Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One Liberal Woke Up and Smelled the Imperialism!

As usual, my blogging friend Steve comes up with a great post that reveals the crazytown that many rabid ObamaBorgBot liberals live in!

Cry and Howl: Barack Obama Has Spent 26 Days Of Vacation Time As Of Today (6-18-2012) … Do You Believe That? Liberals Do.

Outright lies seem to be the MO of liberals. Do they really think that no one will notice?

God bless Steve for venturing out into the liberal freak-town areas of the blogosphere! I don't think I could stomach more lies. I see enough on T.V. when the ObaMARXIST, the Eric "Evil" Holding-out-on-Fast-and-Furious criminal, or just about any other Democrat speaks! I would need to think hard to find a T.V. moment where a liberal left media lunatic hasn't lied on national T.V.!!

Anyway, I used to like Juan Williams. He has had a few moments of sanity on Fox News when he doesn't stick to the liberal line; especially when it is unconscionable to do so. But recently, even he went off the deep end during a verbal battle with Michele Malkin on Hannity! Plus, he did it again with another "blow up the Supreme Court Over Obamacare mandate" crazy comment!

 So, the question remains...where can I find at least ONE example of a liberal coming to his/her senses before it's too late?

Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find an article in the San Diego Union Tribune where a liberal editorial writer lamented that "The President is not the King."

I have to say that I was genuinely SHOCKED that this liberal editorial writer actually agrees with the concern that conservatives have over the fact that Obummer is "govern[ing] as if he were a king, above the law." Perhaps there is hope for some moderate liberals to wake up and smell the imperialism??

Quote from article link:
"Everyone who thinks about this issue should consider what might result if a president with views they didn’t like had the sort of unchecked power asserted by the present chief executive. The acceptability of an imperial presidency then quickly recedes."
At least one liberal journalist has finally put down the Kook-Aid!

Hat tips to all links.


steve said...

Hey Christine!
Been missing you! I guess whenever I don't see something new here I start to wonder, "where is that little lady"?
Thanks for the mention here!
I have to say, I must have some kind of self-punishment mental disorder that keeps me seeking out liberal blog sites. I don't know it's kinda wierd ... but man, it really "torques my gourd" trying to make sense out of the way they think. It does give me a few ideas for blogging though! I posted an article written by Mychal Massie at the Daily Rant. Man, that guy is good. If you get the chance check it out.

Christinewjc said...

The same old excuse - busyness keeps me from blogging daily. I'm down to posting one or two times a week!

My pleasure to link to your blog. You always have interesting posts!

I admire you for venturing into "enemy" territory to see what the libs are saying. It helps to read about their ignorant mindset so that we can set people straight on the truth! The rabid libbers (a.k.a. fibbers!) display their irrationality for all to see whenever they erupt over the latest Obummer scandal!

I woke up early this morning and Van Jones was on C-Span. I listened for a while, then fell asleep! He spouted the usual disguised Commie drivel to the audience. He even scolded them for not being as excited as they were in the 2008 "hope and change" days! It's no wonder! Their "hero" Obama is now the Zero!! Ha ha haaaa!!

I will check out the Mychal Massie post. If he wrote against Obama....he must be a raaacist! Oh wait...he's black! Ha! No matter how the crazed Bots try to paint people as "racist" for opposing Obama's POLICIES - it doesn't work when we consider the conservative blacks who see Zero for what he truly is!