Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where Do Obama's Lies Begin and End?

That's a question that remains on many minds.  The more that is revealed about Obama and his past, the more lies are being discovered and exposed!  One observant blogger has just posted an essay about a new lie that was recently outed about Obama's so-called half-brother in Kenya.

One More Dubious Story in the Obama Family Saga
American Thinker - 8 hours ago

Obama has a hard time keeping his family story straight when it comes to the stories he made up in *Dreams From my Father*. Caught on tape by CNN, but unnoticed until now. No one really knows where the lies begin and end.
In Dreams, Obama goes on at great length about his first meeting with Ndesandjo in 1988 (or thereabouts) on the occasion of Obama's first visit to Kenya. This meeting took place at the home of Ruth Ndesandjo, Mark's Jewish American mother, who remarried after her divorce from Barack Obama, Sr
In Dreams, Obama remembered Ruth's current husband, Ndesandjo's stepfather, bouncing his and Ruth's son, Joey, on his lap. Joey was born no later than 1980. That was some heavy-duty bouncing. Do the math.

"I hear you're at Berkeley," said Obama, who is four years Ndesandjo's senior.
"Stanford," Ndesandjo corrected. "I'm in my last year of the physics program there." Obama added accurately, "His voice was deep, his accent perfectly American." After a lengthy meeting with Ndesandjo and his mother, Obama reportedly called his half-brother the following week, and the two had a heart-to-heart over lunch.

Ndesandjo, who grew up with Obama Sr., was so appalled by his father's behavior that he took his stepfather's name after his parents divorced and turned his back on Kenya. "Don't you ever feel like you might be losing something?" asked the forever patronizing Obama, then noisily trying to reclaim his own Kenyan roots.

"Understand, I'm not ashamed of being half Kenyan," Ndesandjo answered. "I just don't ask myself a lot of questions about what it all means. About who I really am." Ndesandjo eventually moved to China where he lives to this day.

This all sounds legitimate, but when Obama was interviewed about Ndesandjo on the occasion of a state visit to China in 2009, he said dismissively,
"Well, you know, I don't know him well."(at ~1:50 in this CNN video). Obama then added the kicker that deepens the Obama mystery, "I met him for the first time a couple of years ago."

If Obama met Ndesandjo in Africa as claimed, that first meeting would have been more than twenty years prior. As related in Dreams, they met twice, at length both times, and in some depth. There should be no forgetting the two poignant, detailed visits with a new-found brother, visits that consume three pages of book space.

In sorting through this story, it is hard to know what is true. Best guess: Obama visited Ruth and pulled a few details about Ndesandjo from this visit and from his half-sister Auma's recollection.

As I wrote last year, "This kind of fictionalization would not be particularly troubling were it an anomaly. It is not. It is the norm. No one really knows where the lies begin and end."

Hat tip: American Thinker

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    steve said...

    Good morning Christine!
    Barack being a certified pathological liar has been long established. What's amazing is liberals don't care or even regard it. They are so mired into this "tax the rich" and "spread the wealth" thing that's all they can see and hear. Obama could rob a bank and it would be justified by his desire to spread the wealth. He could be involved in the same stuff as Sandusky and liberals would claim we're "racist" if we wanted him prosecuted. If you get a chance go to:
    this is John Liming's blog (you can find a real link towards the bottom of my blog roll for easy access). this guy is the perfect liberal. Scroll down his site and read some of his posts regarding the dastardly Radical Conservative Righties, and how we so desire to have the rich pay no taxes and want to stop all social services, etc.
    Well dear, gotta do some work around here! I'll stop by again later.

    Christinewjc said...

    Today, we can add to the list "declare amnesty for illegals aged 1 - 30"! The only reason they are doing this is to get those 800,000 extra votes come election time. Hey!! If this criminal administration allows DEAD PEOPLE to vote in elections...why not 1 - 17 year olds?


    Thanks for the link to that liberal's blog. I don't know if I could stomach reading his Liberalism is a mental disorder. Michael Savage coined that phrase. I think it is SO true! The liberal blinders they wear were so obvious in Juan Williams exchange with Michele Malkin - and he isn't even considered one of the more rabid liberal progressives!!

    If only people could be educated about an economic fact that has been on display for months - that even if the government took EVERY CENT of earnings from all of the rich people - it wouldn't even make a dent in the 15.7 trillion dollar debt!!! Only the ignorant would fall for the "tax the rich" hype!

    I woke up to the news of Obama's big amnesty announcement and it makes me ill...

    The double whammy being waged here is that Obama and his ilk are trying to steer the country away from all the scandals that have been in the news. I hope that Hannity, Levin, Beck and some others continue to hammer away at the scandals. It's a good way for people to learn that they should RUN from supporting ObaMARXIST come election day!

    Have a good day and don't work too hard!

    steve said...

    Work hard! Moi? Nah ... a lot of hours (60 to 80+) a week but the work isn't physically hard. Anyway, I've seen the 'amnesty' thing all over the place today and I thought about blogging something but I haven't formulated anything clever to say yet. :)
    Right you are about reading liberal drivel ... very frustrating. Sometimes it's takes a tremendous amount of will power to NOT just comment on their lunacy and start calling them every name I can think of.