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Glenn Beck on Petraeus Scandal: "They used him. Manipulated him. Now They're Exposing Him.

Last night, I watched and listened to Glenn Beck make the connections between the exposure of former General and ex-CIA Director, David  Petraeus'  sex scandal, the Benghazi massacre and cover-up, and the Arab Spring. It was absolutely fascinating and exposes the ultimate goal of the BHO BADministration! I recommend that you subcribe so that you will find out what the media of mass deception refuses to report! ~ Christine

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On Glenn's website, we read a transcript entitled Glenn on Petraeus scandal: “They used him. Manipulated him. Now they’re exposing him.

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On TheBlaze Monday night, Glenn took a hard look at the weekend’s biggest news: the resignation of CIA Director General David Petraeus. While Petraeus has cited an extramarital affair as the reason for his resignation, Glenn found the timing almost unbelievable. The news broke only three days after the election and one week before Petraeus was set to testify before Congress.

Two weeks ago, Glenn went on Pat & Stu and predicted it would be General Petraeus taking the blame for Libyan incident.

On his show, Glenn took a hard look at the circumstances surrounding Petraeus’s scandal. A few years ago, Petraeus was one of the most respected figures in America and considered by many as a future Republican superstar and potential presidential candidate. Because of his status, he could easily have been a threat to the Democrats and progressives. But in recent years and months, he’s been isolated and even put in a position to fail.

“Why would you send Petraeus to the CIA and send your CIA Director to the Pentagon?” Glenn asked. Glenn said Petraeus would have been much better at the Pentagon and Leon Panetta was not a sensible choice for the position.

He further noted that reports have emerged that members of the Obama administration knew about the affair while he was being vetted for the CIA Director job, although the White House claims they did not know about the affair. Glenn found this hard to believe, and said that if they did not know everyone involved with the vetting needed to be fired.

“This is Benghazi all over again. Gross incompetence or massive cover-up.”

The scandal will only damage Petraeus’s credibility, and Glenn believes if he does testify on Benghazi it may be too late because of the loss of his reputation.

He further explained that if the White House knew about the affair, they could knowingly put him in a position where he would be forced to take the fall for a scandal like Libya.

“They knew the information. They used it. They used him. Manipulated him. Now they’re exposing him,” Glenn said.

Walking over to the Oval Office, he laid out a scenario where Petraeus would be in a position to either expose wrongdoings or keep silent. With the dirt of the affair hanging over his head, the guilty and manipulative people above him could coerce him into silence or risk the details of his affair becoming public. Glenn hinted that he had been put in a similar position, and it was only because he knew he didn’t have any skeletons in his closet that he didn’t back down.

Glenn hoped that General Petraeus would be brave enough to take his lumps and tell America what really happened in Benghazi and what is really happening in this administration.

After a break, Glenn spoke with several experts about the timing of the scandal:

This was broadcast on Monday.  Today, we learned that Petraeus WILL TESTIFY both at today's closed door hearing and Thursday's  public hearing.

Petraeus to Testify Before Congress - Now that Obama has thrown him under the bus, the sycophant media will try to discredit anything he testifies about if it goes against the White House party...

The question that Glenn hinted at was whether or not Petraeus will tell the truth or have been set up as the fall guy.

Glenn has more about the disgracing, manipulation and destruction of Petraeus:

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What it boils down to is this.  Either David Petraeus will tell the truth about the Benghazi cover-up, or he will take the fall for the BADministration and take a job at a university.

I pray that he will be the hero he has been in the past and expose this cover-up for what it really is.



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