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Voter Fraud Part 2 - Fool Me Twice [Update 3, 4 and 5 - MUST SEE VIDEO and More On Scytl!!]

The fact that Democrats used dirty voter fraud tricks to steal the election for BHO should not surprise anyone who has been paying attention over the past 5 years.  This post will contain some indisputable facts that voter fraud, military voter suppression, vote machine irregularities and outright cheating at voting precincts helped get the worst pResident ever illegally re-elected.  I will also share some information that might be considered speculative.  Those portions will be the "Talk Wisdom Reports - You Decide" links and excerpts.  But let's start with one of the most obvious facts that should make most readers sit up and take notice of what a sham this election has been because of Democrat cheating.

~  Christine



Lame Cherry Blog: SCYTL




[Note:  you may need to scroll over to the right to see the video.  Click on the "trailer" and then after viewing that, you can click on "Agenda:  Grinding America Down (Full Movie)].
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The Agenda - An agenda is different from a conspiracy. A conspiracy involves secret plans to achieve some harmful end, while an agenda is simply a list of things meant ...


Before I get to the articles, I wanted to mention what a person who worked a precinct in Palm Beach Florida said about outright cheating going on during a phone call into the Glenn Beck radio program today.  The man said that he saw a small group of Democrats marking what appeared to be military ballots over in a corner of the precinct, without anyone from the Republican party supervising them.  When he tried to go over to see what they were doing they brushed off his inquisition with some lie.  But he knows what he saw!  Perhaps The Blaze has some more information up about this incident today.

The first article I want to share was just published about one hour ago (@ 5:50 p.m. PT). It was written by Aaron Klein, author of a new book called "Fool Me Twice." Wish more of the clueless BHO voters read that book! Anyway, Klein's article is entitled Did This Dirty Trick Get Obama Elected? President didn’t win a single state that required Voter ID .


Did the suppression or lack of voter ID laws aid President Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney?

Obama did not win a single state that requires photo IDs to vote, although he was victorious in four states that require non-photo identification – Washington, Colorado, Ohio and Virginia. Those states accept as legitimate identification current utility bills, bank statements and paychecks.
Obama won several closely contested states that do not require any voter identification, including Minnesota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin and Nevada.

The states that Obama lost that do require photo identification do not traditionally vote Republican. Tennessee, for example, voted Democrat in the 1972, 1992 and 1996 presidential elections. Georgia, which also requires photo ID, voted Democrat in the 1976, 1980 and 1992 presidential elections.

In Colorado, where non-photo identification is accepted, a review by showed irregular voting patterns, finding that 10 counties had a total registration ranging between 104 to 140 percent of the respective populations.

When Media Trackers requested comment on the voter bloat in one area, Gilpin County, the county’s chief deputy Gail Maxwell explained, “This is just a reminder Gilpin is a Gaming Community. The voters come and go!”

RedState notes records show some of the counties in question maintained statistically unusual voting figures. Gilpin County had a 61 percent voter turnout in the 2010 election, and Hinsdale County had an astounding 92 percent voter turnout. Those figures are far above the Colorado average turnout of 48 percent and the national average of 41 percent.

In Pennsylvania, where Obama was victorious, an Oct. 2 ruling by a Pennsylvania judge put a voter ID law on hold, decreeing that election officials can still ask voters for photo identification but cannot require it.

Voter ID laws were entirely struck down in Texas and South Carolina. Romney carried both states.

WND previously reported a radical group that has a history of biased research provided data utilized in both cases that blocked the new voter ID laws.

The Brennan Center for Justice, heavily funded by billionaire activist George Soros, has been at the center of providing data claiming voter ID laws will disenfranchise minorities.
However, WND reported the very voter ID data used by Brennan has been called into question by experts and has been contradicted by other credible studies and even by the group’s own footnotes in the one study it conducted.

Read it all HERE.

Remember that name - George Soros - because there is more information that will show his interference in the election and what this billionaire did to help BHO steal it.

Need to see more proof how voter ID laws help prevent fraud and more proof that states with voter ID laws were won by Mitt Romney?

