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What Fast & Furious is REALLY All About! [Updates!]

It usually takes the liberal Media of Mass Deception extra time to learn the true facts on any particular subject - especially when it comes to their darling-of-a-pResident in the White House - Barack Hussein Obama.  Suspicion over the REAL reasons why the gun-runner scandal, Fast and Furious, was adopted by the democrats was discussed years ago in several conservative blogs.  Just do a search and you will probably find some astute bloggers expressing such suspicions right after border agent Brian Terry's tragic death. 

Today, a blogger named Russ Vaughn at American Thinker has pieced it all together.  (And...liberal idiots like Juan Williams claim that bloggers aren't "real" journalists!!)

Fast and Furious Falling Apart
American Thinker - 6 hours ago

Now that the official rationale has been revealed to be nonsense, the gravity of the corruption at the root of Fast and Furious is becoming clear even to skeptics.

This tells us exactly why evilcrat Obama declared "executive privilege" when corruptocrat Eric Holder refused to turn over the documents requested by Congress.  Holder would rather be held in contempt of Congress than reveal the truth.  The little secret that is being guarded is meant to protect not only Obama and Holder, but also Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, and probably dozens of other underlings who might talk and endanger Obama's re-election campaign.


When BATF agents first blew the whistle on what is now known as Operation Fast and Furious, the rationale offered by DoJ for such an evidently foolish operation was that it was designed to allow BATF to track and prosecute the leaders of the Mexican drug cartels. As more information surfaced from the Mexican government and the BATF's Mexican bureau chief specifying that none of them knew anything of this operation, many of us who were paying a bit closer attention to the case immediately smelled the first foul scent of corruption.

The fatal flaw in DoJ's explanation was this: if the Mexican authorities had not been brought into the operation, nor even the BATF's own agents authorized to operate in Mexico, then the proffered DoJ justification made utterly no sense, for the simple reason that once those walked guns hit the south side of that border, there was absolutely no process in place to track them to their supposed targets. Therefore, DoJ was patently misrepresenting its motive. Why?

For those who keep a constant wary eye on the left's never-ending war on our 2nd-Amendment right to keep and bear arms, the increasingly fishy smell emanating from Washington led to connecting the dots back to the year-earlier revelations in the liberal media that weapons being used in Mexican crimes were traceable back to American sources more than 90% of the time. That false meme had spread quickly through the major liberal media, along with calls for stricter gun control laws in this country by...guess who! How about our president, our secretary of state, our attorney general, and other notable Democrats, for starters?

Here we had an operation mounted by the executive branch of the United States, an operation which had as its stated goal -- after being outed, that is -- the targeting of Mexican drug lords on sovereign Mexican soil. Yet this was done without the knowledge of anyone in the Mexican government. Quite clearly, a secret and subversive operation had been conceived and implemented against our sister nation to the south -- subversive because, again, quite clearly, the American government was subverting the sovereign authority of Mexico without that nation's knowledge. If the goal was, as stated later by DoJ, to track guns into Mexico to the purchasing sources in the cartels, then was there not some diplomatic requirement to notify the Mexican government that we were arming their most violent criminal elements? And what was the need for keeping our own BATF agents in Mexico -- the only American agents with Mexican presence to conduct such surveillance and tracking operations on Mexican soil -- equally in the dark?

It doesn't require much in the way of deductive powers to conclude that the fish-wrap smell seeping out of Washington probably had to do with Eric Holder's Department of Justice being used to tightly wrap something rotting from the head down. And what could that be? Early proponents of the theory suggesting that if the DoJ's rationale smelled fishy, then perhaps the true reason for F&F was to create justification for more gun control legislation here in this country were looked at as crackpot conspiracists. Even now, most of those Republican members of Congress pursuing this scandal refuse to cite the true purpose of F & F, still referring to it as a bungled federal program. There are exceptions: Florida congressman John Mica speaking on one of the Sunday talk shows this weekend, made clear his opinion that F & F was a sinister and cynical attempt by the Obama administration to undermine the 2nd Amendment. I watched him say it, but Google has no link. Imagine that.

Be sure to go to the link to read a five-step summary of how the operation was supposed to work, and
five questions to consider as to why this failed operation was a "secret" way for the dems to undermine American's 2nd Amendment rights!

