Sunday, November 04, 2012

Conservatism Is Calling!

Hat tip: Restoring Liberty


This is one of the exceptional videos of this election season, with hundreds of thousands of views over the last week.

The first half of the clip very effectively uses Obama’s own 2008 campaign rhetoric against him, something that would have been very effective in the debates.

It then describes the nations’s debt crisis, providing definition to the enormous numbers burdening our nation.

Finally, it gives a brief history on conservatism and conservative ideals.

It’s a catchy, fast-paced, and otherwise well done video.


GMpilot said...

I've heard Conservatism calling.
It has sent me robocalls while I'm trying to cook dinner.
It has been lurking in magazines, newspapers, and otherwise respectable places on the internet.
I've felt it coiling around my body, whispering hotly into my ear:
“C'mon, [GM], you're at the age when most people go conservative. That liberal stuff was fine when you were twenty-three, but you're an adult now—almost a senior. You got a piece of the pie—you wanna let those people take it away from you? Sure, Whatsisname talked about that 47%, but that's not you. You're one of us, really.
Think of it: Tax Cuts. Legal rights for fetuses. No same-sex marriages. School vouchers—quality education for those who can afford it! Health care? Leave it to the emergency rooms!”

But I shook it off. Conservatism may be my friend, but Conservatives most certainly are not.

Once upon a time the brand meant something. It meant people of purposed and honorable intent, who often told liberals “Now wait a minute,” and made them reexamine their ideas, to see if they really had merit. These days it means people of reactionary and dyspeptic temper, who are often more radical than the radicals. They think they're trying to conserve what's best about the nation, when they're often destroying what they're trying to conserve.

Let Conservatism call!
I've erased it from my phone list.
I've un-friended them on Facebook (or I would, if I were on Facebook).
I tell my friends about the horrible mutation Conservatism has become; Reagan, let alone Goldwater, wouldn't pass muster as conservatives now. William F Buckley must be fuming in his grave.
Let Conservatism call...but I won't answer.

Christinewjc said...

Written like a hard-core liberal, GM.

Legal rights for fetuses? It sounds like you think of them as pieces of broccoli.

I suppose you had no opinion about my previous post - the Born Alive Infants Protection Act - where then Senator Obama was one of only three maniacs who voted against such a bill. Talk about extremism!

About health care and the emergency room. While my elderly mother was visiting me (a visit that was originally for two weeks and turned out to be for two months due to a health emergency) she was weak, tired, and had two falls. Took her to the doctor. She had a blood test and MRI. Turned out she was severely anemic - count level at 5.2 (which is quite serious because normal is 13-15). Took her to the emergency room as soon as I hung up the phone with the doctor. She required 5 units of blood and an overnight stay at the hospital.

If ObamaHellCare was fully implemented, a death panel probably would have deemed her "not worthy" of the transfusions because she is too old (age 88) and due to rationing, that blood should go to someone else. I thank God that she was given the blood, recovered, and is doing very well.

Those two reasons are enough for me to reject Obama on all levels. But as I have stated in hundreds of blog posts here, there are thousands of reasons to reject him.

I continue to pray that God will have mercy on our nation and that it be in His will to replace the worst pResident in the history of America with a man who is honest, has integrity, has conservative ideas to bring our nation from the brink of disaster, and who loves this country.

You go ahead and vote for Obummer - who told his zombie-bots to "vote for revenge." Real nice...

No leader is perfect (except for Jesus Christ and when he returns with his faithful for the Milennium here on earth - it will be 1,000 years of holy and righteous leadership) so on this earth, we need to have the discernment to choose what is best in the circumstances we live in.

To re-elect Obama would be electing an evil combination of Marx, Hitler, Che, and radical Muslim Brotherhood Islamist infiltration into our nation that would destroy us.

Say what you want about conservativism. It's far better than the ugly alternative that you stand for.

GMpilot said...

I don't need you to confirm me as a 'true liberal'...but thanks anyway.

rMoney: “We don’t have a setting across this country where if you don’t have insurance, we just say to you, ‘Tough luck, you’re going to die when you have your heart attack. “No, you go to the hospital, you get treated, you get care, and it’s paid for, either by charity, the government or by the hospital. We don’t have people that become ill, who die in their apartment because they don’t have insurance.” What an ER does is stabilize a patient's condition; restoring them to health is a long-term process, which emergency rooms are not required or equipped to do. It is also the most expensive form of treatment. My wife died in a civilian hospital, and her bill came to $13,000, which no insurance company would have paid because she was not covered for her pre-existant condition.

The Affordable Care Act contains important federal protections against insurance company practices like rescission. That’s when an insurance company finds out that you, who have paid your premiums for years, have suddenly gotten expensively sick (or pregnant), and go back to look at your initial application for insurance, to see if they can find any error at all. If they find one (and even if they don’t), they rescind your policy retroactively, and even try to recover whatever they paid on claims before you got sick. In other words, they can sue you into bankruptcy. Imagine being both sick and broke.
Without the health care reform law, Americans are at the mercy of the insurance regulations in the states where they reside. California has strong anti-rescission laws. So does New Jersey. But many others don't. If the ACA is rescinded, those protections will be gone, and Mitt hasn't told us how, or if, he would replace them.

CJW: ”If ObamaHellCare was fully implemented, a death panel probably would have deemed her "not worthy" of the transfusions because she is too old (age 88) and due to rationing, that blood should go to someone else. I thank God that she was given the blood, recovered, and is doing very well.”

Blood is rationed only when there's a shortage of it, which rarely happens. Most people are happy to donate blood. I suspect the Red Cross had plenty of volunteers to give it, after the events of last week. Don't thank god, thank the blood banks and the people who donate to them and maintain them.
As I told you once before, the real 'death panels' are in the Pentagon, planning the next war.

See you again.