See: The Steady Drip Blog: Voter ID and IQ Test - What does This Map Tell You?

The next article of truth is most disturbing!!  I originally found it on another blog, but the link didn't work today.  Then, a commenter posted the link in the comment section.  When I originally clicked on it, I got the usual "Internet explorer cannot open this page....blah blah blah."  But when I tried a second and third time, I was able to connect.  Strange...isn't it?  Since this article seems to be a target of hackers, I will post the link and then copy and paste the entire post here at Talk Wisdom.

The Duffel Blog: Military Absentee Ballots Delivered One Day Late, Would Have Swung Election For Romney

[Update:  It has come to my attention that "The Duffel Blog" is a satire site so I have removed the copy of the post.]

Coincidence?  I think not!  Sounds more like something that was done "by accident on purpose" perhaps?  Nope...not even that explains it.  It was definitely done by design.

OK - as if THAT isn't enough to get your blood boiling over the THEFT of this election, we all know how complicit the media of mass deception has been in the cover-up over the Benghazi terrorist attack where four Americans were murdered in cold blood.  But has anyone heard of the following additional scandal?

Obama Administration Facing Massive Federal Lawsuit - A lawsuit seeking the return of $43 trillion (with a “t”) and an audit of all the TARP programs by an independent receiver has been filed against senior me...

I wrote about this additional scandal back in October:
Talk Wisdom: CNBC Reports $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit…CNBC Exec’s Children Murdered Next Day.  We can see how absolutely RUTHLESS these people are - to kill the children of an CNBC executive because they published a story about the lawsuit?  Bone-chillingly evil, disgusting and UGLY! might ask what kind of people would do such awful things?  Well, one lone (and, admittedly,  kinda quirky) blogger is often credited with coming out with explanations well before most blogging journalists.  But you will need to realize that this is a "Talk Wisdom Reports...You Decide" kind of link to a post.

Apparently, the author does not like bloggers "stealing" the material and re-posting it.  Therefore, here is a list of links.  It might be best to read them in order so that you will understand what is being revealed:

1. Lame Cherry Blog: No Title Necessary For Vote Fraud

2. Lame Cherry Blog: Obama Scytlgate

3. Lame Cherry Blog: Election Theft Thread
(Apparently, people needed more clarification regarding what the author was talking about in the previous post. The author often "scolds" readers for being anywhere from a bit slow to catch on all the way to being totally dumb. Like I said, the author is kinda quirky...)

You will notice some unflattering verbiage over there regarding Karl Rove's sexual preferences.  But that's the way this author is.  There is a lot of satire (or, perhaps secret truths?) going on in the author's posts.  Humor mixed with astonishing facts, as well.  I'm not even sure whether the author is male or female.  Claims to be a woman, but what women has loads of photos of sexy young scantily-clad women in her posts?  It may be an attempt to disguise the identity over there...who knows?

Anyway, this is not the first time I have heard of the Scytlgate machines owned by billionaire George Soros swinging elections in the favor of leftist lunatic communists.

Something else to consider.  Recall when BHO was discovered on an open mic telling Medvedev of Russia that "this is my last election.  I will have more flexibility after the election."  Then, Medvedev replies, "I will transmit this to Vladimir [Putin]."  One must wonder - did BHO say such a thing because he knew "the fix was in?"  And, why did BHO have all those people at his re-election victory party - all lined up waving their little American flags - waiting for hours for The One to come out and give his speech?  It was obviously staged.  Funny how the flags were so small...kinda like how BHO and his ilk think of America.  With another four years to wreak havoc upon our beloved nation, perhaps this once huge and exceptional country will be battered down to the size that they desire - like a third world country - with "the communist little dictator" in place until 2016...or perhaps beyond?

Hmmm...could it be that Lame Cherry's cynicism is rubbing off on me?

Well, that's it for now.  Perhaps I will have more links to share tomorrow.

Hat tips to all links.



