the White House." Anyone wanting to really understand the origins of Obama's anti-Americanism should read \The Origins of Barrack Obama's Rage\ by Dinesh D'Sousa.

Kit_Jefferson Today 04:37 PM

When Obama was elected in 2008 he was a relative unknown. This is 2011 and that is no loner the case. He is now well known for what he truly is - a poseur pretending to be something that he is most definitely not. Many in this nation were fooled once. Only time will tell if they remain fooled.


HeHeardMyCry said...

What is the point of this page? Is this not supposed to be a Christian website? Yet you sit here and speak ill of someone. Instead of sharing the love of Christ to the world, you involve yourself in worldly issues, and judge the intentions of others without knowing his heart. Only God truly knows his heart, who are you to sit in judgement of someone. All the Bible tells us to do in regards to matters of the world and government(which God himslef establishes, no one is put in a place of power without God ordaing it, look this up, it's in the Bible, Romans 13:1)is to first, give to Ceasar what belongs to Caesar and to obey the rules of the law as long as they do not go agains the Word of God.

"Remind them to be subject to rulers and authorities, to obey, to be ready to every good work, to SPEAK EVIL OF NO ONE ..." (Titus:3:1-2). Paul also implores us pray "for kings and all who are in authority" (1 Timothy:2:1-2)

Remember, we are Christians first, then Americans, our allegiance should be to God and him alone, so if the tells us to respect and not speak evil of our authorities, then we better listen to his advise, because nations rise and nations fall, but his Word stands alone forever.

Peace and blessings, may God allow you to see your sin and repent.

Christinewjc said...

What is the point of this post? I think that it is highly explanatory in nature. Just because YOU don't agree with what is written doesn't mean that millions of other Americans (including Christians) don't agree with it.

Besides, the operative words in God's view to "honor our leaders" depends on what kind of leader each person is. If you lived back then, would you have honored Hitler? Pol Pot? Stalin? Lenin? Mussolini? The lot of them murdered millions of people!

I think that you have stretched the meaning a bit too far because in order to honor "all" leaders you would have to include a lot of evil monsters in the bunch.

Here's a hint. Be sure to read Bible verses in context - and not the way that you want to spin it.