Friday, February 01, 2013

Deception Can Cause Many to Suffer

The Bible has a lot to say about deception.  This post will not be totally comprehensive about the subject of deception and/or deceiving people.  However, it will give us some insight into the machinations of this type of evil and what it tragically often leads to in this fallen world.

Deceit (a.k.a. dishonesty, lying, tricking) is a tool used by people in order to accomplish certain outcomes in which they desire to reap power, monetary gain, fame, tyranny over others, and a whole host of other reasons.  The ability to "get away with it" in a world of disinformation runs rampant.  People don't know what to believe anymore.  They are so conditioned to believe what they are told on the news.  But, what if the "news" being reported is not the truth?  What if many are being told to lie to us?  What if they are "programmed" to trick us into believing even the most bizarre event(s) ever seen by mankind; just because the ignorant and uninformed continue to trust them? 

People who are propped up as being "dignified" and "above the fray" are often the very same individuals who deceive the most.  Getting away with dishonesty is easy when so many others are either mesmerized by a popular (but deceptive) individual and thus miss the fact that such a popular person is actually complicit in the lies being perpetrated.

The Bible informs us just who is called the deceiver.

Read Revelation 12:1-9.

 However, the key Bible verse is:

This great dragon--the ancient serpent called the Devil, or Satan, the one deceiving the whole world--was thrown down to the earth with all his angels.  (Revelation 12:9)

We can see that the Bible describes Satan as the deceiver.  The devil is not some cartoon character or made up entity.  He was originally an angel of God whose pride made him corrupt.  The name Satan means "adversary" or "accuser" (12:10).

As 1 Peter 5:8-9 informs us, Satan actively looks for people to attack.  He especially likes to seek out believers who may be young in the faith, vulnerable in some way, or not involved in fellowship with other believers.

Despite the fact that God allows (due to Adam and Eve's choice to do evil in the Garden of Eden) the devil to do his work in the world, God is still in control.

Nonbelievers often try and mock Christians for their beliefs.  They hate Christ and try to diminish the fact that Jesus has complete power over Satan.  This was demonstrated during Christ's three year ministry on the earth.  Scripture tells us that when Jesus was tempted by Satan, Christ used Scripture to send him away.  Only the Word of God was needed to make Satan flee!!   That is an important fact to remember! 

You may or may not know (or believe) that when Jesus died for the sins of mankind and rose from the dead, it was at that moment that Satan's future was doomed and Jesus has the keys to heaven where he goes to create mansions in eternity for believers.  Revelation 20:10 tells us that one day Satan will be bound forever, never again to do his evil work. (1)

Next, read John 8:42-47. 

The key Bible verse:

You are the children of your father the Devil, and you love to do the evil things he does.  He was a murderer from the beginning and has always hated the truth.  There is no truth in him.  When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.  (John 8:44)

[Notice that] Jesus called Satan the father of lies.  The attitudes and actions of these leaders clearly identified them as follower of Satan.  They may not have been conscious of this, but their hatred of truth, their lies, and their murderous intentions indicated how much control the devil had over them.  They were his tools in carrying out his plans; they spoke the very same language of lies.  Satan still uses people to obstruct God's work (Genesis 4:8; Romans 5:12; 1 John 3:12). (2)

From the John 8:44 verse, we learn that lying "is consistent with his (the Devil's) character."  Satan was "a murderer from the beginning and has always hated the truth."  There is "no truth in him."  What's even more disturbing is the realization that the "children of your father, the Devil, love to do the evil things he does."

The Devil can have much control over the unsaved.  They can become "his tools in carrying out his plans."  They speak "the very same language of lies."  Also, see the Bible verses that describe how Satan uses people to obstruct God's work.

No wonder Jesus told us that He is the truth! Christ informs us that God's Word is Truth!   And the "truth will set you (us) free!"

People will lie, deceive, hurt and murder others because they hate the truth (Jesus Christ).  There is no truth in them, and they LOVE to do the evil things that Satan does.