 Daily Thought Pad has the military absentee ballot story and also included these related links:

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“It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes”


Update on November 9, 2012:

Lame Cherry Blog - Boxgate: Obamas Election Theft Propaganda

People are sensing that something was very wrong with this election.  However, many of them apparently haven't a clue about Scytl, Sequoia and SOE, the Big Three S's. 

How unfortunate it is that the pundits at Fox News are buying the Demoncrap narrative (and believing it - for Pete's sake!!) that Republicans need to change in order to appeal to minorities.  How do we know that minority votes weren't stolen via the Big Three S's machine voter fraud to tilt the election towards BHO?

Recall how Demoncraps complained for EIGHT YEARS - and more (i.e. throughout BHO'S first term of thievery) that the election was rigged against Gore so that Bush won??  But now, when the PROOF if right before there very eyes, they accept voter fraud because they happen to like and agree with the thief and his ilk?

I'm starting to think that my suspicion that the last true election really was Ronald Reagan's.  The thievery began after that.

More from Commie Blaster:

Obama's Stolen Election: 10 Very Dire Consequences
Intentional: Military Not Represented in Vote
Election Results Came From Same People Who Gave You Fake Birth Certificates
Obama Stole Election
No Voter ID Cost Election: Obama Won No State that Required Photo ID
Raw Voter Fraud in PA: Obama Got Over 99% of Vote at Polls Where GOP Inspectors were Kicked Out
The Case of the Missing White Voters ...Missing is Right! Missing from the Vote Count!

Update # 2:

Media Trackers: Colorado Counties Have More Voters Than People


UPDATE 11/12/12! BREAKING: Romney Got ZERO Votes in 59 Philadelphia Voting Divisions! Zero!


GMpilot said...

"In this world of sin and sorrow, there is always something to be thankful for; as for me, I rejoice that I am not a Republican."

--H L Mencken (1880-1956)

Christinewjc said...

Hmmmm....nice way to avoid addressing the voter fraud and corruption. Typical of a liberal lunatic Democrat.

steve said...

There's no doubt voter fraud took place. Everyone knew that was going to take place and Republicans/conservatives allowed themselves to be bullied. "Fool me twice" is a good title for this, but there is no excuse to be bullied. Conservatives need to grow a spine. And it does not matter one bit now. People making comments like the above show gross ignorance and shallow arrogance. When the U.S. "goes down" ... everyone goes with it. Considering the caliber of people who voted for Barack, (how about that Obama phone!) personally I rejoice I'm not a liberal.

Christinewjc said...

Wasn't Hitler "re-elected"? He came to power (fraudulently, too, I might add) because the people thought they were getting someone who could bring back national pride after Germany's crippling and demoralizing defeat in WWI. The people continued to believe the propaganda being spewed from the Nazis (and, just for GM, a reminder that Nazi stands for National SOCIALISTS and they bonded for a while with the Soviet Union). It wasn't until the allied forces bombed the hell out the place that the people realized their grave error in trusting a tyrant and dictator like Hitler. Then, they went through the additional tragedy and humiliation of finding out about the Holocaust.

People do not learn from history. They keep making the same mistakes. I see the evil associations of the BHO regime - a mix of communism and radical Islam - like the unholy alliance of Nazis and commies in the 1940's.

Sorry to go off on a tangent here, but I went over and read some of the TROC Facebook page. Clueless people - to say the least! And, no mention of the cross of Christ. Typical leftist CINO propaganda site.

GMpilot said...

Good start, hostess. Let's carry your Nazi parallels further, shall we?
Germany did indeed lose WWI—a war they'd eagerly marched into, full of fire and vinegar, convinced they were the “missionaries of human progress” (Kaiser Wilhelm II). They lost more than the war: they lost the Kaiser, two provinces, and were forced to pay reparations so massive that they weren't completed until just two years ago century...which kept their economy depressed, and their people broke, and ripe for a demagogue like Hitler.,8599,2023140,00.html

We went into Afghanistan (with justification) in December '01, and Iraq (without) in March '03. We were told—just as the Nazis told Germany—that the war would be swift; we'd find Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice. We'd find the “weapons of mass destruction” that Saddam Hussein had built and was hiding from the UN inspectors. We would initiate something called “regime change” by overthrowing Saddam, and actually stabilize the entire Middle East by doing so. We were even assured that the whole thing would be over in three years, and that someday there'd be a broad street in Baghdad bearing Bush's name.

