Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gasbags, Menacers, and Cowardly Dastards

Joy Behar - the "gasbag" [good description, Gateway Pundit!] woman on that DOPEY  T.V. show called "The View"* has outdone herself - once again.  But will we hear cries of "HATRED," or  "SHE'S DANGEROUS," or "SHE SHOULD BE FIRED" from the media of mass deception because of her latest despicable comment against Republican Presidential Nominee, Mitt Romney and his family?

Sad Answer:  probably not.

Gateway Pundit has that story:

Liberal Gasbag Joy Behar on Mitt Romney: “I Want to See His House Burn Down” (Video) - Toxic liberal Joy Behar is at it again. Now the gasbag is wishing Mitt Romney’s house will burn down. NewsBusters reported: This comes from Behar’s Mediaite...

What kind of a person says something like that?  Is that supposed to be funny?  What if a conservative talk show host said that they wanted Obama's house in Chicago to burn down?  What would the public and the media have to say about that?  Would they be outraged?  Would they go apoplectic over such a comment?

Was Joy Behar showing her disdain for Romney?  Was she attempting to use "humor" to do so? What was her motive for saying that?

She is really a menace to society and should be ashamed of herself! But clueless, liberal leftists freaks like her will go on being idiots who fall hook, line, and sinker for evil political Marxist puppets like Obama; to the detriment of our beloved nation.

With that said, I will move on to what I really wanted to post today.

As a subscriber to GBTV (Glenn Beck's online television program), I received an email announcing the debut of his new book "Cowards"

COWARDS is an oversized, color, glossy dose of the things that politicians, radicals and the media refuse to say. From the violence on our border, to Islamic Law in America, to full-chapter exposés on people (like George Soros and Jim Wallis) who would prefer to work in the shadows, the 13 issues that Glenn covers in this book will help you win the arguments that will change minds …and maybe even votes.
It is interesting to review the definition of the term "coward."  The following is from

cow·ard    [kou-erd] Show IPA noun 1. a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person

Origin: 1175–1225; Middle English < Old French couard-, couart cowardly, equivalent to coue tail (< Latin cauda ) + -art -ard

Synonyms 1. craven, poltroon, dastard, recreant, milksop. World English Dictionary coward (ˈkaʊəd) — n a person who shrinks from or avoids danger, pain, or difficulty [C13: from Old French cuard, from coue tail, from Latin cauda; perhaps suggestive of a frightened animal with its tail between its legs]
[That term "dastard" is a better description:


[das-terd] Show IPA
a mean, sneaking coward.]

Word Origin & History coward early 13c., from O.Fr. coart, from coe "tail," from L. coda, dialectal variant of cauda "tail," of uncertain origin + -ard, an agent noun suffix denoting one that carries on some action or possesses some quality, with derogatory connotation (see -ard).

The word probably reflects an animal metaphoric sense still found in expressions like turning tail and tail between legs.

Coart was the name of the hare in O.Fr. versions of "Reynard the Fox." As a surname (attested from 1255) it represents O.E. cuhyrde "cow-herd."

"Cowardice, as distinguished from panic, is almost always simply a lack of ability to suspend the functioning of the imagination." [Ernest Hemingway, "Men at War," 1942]

An O.E. word for "cowardly" was earg, which also meant "slothful."

If it was my book, I would have added the term "menace" somewhere in the title!

Glenn Beck is a "hate him," "like him," or "love him," type of character and personality. I certainly don't agree with everything he says (or doesn't say). But I do believe that he has been EXACTLY RIGHT with many of his predictions regarding the economic calamity we are facing, the so-called "Arab Spring" uprisings, the truth about the "Occupy Wall Street" movement (and how it wasn't really a "grassroots" kind of movement - but funded by the far left crazies like evil billionaire Soros), and how dangerous Barack Obama is to our beloved nation.  The list of Beck's accurate analyses is huge.  What's more, he has done a great service to our country by getting this information out to the public.