I don't know about you, dear reader, but when I see what is going on in this world of lies, deceit, sin, evil and death, I sometimes shake my head in disbelief that others don't recognize that they are being lied to and so heavily deceived!!  However, when I delve back into God's Word, I realize that we have been warned of this.  Deception is exponentially getting worse because we are heading closer and closer towards the end times.

So, we might ask what happens when we deceive others?

Bible reading:  Luke 8:16-18

Key Bible verse:

Everything that is hidden or secret will eventually be brought to light and made plain to all. (Luke 8:17)

Sometimes this happens immediately.  People like Lance Armstrong get caught in their deception.  Sometimes, it takes much longer (as in the case of BHO and his BADministration) for the deception and lies to be totally exposed.  There are some individuals who have already figured it out.  But those who wish to protect such a high-powered elitist individual can keep the deception hidden from the masses.

We cannot hide our sins from God.  In God's eyes, people's hearts--their thoughts and motives--are as visible as a lamp mounted in the open.  No matter how hard we try to cover up bad attitudes, deeds, or words, we cannot deceive God.  Instead of hiding our faults, we should ask God to change our life so we no longer have to be ashamed.  If you are trying to hide anything from God, it won't work.  Only when you confess your hidden sins and seek God's forgiveness will you have the help you need to do right. (3)

Deception weakens the foundations of our life.  As Exodus 20:1-21 informs us, giving false testimony means lying in court. 

God gave the Israelites the Ten Commandments precisely because He knew Israel could not survive unless its system of justice was incorruptible. I don't know about you, but it seems that honesty is harder and harder to come by these days. Deception is so rampant in our world. It is hard to discern honesty in the public statements of those in government, on TV, in the sports world, and even in  corruption minded clergy and/or reprobate churches. Honesty in private dealings has been corrupted as well. Whether it is in private dealings or public statements, individuals who "testify falsely" by leaving something out of a story, telling a half-truth, twisting the facts, or inventing a falsehood damages us and tests our ability for survival. Even though deception is a way of life for many people, God's people must not give in to it! (4)

As I have said many times on this blog, it is not EVER my intention to promote falsehoods here.  When I sometimes get it wrong because of misinformation, I try to make amends for it and correct it right away.  However, in some cases, the truth is still being veiled. it is troubling to know that the scales have not dropped from the eyes of the deceived.  We are often left to our own devices to try and figure out what the truth actually is on any given subject.

For instance.  Many people think that the "birther" issue regarding BHO's citizenship and eligibility to be president is a silly, inconsequential, and "already settled" matter.  For me (and millions more), nothing could be further from the truth!  [Note:  Saw a recent comprehensive article that cites excellent reasons why Americans should still be questioning BHO's eligibility, and when I find it again I will post the link here.]

In the meantime, check out Natural Born Citizen - A Place to Ask Questions and Get the Right Answers A blog to discuss the U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 1, "natural born Citizen" presidential eligibility clause.
Rand Paul asks the question, Rand Paul: Was Benghazi op running guns? Senator says evidence from catastrophe suggests a political operation went awry When will America ever hear the truth about those murders and the cover-up?

People are still asking questions that challenge "the official story" [which, btw, changed a lot over the course of several days, weeks and even months] regarding the Sandy Hook school shooting.

For example:

Before Its News: Sandy Hook Grieving Parent, New Info!

Before Its News: Joe Ametrano Sandy Hook Murder Suspect!

Even when the media of mass deception reports on [make that...bashes] those who question all of the obvious inconsistencies surrounding the Sandy Hook tragedy, those who strive to debunk all of the "conspiracy theories" out there apparently backtrack on an offer for someone who is questioning the media's coverage to appear on the news opinion segment.

It's really sad to learn that the media of mass corruption would edit a video to make it appear that a grieving father was heckled at a hearing:

MSNBC Fakes Video to Claim Sandy Hook Parent was “Heckled by Gun Nuts”

Nice Deb has more examples in her essay:

MSNBC Busted AGAIN For Deceptively Editing Video To Make Conservatives Look Bad (Video)
nicedeb at Nice Deb - 2 days ago

What slimeballs. The projecting hypocrites of Obama’s media arm constantly do what they accuse others of doing. Jim Treacher of the DC Trawler explained what happened: Here’s footage that MSNBC has just released of Neil Heslin, whose son was murdered in Newtown, speaking at a public meeting on gun control. It’s presented with the headline, [...]