Bin Laden got away, and the war bogged down, and Bush went so far as to remark: The idea of focusing on one person really indicates to me people don’t understand the scope of the mission. Terror is bigger than one person. He’s just a person who’s been marginalized. … I don’t know where he is. I really just don’t spend that much time on him, to be honest with you.”

But bin Laden produced a tape which popped up just in time to help Bush get re-elected in 2004. Hmm.
Oh, almost forgot: a few months after Hitler came to power, the Reichstag building, Germany's equivalent to the Capitol, burned. It was claimed the Communists did it, of course. Any doubts of the Nazis' legitimacy were swept away by this incident, much like 9/11 did here. It led to a great deal of anticommunist legislation, much like the Patriot Act did here. Despite frantic efforts by many, Obama has no such galvanizing event attached to him.

There's more to be said, but the real world calls. I'll be back later.

PS: I thought you'd given up Facebook! Why in the nine planets did you go to a FB page if you don't like them? Does this have to do with your hypocrisy about Google©, whom you also dislike but continue to use?

steve said...

Hey Christine. I just watched the trailer for Agenda. Makes one want to weep. I'm thinking of buying the DVD. I'll let you know when/if I do.
sigh ...
People like some of the smarta$$es you get commenting here ... well, never mind.

Christinewjc said...

Well guess what GM? America is now ripe for a demagogue like BHO. Can't you even see the parallel between what is happening in America and in Nazi Germany? [Oh...silly me...of COURSE YOU CAN'T SEE IT. Only Bush was your target. BHO's color, ideology, and terrible policies agree with yours.]

Look, we could debate Hitler and the Nazis, Communists, the wars, Bush etc. But the point of this post is VOTER FRAUD. Again, you continue to ignore the TRUTH - right before your eyes - to the FACT THAT the election was stolen.

About FaceBook. This blog is linked via NetWorkedBlogs (see sidebar) and some people from there find Talk Wisdom that way. Apparently, I do not need to have a FaceBook account to view that link because they chose to make it public. The person who linked in the comment (The rest of Christianity) provided a link in his/her screen name so I clicked on it.

So...when you return are you going to address the evidence of voter fraud?

*******crickets chirping*******

Christinewjc said...

Yes Steve, it truly is heartbreaking to see the Agenda scumbags deliberately killing our nation!

BTW, there was supposed to be a way to view the entire documentary free, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work. I think we might need to join the vimeo site? Or, perhaps the free viewing session is no longer available.

I think that nothing is being done about fraudulent elections because, like I stated at your blog, those "in power" are either fearful or complicit. Very sad state of affairs. More proof that the Bible is filled with TRUTH regarding the end times. Gets closer every day.

GMpilot said...

CJW: ”So...when you return are you going to address the evidence of voter fraud?”

Well, since you asked so nicely...yes.

”America is now ripe for a demagogue like BHO. Can't you even see the parallel between what is happening in America and in Nazi Germany? [Oh...silly me...of COURSE YOU CAN'T SEE IT. Only Bush was your target. BHO's color, ideology, and terrible policies agree with yours.]”

The real demagogue got knocked out of the running months ago. Some say it was Rick Perry; I favor the other Rick.
Nothing is happening in Nazi Germany now: it doesn't exist anymore.
As for BHO's color, what has that to do with it? To that, I have only two words: Herman Cain. A clown, no matter what his color is. Christine, just who do you think black people voted for before there were any black candidates?

Look, we could debate Hitler and the Nazis, Communists, the wars, Bush etc. But the point of this post is VOTER FRAUD. Again, you continue to ignore the TRUTH - right before your eyes - to the FACT THAT the election was stolen.

