Thursday, November 01, 2012

Obama Slogan Should Read: Forewarned!

This morning, I enjoyed watching one of Mitt Romney's campaign rallies in Virginia.  Afterwards, I thought about how wonderful it was to hear a genuine person speak positively about our nation, our people, how to start solving our huge problems, and stirred up hope for our future here in America.  He shared his five point plan which highly contrasts the failure of the last four years of Obama.

Romney mentioned seeing the Obama campaign signs outside which read "Forward."  He quipped, "After the last four years [disastrous years at that!!], it should read FOREWARNED!!"  Ha ha haaa!!  That was great!!!

Instead of the bullsh**er-in-chief we now have ruining America, we have the chance to elect a good, genuine man who has proven his abilities to get what needs to be done going, once again, in this country!!  The choice is clear - we can vote to save this nation from a further spiral down into the hell-bent pit of despair via the removal of this awful, BADministration from office and elect a president who knows how to create jobs through energy dependence here at home.  He knows how to bring people together instead of demonizing them like Obummer does.  Romney did that in Massachusetts.  Romney knows just who our true allies are in the Middle East,  Israel,  and who the enemies are - all the radical Muslim terrorists spreading their craziness throughout the globe.  Romney knows how to get this economy growing again; whereas Obama wants to create another government bureaucrat empty chair position and label it his latest "business" czar.  If THAT doesn't tell you that he has no idea how to create jobs and get this economy going again, then NOTHING will!!

Yes!  We certainly have been forewarned about the terrible direction that ObaMARXIST wants to take this country!  However, for those of you who might need more proof I suggest that you visit the following posts.

~  Christine


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steve said...

Hey Christine!
It is so obvious what Obama has in store for us if he wins. More of the same X1000!

GMpilot said...

Went to all your links (except CommieBlaster; I'd never get the stink off if I did), and still found more speculation than fact. Again, why does the AG, the FBI and the Congress have copies of these if they're all true? And please, spare me the 'conspiracy' bullsh.
But I'd like to focus on one claim you've made:

CJW: ”Romney knows how to get this economy growing again; whereas Obama wants to create another government bureaucrat empty chair position and label it his latest "business" czar.”

Not so, hostess:

Since 1900, only five of our 20 presidents had significant business experience when they entered the White House: Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter, and the two Bushes.
Notably missing are the figures whom Americans routinely identify as the best 20th-century presidents: Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan. Of the businessmen-presidents, indeed, only Truman usually makes it into pollsters’ Top Ten. And he was the worst businessman of the lot.
The best one was surely Hoover, who remains a symbol of presidential ineptitude for his ham-handed reaction to the 1929 stock market crash and ensuing Great Depression. Before that, however, he made millions in the global mining industry. A peripatetic traveler, he moved from Australia to China to England in search of better opportunities.
He found them, too. Logging over 5,000 miles across the Australian bush in a quest for gold, he acquired a $1 million mine that would generate $65 million for his company. In a passage that could be lifted from a Mitt Romney speech, Hoover later recalled the “sheer joy” of “creating productive enterprises” during these early years.
And like Romney, who often closed or downsized unprofitable enterprises that he acquired while at Bain Capital, Hoover often let people go in the service of the bottom line. In Australia, when some of his workers went on strike, he boasted about firing them and importing Italian laborers to take their place. He was more upset about dismissing a 72-year-old accountant on his staff, Hoover wrote to a friend, “but I have to get things in shape for the company.”

When you and I were young, the president's official title was “Chief Executive of the United States”. It's not as exciting as “Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces”, but back then we were looking to stop wars, not start them.
I'd have more respect for rMoney's acumen as a CEO if he'd make one single declaration: When I am President, I will run the country like a business in one respect: If the nation doesn't make money, neither will the Congress. I will freeze Congressional salaries until the GDP improves.
That's something everyone could agree on, and it beats wanting to end subsidies for PBS or do away with FEMA.
But yeah...rMoney would sure give us the business, all right. What other parts of America would he decide should go bankrupt? Take all the military facilities out of San Diego, perhaps, and install them in Florida, and leave California to look after its own defense? We may have an answer, starting in just five days.