Still want to believe everything you hear and see on the news??

Yes.  Unfortunately, deception IS a way of life for some people and it is sickening, to say the least!  The ugliness and danger of deceit is nauseating!

Lastly, I want to share a Bible story that demonstrates how one person's deception can cause many to suffer.

Bible Reading:  Joshua 7:1-26

Key Bible Verse: 

The LORD said to Joshua, "Get up!  Why are you lying on your face like this?  Israel has sinned and broken my covenant!  They have stolen the things that I commanded to be set apart for me.  And they have not only stolen then; they have also lied about it and hidden the things among their belongings."  (Joshua 7:10-11)

Why did Achan's sin bring judgment on the entire nation?  Although it was one man's failure, God saw it as national disobedience to a national law.  God needed the entire nation to be committed to the job it had agreed to do--conquer the land.  Thus, when one person failed, everyone failed.  If Achan's sin went unpunished, unlimited looting could break out.  The nation as a whole had to take responsibility for preventing this undisciplined disobedience.

Achan's sin was not merely his keeping some of the plunder (God allowed it in some cases), but his disobeying God's explicit command to destroy everything connected with Jericho.  His sin was indifference to the evil and idolatry of the city, not just a desire for money and clothes.  God would not protect Israel's army again until the sin was removed and the army returned to obeying him without reservation.  God is not content with our doing what is right some of the time.  He wants us to do what is right all the time.  We are under his orders to eliminate any thoughts, practices, or possessions that hinder our devotion to him. (5)

It is truly sad and disheartening to see individuals deceived by flattery and the "gimme dat" mentality of socialism by a government that is so corrupt!  Those who give in to such temptations and wrong beliefs fall prey to the deceit; and, unfortunately, they will discover too late when their freedoms are taken away - one by one by a tyrannical leader.

The only way to avoid falling prey to deceit is to ask God to help you distinguish between deception and truth.

Keep on praying, America!

Keep on reading and studying the Bible on a daily basis!

Psa 119:160The entirety of Your word [is] truth, And every one of Your righteous judgments [endures] forever.

Jhn 17:17"Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.

 - Jesus Christ


1  The Handbook of Bible Application, Second Edition, 2000, Neil S. Wilson Editor, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream,  Illinois. p. 135 (paraphrased).

2  Ibid.  (quote)

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GMpilot said...

One thing the Bible has taught me is that deception is wrong only if it fails, or if the “wrong” people use it. Whenever the Mighty Men of God stoop it practicing it, it's never condemned.

Sisera was a Canaanite captain, who fled the loss of his forces and sought refuge in the tent of one Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite. She took him in, promised to deny his presence to any pursuers, and gave him drink, and as he slept, she drove a nail into his head, killing him (Judges 4).
Every Christian knows the tale of Samson and how Delilah deceived him, but I think this one should become better known.
Both stories show that for real deception, nothing beats a woman.

There was also Jacob's flimflam of his brother Esau. Not only did Jake swindle Esau of his property, God cursed the poor guy for being deceived. Gen 25, 26 I know, I know: it's all hyperbole, right?

CJW: ”Deceit (a.k.a. dishonesty, lying, tricking) is a tool used by people in order to accomplish certain outcomes in which they desire to reap power, monetary gain, fame, tyranny over others, and a whole host of other reasons.”

One of those 'other' reasons: fear.
In Genesis 12, Abraham disguises his wife as his sister, because he is afraid that if the Egyptian authorities know that she is his wife, they will kill him because she is so beautiful and therefore also desirable. The deception worked; so well, in fact, that ol' Abe attained both political power and material wealth...on his wife's back, because her beauty caught the attention of the local king. Moreover, he managed to do this twice! Guess hedidn't suffer much from deception! The kings, however, had higher morals; when they learned they'd been tricked, they threw Abraham out of their lands.
A liar and a deceiver covered his ass by pimping his wife's. And to this day, three great religions proudly point to him as their founder. Hmmmm...