So far, only Karl Rove has behaved—in public—as if the election was stolen. And even HE hasn't said that out loud. If our places were reversed, I'm sure I'd feel the same as you, but it takes more that feelings. Feelings won't stand up in a court of law. Where is this VOTER FRAUD? If you got 'em, show 'em, and leave the Nazis out of it.
Hmm...I've found an example in...ah, Las Vegas, where a woman tried to vote twice and got busted by the FBI for her trouble:

If, as she claimed, she was only trying to 'test the system', she should be happy now. It works. Anyway, it was an anomaly; GOPpers specialize in voter suppression, as evidenced by the FACT that since 2010, more than 30 states have introduced legislation or enacted laws that would curb voters' access to voting. Hey, that was right after the midterms, wasn't it? When the Tea___ers were flexing their new political muscles everywhere?
Or maybe you were worried about that Scary Black Man who stood outside a polling place in Philadelphia and, like a gentleman, opened the door for two white women who went in to vote. Fox News was on that like white on rice:

”Recall how Demoncraps complained for EIGHT YEARS - and more (i.e. throughout BHO'S first term of thievery) that the election was rigged against Gore so that Bush won?? But now, when the PROOF if right before there very eyes, they accept voter fraud because they happen to like and agree with the thief and his ilk?
I'm starting to think that my suspicion that the last true election really was Ronald Reagan's. The thievery began after that.”

You mean that you suspect BOTH BUSHES were...thieves?! (Some people might agree with that.) Naw, that can't be true, considering how YOU raved about Dubya. You certainly didn't ponder that idea back in '06. Or maybe they were just not 'true' Conservatives? In that case it would be 'fool me seven': Bush 41, Clinton (twice), Bush 43 (twice) and now Obama (twice).
But no fraud was proven, at least in the Shrub's case. Sure, there was that activity in Florida with the 'hanging chads' and all, but no fraud. Still, it took the SCOTUS to decide the election, which is why so many think Bush was appointed, not elected. Gore won the popular vote, but lost the EC.
I know how you love St. Reagan, but he's even further in the past than Dubya. It isn't 1985 any more. Catch up.

GMpilot said...


Oh, by the way: CommieBlaster claims ”Election Results Came From Same People Who Gave You Fake Birth Certificates”. That's a real hoot, because in the past four years the only fake BCs that have surfaced came from birfers like Sheriff Arpaio, who announced way back in July that Obama's papers were fake. I've been waiting for him to deliver the proof to higher authorities. I suspect Jesus will return before that happens.

Such bitter, bitter people here.

steve said...

One of the most asinine statements I've ever read. A certified law enforcement officer ... a sheriff ... presents a Obama's fake birth certificate ... like Arpaio has something to gain.
Gawd, how stupid one has to be!

It sure was coincidental how all the federal investigations into Arpaio were suddenly dropped when team Obama confirmed the media wouldn't touch the birth thing. Mission accomplished.
Well Christine, I'll let you continue this with GM. I have my own brain dead liberal that claims a drone killed children in the Middle East.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Steve,

So THAT'S why liberals have that see-no-evil, hear-no evil, speak-no-evil mindset regarding all the crimes of BHO and his ilk! Brain dead liberals!! Heh heh... Thanks for clearing that up!

BTW, did Arpaio win re-election? Hope so. He and the cold case posse seem to be the only law enforcement individuals brave enough to challenge the fraudulent BC of BHO.

I hope the Benghazi scandal and cover-up gets BHO impeached. I pray that General Petraeus will be protected so he can testify. We know how this bunch of Chicago thugs work. Too many people who had information that could have severely damaged this BADministration have already turned up dead.

Christinewjc said...

BTW, GM - I'm not the only one who has made the parallel connection argument between BHO's BADministration and Nazi Germany. Take a look at this post:

Culture Watch: The Church and Nazi Germany Revisited

Unfortunately, most black, many hispanic, and some white Christians voted for BHO's race, the socialist/communist government hand-outs, future amnesty, abortion child murder, homosexuality, and loss of freedom, justice, and liberty; instead of voting the Bible and for Christian morals, ethics, values, and responsibility. Very sad state of affairs, but the book of Jude warned us of this.