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Benghazi: The Definitive Report

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Newsweek Editor-in-Chief:
Obama Would Be Impeached
If He Was Republican
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Many blogs will be reporting about the explosive new book that came out entitled Benghazi: The Definitive Report.  I was intending on writing one myself, but my friend Steve over at Cry and Howl has created a great post that reveals some of the more damaging information against BHO and his BADministration!

Cry and Howl: Explosive new book: Obama administration up to its neck in covert acts that caused Benghazi deaths


Last week, we learned that President Obama was completely AWOL during the Benghazi attack. While Americans under his command were dying, he caught a few Zs.

This week’s revelations are even uglier. Typically, the Daily Mail is very excited about those parts of a new book that discuss General Petraeus’ downfall (it was a coup engineered by disgruntled CIA staff, including his personal security detail, who didn’t like his focus on paramilitary actions, rather than intelligence gathering).

What ought to strike all of us as infinitely more interesting is what Benghazi: The Definitive Report reveals about President Obama’s and John Brennan’s activity in the Middle East in the months leading up to the September 11 slaughter.

The book’s authors, Jack Murphy and Brandon Webb, have a unique edge that gives their books insights it’s impossible to imagine in any other similar books. Webb was a SEAL for ten years, while Murphy was a Green Beret. These guys have contacts. Many, many contacts.

Go to Steve's blog to read the key excerpts!! 

Read it all HERE.

My comment at Cry and Howl (which may be in moderation):

Hi Steve!  I wanted to write a post today about this new scathingly damaging and criminal revelation regarding the Benghazi murder/terrorist attack cover-up from the new book that just came out, but you have already summarized it perfectly here!  Will put up a post at Talk Wisdom and excerpt and link back to yours.  This information needs to go viral!
My question is:  When will any of the terribly nefarious actions (and/or in actions of BHO) lead to his impeachment and being taken out of office?  How much more evidence do we need of his treasonous behavior and traitorous activities against America?  It is absolutely mind-boggling and incomprehensible that BHO and his ilk could get away with so much corruption, murder, radical Muslim Brotherhood infiltration and conspiracies, lies, usurpation, forged documents, illegal drone killing of Americans, false-flag operations to force gun control, destruction of our health care system, stomping on our free speech and freedom of association, rampant criminality,  and all of the attempts being made to lead to the obvious destruction of our Constitutional Republic!!!  Like you said, the multiplicity of evil surrounding the criminal and his ilk in this BADministration is absolutely astounding!!!

Maybe prayers are being answered and the gradual exposure of BHO's evil criminality will one day be too huge for those who once supported him to ignore anymore.  I can't wait to see the wickedness of the BHO regime exposed for the evil that it is.  It needs to be (figuratively speaking)  crumbled to dust and blown away...but way before it gets much worse!   BHO has 4 American deaths on his hands from the 9/11/12 Benghazi attacks [and who knows how many more done in secret].  He has the blood of 40,000 + Syrians on his hands too because of his support of the so-called "Arab Spring" that turned into a massacre of Arab civilian deaths.  When an out-of-control,  tyrannical leader and his handlers are not held accountable and they go on to do more and more murders and destruction, we could end up repeating a terrible time in history.   Recall what happened as a result of the late discovery by the Allied Forces of Hitler's Holocaust and his crazed, radical Nazi regime.
I pray each day that God would act through the affairs of men to end this national (and subsequently, international) BHO BADministration's nightmare scenario!!  I pray that I will see the day come soon when it will be OVER!

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