Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Something To Strive For

I have made it a habit to record most of the shows that I watch in order to keep up on the latest news.  That way I can fast forward whenever Obama is mentioned (or droning on about the same propagandist rhetoric) or when a liberal is ranting on and on about insignificant things.  Using the DVR prevents wasted time and brings forth the joy of not having to listen to all of the commercials.  Today on The Five, Greg Gutfeld said something that I found quite amusing!  He was commenting on the latest Lindsey Lohan scandal and the strange idea to have Lohan as a "motivational speaker" for young girls, and suggested that Lindsey and Dana (Perino - one of the co-hosts of the show) should do their own reality show.  Then he added:

"It would be like Goofus and Gallant from the Highlights magazine."

I don't even know if that magazine is still in circulation, but I remember reading it as a kid while sitting in the waiting room for my dental and doctor appointments.  That magazine was always there!

Well, according to a Chicago Tribune article, Highlights magazine celebrated it's 60th year back in 2006.

Getting back to Gutfeld's point.

In today's world, individuals like the very troubled Lindsey Lohan are a far cry from anything that Goofus (the "bad" guy) ever did in those magazine stories. And, as the author of the Chicago Tribune article points out:

"We couldn't have Gallant without Goofus," said Highlights Editor Kent Brown, a grandson of the founders and, he proudly claims, the inspiration for Goofus. "Without Goofus, Gallant would be bland and no one would pay attention. But kids see parts of themselves in both characters. No one is as good as Gallant, and no one is as bad as Goofus. But being more like Gallant is something to strive for."
Dana Perino represents one of the best of her generation.  She is more like the "Gallant"  character  and should be commended for living a life of integrity, honesty, civility, wisdom, knowledge and unapologetic conservatism; even though some have mocked her for being on Fox News and others have verbally attacked her relentlessly when she worked for the Bush Administration.

Someone else who recently made headlines after his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast also fits in with the Gallant character quite well -  Dr. Benjamin Carson. If you are one of ten people here in America who hasn't heard about him yet or witnessed and listened to his great speech, here is a link to a previous post where you can enjoy what he shared.  The video has gone viral!

Talk Wisdom: Dr. Benjamin Carson’s Amazing Speech at National Prayer Breakfast [VIDEO]

"Something to strive for."  

That's great advice for today's youth.  BE SOMEONE who shows that he or she has the demeanor, goals, aspiration and capabilities necessary in order to have something to strive for.  Be the kind of good person that others will look up to and be that "someone" that others should strive to emulate.

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