Even Jesus wasn't innocent of misleading people when it suited him.
Go up to the feast yourselves; I do not go up to this feast because My time has not yet fully come.
...But when His brothers had gone up to the feast, then He Himself also went up, not publicly, but as it were, in secret.
(John 7:8, 10)

All the apologists claim Jesus didn't lie, of course. He simply said “My time has not yet fully come,” and so he stayed away a while until his 'time' did come. But he did go to Judea in secret, contrary to the advice of his brothers:

For no one does anything in secret, when he himself seeks to be known publicly. If You do these things, show Yourself to the world. John 7:4

Jesus apparently liked his 'stealth Savior' mode. Or maybe he feared for his own life, as Abraham had. The Jehovah's Witnesses say he's still 'cloaked', and how can anyone prove them wrong?


GMpilot said...


Ah, but you led up to deception in politics. You don't talk about all those boy-banging clergy out there, nor you you have much to say about how Rick Warren apparently deceived you (I read his book, on your enthusiastic recommendation; I'll never get those hours back, y'know.). All you can talk about is that Certain Man you despise, and how horrible and deceptive he is.
You didn't even talk about how a sizable portion of the electorate has been deceived into believing that that Certain Man is foreign-born, and a member of an alien religion, and an advocate of a totalitarian philosophy and that was why he was destined to lose his bid for reelection. Of course, if he'd really been all of that, there would have been no election last year...but I guess you didn't think that through.
Oh, well. You succeeded in bringing me out, when I'd planned to spend a quiet weekend...
As you have so often said, "Sorry! Couldn't resist!”

O LORD, you deceived me, and I was deceived; you overpowered me and prevailed. I am ridiculed all day long; everyone mocks me.
Jer 20:7

Christinewjc said...

Oh gosh GM. You realize that you aren't holding to your Demoncrap party line by starting a "war on women" at my blog!

The Bible is a book of truth. It records and shares the evil, sin and death that came upon mankind because of NOT trusting God and turning to evil and sin to get one's own way.

Your contention that Jesus "wasn't innocent of misleading people" is...well...just laughable! Please go read a commentary or two regarding those verses for proper clarification about what Jesus said and why he said it. I'm not going to do your homework for you anymore.

You are correct that deceit often happens because of fear. Good example.

Abraham's deception is just one example. He was a sinner in need of the Savior; just like anyone else. He did suffer the consequences when the kings sent him out of their lands.

About the election. You apparently didn't read about the fraud and the use of the voting machines (financed by Soros) that were casting votes of BHO when people wanted Romney. The deception of the Demoncrap party knows no bounds. They may not pay any price on this earth, but when they face the White Throne Judgment as individual sinners, they will.

GMpilot said...

”Oh gosh GM. You realize that you aren't holding to your Demoncrap party line by starting a "war on women" at my blog!”

Oh, hostess! I don't talk about having women in binders!
I don't speak for the Democrats, only for myself. I'm not required to hold to anyone's party line.

I read two commentaries, notably the one at, which inspired my own comment. They simply said that Jesus didn't say he wouldn't go--just that he wouldn't go at that time.
Unlike you, I'm not afraid to research sites I disagree with.
Nothing to say about Jacob's treachery, or Jael's? Guess those were all right, then.

”About the election. You apparently didn't read about the fraud and the use of the voting machines (financed by Soros) that were casting votes of BHO when people wanted Romney.”

And you apparently haven't read about this, or this, or this. ALL the reported cases of 'fraud' seem to have been done by Repugnicans this election cycle. True The claimed it would examine the many instances of “fraud and irregularities” it found, and would soon announce them. It's now been almost three full months, and all I hear is the crickets.
Maybe they're just overwhelmed by the weight of it all.
You're aware that Romney had financial ties to one of the voting machine manufacturers, aren't you? Of course you are.