Beck also helped create several conservative organizations and inspired millions to join the TEA Party movement via his radio show and television show on Fox News.  He has encouraged millions through his Restoring Honor, Restoring Courage, and soon to come Restoring Love events.  Most recently, Glenn had the courage to call Obama a Marxist on Bill O'Reilly's T.V. show last night!    O'Reilly wouldn't take the bait to label Obama a Marxist, but he did say that Obama is "the most liberal pResident ever" and even agreed with Beck that Obama is a Statist.

Anyway, this is a book that I would like to read. I think it may come in handy when liberals and the uninformed try to counter the warnings against Obama that conservative bloggers are putting out there before this extremely important election in November.

The truth is, some individuals (known as ObamaBorgBots) will NEVER come around.  But those who think for themselves and have put down the Kool-Aid and now see the "hope and change" mantra as what it really is - hype and chains will come around to a more logical and wisdom filled conclusion that Obama is bad... VERY BAD for America!

Here is a PDF link to the introduction page of the book, "COWARDS: What Politicians, Radicals, and the Media Refuse t* Say."

You can also read Chapter Four: Economic Terrorism - Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction. [PDF]

Please share this information with everyone you know!!

Hat tips to all links.

*The only woman worth listening to on the show is Elizabeth Hasselbeck.



Two must read posts - especially because of the cartoon!

Hump Day Link Around – The Tide Is Turning…. - Ramirez Cartoon via Powerline: His Nose Keeps Getting Longer: Over the last 24 hours, I have been contemplating a post on the Obama administration’s scandals...
P.S. If you don't read any other link in Nice Deb's post, the following is a MUST READ!!!

Accuracy in Media: Communist Defector Speaks Out on America’s Marxist Future


Update #2: [Good news!]

Well, at least this is good news!!!

The American Enterprise Blog: Obama's Entire Re-Election Problem in One Chart

Found that chart via Gateway Pundit's post:

That Sucking Sound is not just the Economy - It's Obama's Polling Numbers



steve said...

You've done a good job with this Christine. Beck and company do a pretty good job in exposing the Marxist in Chief.
But I have to tell you, it does not matter with the people on the left. They know about Obama and his past just like we do. They don't care ... they want a Marxist in charge because they want America's wealth spread around. It's sickening.7

Christinewjc said...

Thanks Steve. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the writers at all the links included in this post. Be sure to check out Nice Deb's linkfest. It is the information that people aren't getting from the media of mass deception.

I have begun reading the free chapter of Beck's book and have already learned a lot! Apparently, he has an enormous list of citations at the end to back up what is written in each chapter.

I agree that the leftist "elites" (who think they are hiding their Marxist/Communist sympathies - like the cowards and menacers they are) know about Obama and his ilk. But I think that some of the brain-dirtied college kids can be broken from their ideological stupor if we EDUCATE them about the past and show them the horrors of where Socialism, Marxism, Communism, and National Socialism (Nazism) will lead if followed (God forbid!) and left unchecked.

I don't know if you visited before I added to this post. Be sure to check out the links at Gateway Pundit!

As always, thanks for your input here. I always appreciate your support for my writings!

steve said...

Hey Christine!
I visited Nice Deb's site, hadn't been there for a while, and read through some of her links. She does get pretty thorough! I'll get over to the Gateway Pundit's site this morning some time. He's a pretty busy guy, blogging full time.
I make it a point to visit here every day, even if some times I don't comment. I doubt there's rarely a day I miss stopping by. I always have to check here for a daily dose of encouragement! ;)

Christinewjc said...

Thanks so much for your loyalty to this blog Steve! Sometimes, the news out there here in America and across the world is so discouraging that our truthful blog posts can literally depress us! With man - we can be bombarded with discourgement. But with God, His Son Jesus, and His Word, we can ALWAYS come back to encouragement!!