Here's the kicker:

When looked at this way, doesn't Obama's statement to a group of gun control advocates in March 2011 that he was taking steps to further gun control restrictions, but "under the radar," now seem less cryptic than it did at the time? There is a link to a Huffington Post article [I don't want to link to them] entitled: "Chicago Homicide Rate Worse Than Kabul, Up To 200 Police Assigned To High-Profile Wedding (Video)."

Long story short - this is what happens when liberals have the goal of confiscating guns from the citizenry. The criminals still have them while law abiding individuals don't have them to defend themselves. But the ultimate reason why liberals want to stomp on the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is explained in the following paragraph.


Never lose sight of the real reason why liberals want to confiscate your guns. Liberals assert that government is the protector of all our freedoms, and therefore we need not be concerned with protecting ourselves and our loved ones. The folly of that assertion can be refuted with one word: Chicago. But the true reason for wanting an unarmed public is because such a citizenry is powerless in the face of armed government and therefore compliant. Liberals and Democrats know full well that the key to unrestrained governing is to first disarm the citizenry.

And the truth shall set us free!!!!

Hat Tip:

American Thinker

Gateway Pundit has more:

Obama Knew About Gun Walking Program in 2009 Then Used “Fast & Furious” To Make Case For Gun Regulations (Video)
Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit - 1 hour ago


Hat tip for video # 1: The Right Scoop 

Barack Obama knew about the gun walking program in March 2009. The Right Scoop reported: In April 2009 Barack Obama traveled to Mexico and blamed US gun sellers for violence south of the border. Obama told his Mexican audience, “This … Continue reading →
Some interesting comments over at Gateway Pundit:

#8 June 21, 2012 at 7:25 am Ella commented:

Are we to believe that Eric Holder is going through this because he’s protecting a few dumb underlings who supposedly conceived a terrible idea? Riiiiiiiiiight. Wise up, America. He’s protecting Barack Obama. The president is the one behind all of this. Barack Obama has an awful lot of blood on his hands.

  #10 June 21, 2012 at 7:46 am archer52 commented:

I remember Obama telling the anti-gun people when they complained he was avoiding the anti-gun agenda “Don’t worry. We have something working that will change things. You will be pleased.” That was around 2009.

Then the political messaging started that the violence in Mexico was the fault of gun shops, too many guns being purchased etc., and something needed to be done. They showed photos of “seized” American weapons including things we couldn’t buy here. But that was the narrative pushed into the MSM and then pushed out to us.

The Senate offered up a bill to combat the sale of weapons in America to stop the violence in Mexico. THEN F&F came out and things started going wobbly.

But the Senate, I think Feinstein, went ahead and tried to get the bill passed. However, the facts were coming out, ATF agents were flipping and telling the story and the energy for the bill died. She still blabbered and stammered, but to no avail (She is in on it too BTW).

Suddenly, what was a ghost operation running behind the scenes to push another assault weapon ban here became the story and Holder found himself the target. Thus, as always, the coverup started. Lawyers are schooled in the art of delay. They hope things happen (Zimmerman anyone) that will take the focus off of their case by just throwing up crap and hoping for the best.

But that didn’t happen. Gratefully, the opposition party held one Branch (much like in the nineties with Waco and Ruby Ridge) and were able to bring light to the scheme. Had that not been the case, the “truth” would have never come out. Much like how we are now learning about Obamacare’s deals with all the special interest groups instead of back in 2010 when it was being formed, having all three branches controlled by the Democrats guarantees an almost Soviet like atmosphere and until one Branch breaks through, it is what we are going to suffer from forever as the MSM has been compromised.

This is Obama’s reelection year. If Holder is smart, he’ll cut a deal where he gets immunity and leaves. If not, if Obama doesn’t get reelected, the serious investigations may start and Holder, a man of questionable judgment and morals, may realize what so many tyrants and arrogant leaders discovered much to their dismay- he stayed one day too long.

Imagine him doing the perp walk!

Here is one example of a blogger exposing the truth back in 2011!!

The Right Scoop: Carney’s outright lie on the Obama administration’s assault on the Second Amendment



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