I do try to end my posts with something encouraging. At times, it's difficult to do. But that is when I realize that I need to get back into God's Word for inspiration!

I am always amazed at the "full time bloggers." Don't think I could do that. I have a life to live apart from the computer! However, Gateway Pundit and Nice Deb are really good blogs where I find a lot of interesting news each week. Another favorite of mine is Cry and Howl! Keep up the great work - my Texas friend!

You live in the best state of the union! I've been to Dallas a few times and my husband used to travel to Houston on business. We live in CA - you know - the land of "fruits and nuts"! But the weather can't be beat! We live in a mostly conservative area...far away from the Nancy PeLIARsi crazy land! Anyway, when my husband and I found out that North Dakota might eliminate all property taxes in that state, we were tempted to check it out. But it's probably so cold all the time that we would freeze!

If all hell breaks lose before, during or after the election (scary notion but I think it's possible - especially after reading Beck's chapter on economic terrorism), we will get in our camper and head towards Chuck Norris' ranch in Texas for protection! Ha ha! j/k

Now it's time to go check out your latest post! Have a great day!

steve said...

I had seen the no-property tax possibility in North Dakota ... that would be great, but you're right about COLD!!! I had a friend that moved to Minnesota from here and she called me shortly after saying she thought she made an error in that it was -40 there! TV warnings not to leave the home unless dire emergency and then be sure to take a 'winter survival kit' with you!! I don't think I could handle that!
I have an older brother that lives in Vacaville. (my only immediate family) I've been trying to talk him into moving to Texas as he retired just this year. His home is worth a million+. I told him he could sell that and buy a heck-of-a home here for $115,000 for just he and his wife and live off his savings and the rest of the profit from his home. Whether he does it or not remains to be seen. I doubt he will.
For me, Texas is the only place to live. Yeah, the summers can get brutal ... but that's about the only draw back as far as I'm concerned.
Thanks for the praise for Cry and Howl ... (I've thought about changing the name, but don't feel like starting over again, we'll see.)
And thank you so much for visiting C & H when you can. Your input there is always more than welcome and sincerely appreciated.
Did you "bump" GMpilot again?

Christinewjc said...

One reason we don't want to leave CA is because we would be so far away from our adult children.

About GM - his last two comments were nasty (no surprise) so I deleted them. IMHO - he does not add anything positive to the conversations here, so why should I post his comments?

He is probably out annoying some other blogger. Good riddance!

Actually, I like your blog name! Does it have some significance in regard to Texas? It sure describes the opposition I feel towards the current awful and radical political climate!

We live in a rural area and over the years, we often heard the cry and howl of coyotes at night! Caught some in our yard (which is fenced in) and right near our front door! But over the past several months, both of our neighbors have had construction going on at their property. Sure keeps the coyotes away which is good news for our doggies!

I read somewhere in the blogs that there is another court case coming up on Obama's eligibility. It will probably be dismissed like all the others. Makes me wonder what the "powers that be" have to allow ObaMARXIST to get away with so many lies, scandals and corruption!!

steve said...

"Cry and Howl" is taken from the book of Ezekiel: 21:12 ...
"Cry and howl, son of man: for it shall be upon my people, it shall be upon all the princes of Israel: terrors by reason of the sword shall be upon my people: smite therefore upon thy thigh."
In the "about" page of my blog I briefly mention where the name comes from.
Yeah, I'm not putting much faith in the elegibility hearings any more. I think the Republicans are on board with their own "foreign born" candidates. I really think we've lost that one. Makes me sick.
Dang, GM sure was a faithful visitor to Talk Wisdom. But I surely admire your stand against his unsavory comments. You're an admirable woman and I appreciate your thoughts, views, opinions, and the way you always seem to encourage others, directing them towards Christ. The world surely needs more like you. Thank you for being a good friend. Well, I just got home from work (I went in at midnight) and Sandy wants so me attention ... those Shi-Tzu babies are just that way! I sure love that little beast!